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  1. Yes, bought a sim on Friday and I haven´t had a single flight with it as I have struggled with bug the whole weekend. Prior to that, of course I have read the forums a lot and knew about the bugs.... However I took the risk and hit the "BUY" button. Well now that I´m aware about that special characters thing, let´s hope I´m able to fly finally this week. But it is just plain shameful for Microsoft and Asobo to publish something like this. Let´s just hope this becomes a basic textbook example for high schools of how NOT to publish a product.....
  2. There is over 135 comments in that thread conserning that issue at official Flight Simulator forum. So we are not alone with that bug.
  3. Not yet, but many on that forum has fixed the issue by using a non special alphabetic letters in their username. For example, i got an o with to dots over it in my username. Going to fix or change that quite soon.
  4. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/cannot-click-fly-button-on-the-world-map/250386/134
  5. Here´s another who has exactly the same thing. Bought few days ago a new computer MSI Mag 5 with Ryzen 7 processor and RTX 2060 video card with 16Gb of memory. Uninstalled once, deleted a CustomFlight folder which was one suggestion... nothing helps. Every other aspect of the sim works but creating my own flight does not. Following this.
  6. Hello, got a big problem, just bought and installed the sim from Microsoft Store. The installation went well, it crashed once, I restarted it and it went all right. Fired up the sim and created a short flight with the Cessna 152. Hit the FLY button and nothing happens. My specs are: couple of days ago bought new MSI Mag computer with Ryzen 7 3700x processor and RTX 2060 Super video card. Any help would appreciated... Oh, and I put sim run as administrator
  7. I´ll be looking comments and reviews after the release for couple-three weeks. If, and I believe all is good, I will buy a new machine with AMD Ryzen 5 3600x and RTX 2060 Super graphics card. Then I buy the new sim. That will be at the beginning of September.....
  8. Okay, have to untick that one and see how does that goes. This hold RTSS is quite bizzard to me and I´m always open to new ideas....
  9. I´m using RTSS also and I´m quite happy with the results. I have set the frame limiter to 59,935 since I got 60hz monitor. In the Scansync section I´m using the value of 1000(!). This is to get rid of the tearline... I found a web site where they talked about RTSS and I got those numbers from there. In P3D I got vsync ticked and TB ticked. And also in NVI I got TB ticked. Not quite sure if these make any sense but never the less, I´m pretty happy with the results.
  10. Quite happy with my P3Dv3. Will pass this one. Have my eyes on MSFS2020...
  11. I have no answers to those questions my friend, I just express my positive findings based on short test flight with 48Hz refresh rate.
  12. Hmm.... I have followed this thread an altough my monitor is not capable of running with 24Hz, I did try the 48Hz. And somehow I like what I´m seeing. The scenery looks somehow more naturally than it was with 60Hz. Interesting. There is less shimmering. I have Scanline sync x/2 set in my RTSS and the frames stays at 30. Just my two cents in the discussion.
  13. The views, and the airplane of course. Also the flight planning is fun thing to do and the successfully complete the flight. And the last, I have just recently started flying online (vatsim), and what a change that has been! Loving it!! P.S And still on P3D v3.4 and loving that also :)
  14. ORBX ESSA here as well. Very satisfied with it, the only minor negative thing is that the building textures are flickering a bit.
  15. Following this thread with great interest as I got also UTX Europe. Keep us informed with your findings. Great work!!
  16. I tried this yesterday, enabling the anisotropic in the CP and somehow my sim looks better now. I set the anisotropic to trilinear in the sim, not sure if that´s the correct way to do it.
  17. Hello, I have used it for long time now. It´s good, I recommend it. Cheers
  18. Hello, I have had this problem quite long time going on. Had a support ticket about it but never got a solution. Maybe uninstall and reinstall could help but I´m too lazy to do that.. The bird works and flies just fine so this does not bother me that much. Only thing is that there is always that PMDG_737NGX_2.dll crash in my event viewer after a flight. Regards Tapani
  19. I have used Turbulent Design´s Terra Flora for long now and I´m very pleased with them, very natural looking trees. Also I´m using Envshade by Toga, very pleased also with that, day and night. Regards Virtpilot
  20. Never owned a pilot license but I work at the airport though (EFHK)
  21. Regarding vsync, does it have any effect to use D3Doverrider? I have pointed Prepar3D.exe to D3Doverrider using vsync but not triple buffering. Can´t see any harm at least, maybe some benefit instead. Or then I´m just hypochondriac about it...😄
  22. Thank you for your answer, I will check those things.
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