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    I am currently 65 years of age, married with one daughter, and started flightsimming way back in the mid '80's on an IBM PS-2 (no hard drive, just 2 floppy drives) and FS 3.1. I also used to design freeware aircraft and started a moderately successful VA in the mid 90's, Cyber Air. I was also, once upon a time, a VP/Supervisors (VATGOV11) on VATSIM for about 3 months, until I was asked to resign. (Boy, talk about being in over my head!).

    I am currently retired and spend most of my time flying the virtual skies and as a volunteer tutor at McHenry County College. In their Adult Basic Education Dept.

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  1. A masterpiece it is! For me, It's like a good book; I just can't put it down! I find myself flying the daylights out of this thing!
  2. For $8.98 U.S., I'll take the upgrade and run. ;) I wonder if they have any thoughts about ever upgrading Fairbanks?
  3. LOL! Sorry Dan. A little slow on the uptake here but it's early morning and I haven't had any coffee yet.
  4. Yeah but who's lookin' at her knees?
  5. "It's a girl my Lord in a flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me.".
  6. You bet! Thanks guys......
  7. All registered and ready to go! All I need now is some warmer the kind ya get in the month of June!
  8. Thank you Mr. F.ightSimExpo1 (Evan? ;)) Anyway, that is exactly the answer I was hoping to get from someone....anyone. Thanks for taking the time. Now I have to sweet talk my wife into changing my first class tickets to Dallas to Vegas. ;( Bill Alderson
  9. Is there some kind of a power struggle going on? Who's putting on the Dallas event? I've been to both web sites and I'm getting that sinking feeling that someone is trying hi--jack something and that we're just pawns. I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling here. Might be a good idea to come clean about what exactly is going on because I have better things to do with my time and money and may decide not to go to either event. Bill Alderson
  10. Who's doing the one in Dallas?!? I just bought plane tickets for the FlightsimCon in Dallas. Boston ARTCC used to run that one. What's going on here?? Bill Alderson
  11. Been at this since 1986 and I ain't dead yet. ;) Speaking for myself: I just don't have anything to say. You're welcome. ;)
  12. It would appear that hell has frozen over! ;)
  13. Thanks guys! Looks like I killed myself and my passengers yesterday during a flight from Chicago to Boston at 15,000 feet then. Too was a nice flight. ;) Thanks again...
  14. Hi, Just bought the Piper Aztec and I love it! :) I'm sure this question has been asked but since I've only bought the plane yesterday, I was wondering it anyone knows whether the Piper Aztec is pressurized or does one need to bring oxygen bottles on board? Thanks,
  15. Hi Jean-Luc, 64 but no matter, I fixed the problem myself. I keep frying hard drives and when I set the new one up, I forgot to add certain exceptions into my AVG anti-virus program. That's done and things are working fine in both XP-10 and 11. Thanks for your attention....