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    I am currently 65 years of age, married with one daughter, and started flightsimming way back in the mid '80's on an IBM PS-2 (no hard drive, just 2 floppy drives) and FS 3.1. I also used to design freeware aircraft and started a moderately successful VA in the mid 90's, Cyber Air. I was also, once upon a time, a VP/Supervisors (VATGOV11) on VATSIM for about 3 months, until I was asked to resign. (Boy, talk about being in over my head!).

    I am currently retired and spend most of my time flying the virtual skies and as a volunteer tutor at McHenry County College. In their Adult Basic Education Dept.

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  1. My CH Products Flightstick Pro, Pro throttle and rudder pedals. I've had these things so long, I don't even remember when I purchased them . Still use them every day; except the Pro throttle; I have the Saitek throttles now.
  2. Yep, that did it! Turns out that I had to modify my Admin rights because some Adobe upgrade changed things. I did a temporary fix and eventually MS came out with a special update and never reset my admin rights to where they were originally. Forgot all about that. The GPS is working normally now. Much obliged for your help.
  3. Hello Jean-Luc, No. I always had 7 but Microsoft stopped supporting 7 last month and I refuse to upgrade until I upgrade my computer and that's not going to happen for awhile yet; but no major upgrades (or minor for the matter) that I can think of. Strangely enough, the problem started a few days ago. I sometimes use the 750 in the FlyJ Sim 727 and when I clicked for the GPS pop-up, I got the window but no map; or anything else. The plane was on ground power and the gps should have running. I checked for upgrades and I showed the there was an upgrade available so I downloaded and installed the upgrade and the trainer and no joy. Maybe a complete uninstal/reinstall perhaps?
  4. I got the original from F1. Where else would I get the proper XP 11 update? Thanks for the help... Other than I'm still using Windows 7 instead of 10; no. Thanks for the input....
  5. I keep getting the blank screen in my newly updated GNS 750. This happens to me a lot. Any ideas? This is what my rxp,GTN,SIM.dll.log says: 20/02/16 18:35:39.535 09820 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/02/16 18:35:39.534 09820 INFO ] 20/02/16 18:37:15.878 09820 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6620 20/02/16 18:38:32.092 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_nand_drvr_sim.c(838) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.093 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_nand_drvr_sim.c(838) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.094 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(267) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.095 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(319) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.096 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(267) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.097 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(319) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.098 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(267) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.099 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(319) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.100 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(267) (null) 20/02/16 18:38:32.101 09820 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\src\krnl\krnl_lib\sim\hwm_eeprom_win32.c(319) (null)
  6. 68 here but I feel like I'm over 80! 😉 '
  7. What trailer? And you need to have a zero option in the survey. 😉
  8. All signed-up and ready to go; according to my travel agent (my wife). 😁
  9. I've always been an Active Sky man. So, once they came out with an X-Plane version, I dropped xEnviro like a bad habit. Granted, A/S's sky is not as pretty as enviro's.......yet. But, I think the overall quality of their product is much better, they're a heck of a lot cheaper and they've been around longer and can be trusted to stick around and upgrade on a regular basis without breaking the bank. Just one man's opinion. 😉
  10. Maybe she got tired of laughing too? Gobble....gobble! 😉 I guess it's not a real good time of year to be a jive turkey. 😉 Hope you're the eater and not the eaten. 😉
  11. Same problem. I tried launching from the program's folder and still no joy. I don't have the most powerful system in the world but 4.2 worked just fine. Ya know, if it wasn't for the Maddog and the Q400, I would gladly chuck this thing in a New York minute and run X-Plane 11 exclusively. I may end up doing that anyway. This is way more trouble than it's worth. 😠
  12. Thanks Brad, Got it fixed now. Runs like a champ.
  13. Duly noted with regard to the installation of software. I'm still using Windows 7 and have been pretty much using the admin button since upgrading to 64 bit just to be on the safe side. ;) With regard to the latest Trainer issue, to be honest, because I have the F1 750 for P3D, I have so many Trainers installed over the years and I'm not sure anymore as to which application is using what and what goes where. I did download and installed GarminTrainerSetup_2100.exe yesterday and I'm not sure where that installation installed itself. Is this the trainer used by the RXP 750? When I run it the panels come up but when I try to power it up I get an error message saying an error occured opening the Navigation Control Window and then it hangs. I guess what I really need to know right now is which Trainer is the X-Plane version using what where exactly does it go? Thanks again.
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