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    I am currently 65 years of age, married with one daughter, and started flightsimming way back in the mid '80's on an IBM PS-2 (no hard drive, just 2 floppy drives) and FS 3.1. I also used to design freeware aircraft and started a moderately successful VA in the mid 90's, Cyber Air. I was also, once upon a time, a VP/Supervisors (VATGOV11) on VATSIM for about 3 months, until I was asked to resign. (Boy, talk about being in over my head!).

    I am currently retired and spend most of my time flying the virtual skies and as a volunteer tutor at McHenry County College. In their Adult Basic Education Dept.

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  1. Strange Load Manager Behavior

    Just go into your Add on menu in P3d and click the Maddong menu item on the list and the first choice should be to load from the load manager. Click on that and you should be loaded and good to go. Hope this helps..
  2. Strange Load Manager Behavior

    Much obliged Dave. I'll look forward to the update then. Thanks again...
  3. Ever since installing the most recent update, every time I setup a flight in the Load Manager and transfer the fuel to the Load page, the CG changes to red no matter what the load-out. If I set the fuel in the wing tanks to zero, on the Load page, the CG goes back to showing "within limits". Put the fuel back into the wing tanks (any amount) an things turn red again. Has anyone else had this happen? Thanks,
  4. Just Wondering

    No problem. Go into the aircraft.cfg file and scroll down until you find the following entry: [VIEWS] eyepoint = 62.000,-1.670,4.775 // CM1 The entry in red is the vertical head height setting and the one that needs to be changed. I changed mine to 4.875 and it seems to work for me. Your mileage may vary. ;) Be sure to backup the original cfg file before changing anything though. Hope this helps....
  5. Just Wondering

    Never mind. I figured it out. All fixed. Much obliged gents.
  6. Just Wondering

    Thanks guys, I finally figured that out for myself. I just saved a few situations w/o the apu and all things are working as advertised. BTW, does anyone know how to permanently change the head height in the cockpit in the the aircraft.cfg file? I know it's in the views section but I can't remember which one is the vertical setting. I used to know all that stuff but I stopped building planes years ago. I leave that sort of thing to people who actually know what they're doing now. Thanks again.
  7. Just Wondering

    That's what I'm taking about. There are only the 3 options listed: Cold and Dark, Ready to Start and Ready to fly. The ready to start option would probably be the closest to the state I'm referring to but the apu is powering the aircraft. I was hoping to see another option where one would be able to setup one's own starting situation. I seem to remember being able to do that in the old Maddog. P3D v.4.2. I'm looking right at it and the menu item you mention has the same 3 options found in the load manage along with the ability to Reload config from LM and Fix all failures. Now, if only I could save a situation where I could start a flight with the plane parked at the gate and on ground power instead of the apu. Appreciate the help guys.
  8. Hi, I've always loved the Maddog and flew it quite a bit in FS9 and 10. I have the Maddog X but haven't had the chance to really get into it yet. Just wondering: Wasn't there an aircraft state menu choice in the Load Manager, along with "Cold and Dark', "Ready to Start" and "Ready to Fly" called "User Settings" or something like that? In other words, a setting where the user can setup his/her own scenario and save it? I ask because I normally like to start my scenarios parked at the gate, with power on the aircraft but, instead of running the APU, the aircraft is getting it's power from a gpu or a direct connection to the terminal through the air bridge. Any chance of adding that option to the load manager in the future? U.S. airlines tend to shy away from using the apu whenever possible because they use too much fuel and, the more they're used, the more they tend to break. Thanks for your time.
  9. I'm sure I'm still on the books at VATSIM but I haven't flown or controlled online for a few years now. Kinda burned out. ;)
  10. Aerosoft Anchorage PANC for P3Dv4 released

    No problem Scott. Haven't noticed whether the east/west runways have been extended or not though. I generally use 15/33.
  11. Aerosoft Anchorage PANC for P3Dv4 released

    It does for me and has done so for a long time. Never been a problem and there doesn't seem to be a problem with the latest version either.
  12. LOL! Hey Jeff! That you will! Wow! I think the VATUSA gig was something like 12 - 13 years ago? Give or take about 5 years? Is Mark still paying on that? ;) It'll be good to see ya.
  13. A masterpiece it is! For me, It's like a good book; I just can't put it down! I find myself flying the daylights out of this thing!
  14. Aerosoft Anchorage PANC for P3Dv4 released

    For $8.98 U.S., I'll take the upgrade and run. ;) I wonder if they have any thoughts about ever upgrading Fairbanks?
  15. LOL! Sorry Dan. A little slow on the uptake here but it's early morning and I haven't had any coffee yet.