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  1. Congratulations. My PC spec is similar to yours but the update crashes. We are running different nVidia version, not sure if it makes the difference.
  2. MS Update worked without causing problem to MSFS until this time to me. My nVidia version is 496.13
  3. MS Update worked without causing problem to MSFS until this time to me.
  4. If you are running Windows 11, be careful with the recent Cumulative Update (KB5007262). My MSFS crashed to desktop after 5 to 10 minutes running in any active flight. I can confirm that on my system since I experienced the same situation twice in the last few days. The first time was last Friday, in which I mistook the CTD was caused by the motherboard drivers I updated at the same time. Yesterday I had the Windows Cumulative Update installed alone, which consequently led to the same MSFS CTD scenerio after less than 10 minutes running. Luckily, both CTDs were fixed by restoring my OS drive (just Windows, excluding MSFS) from the latest backup. Have reported the issue to Zendesk and got a reply saying "the issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker". Hope there will be a solution soon. If you are running Windows 11 and had the update installed already without any issue, Congratulations ! If you are running Windows 11 and haven’t had the KB5007262 update installed yet, do be careful either by making a system back up first (just in case) or simply skipping it for good.
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