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  1. webranger

    NVIDA Control Panel Settings P3D v4.4

    I don't know. Opinions. I may go back to NVI. Thanks
  2. Gone away from NI and strictly to NCP for P3D v4.4. Still having some lagging issues with frame rates. Is there a way to set frames within NCP? I have P3D settings at unlimited. No tweaks. Thanks in advance. i7-8700K 3.7ghz 16GBRam Windows 10
  3. webranger

    Takeoff lights

    Ticket done thanks.. I think it had something to do with VFX and their immersion manager on aerosoft products,
  4. webranger

    Takeoff lights

    Upon updating to P3D v 4.4 found that the only thing that's not working right is that I am unable to turn off the takeoff lights after takeoff. Did PMDG update anything post P3D update? Thanks
  5. webranger

    Nvida inspector settings

    I have presets for invida inspector set. It seems every couple of new flights I have to reset them in order for them to work with P3D v4.3. Any way to set them so they don't change from my initial settings? Thanks
  6. I am curious why on takeoffs my ground textures are rich and sharp, but upon approach and landing, especially in overcast weather, the ground textures become blurred? My P3D v4 settings? Thanks in advance.
  7. I see that Aerosoft is still planning on releasing their professional series in the near future (they said June), and that FSLabs the A320 is compatible with P3D v4 but not the 319? Any other alternatives that work well with P3D4?
  8. How hard or easy is it? What are the steps to get it down without losing too much. Thanks in advance.
  9. webranger

    FSX Config

    Thanks for all the advice! Its and i7 8700.
  10. webranger

    FSX Config

    I have recently upgraded to a new PC with a lot of the bells and whistles as far as graphic card etc. Should I be using the same fsx configuration settings I was using before on the older PC? Thanks!
  11. webranger

    Programming PMDG FMC CTD

    PMDG_737NGXdll version Suggestions?
  12. webranger

    Programming PMDG FMC CTD

    I having issues some time, but not all times of the PMDG FMC causing CTD's with FSX-SE when I try to remove or change the flight plan discontinuities. Ideas?
  13. What is the proper starting sequence for getting the textures from Rex Skyforce 3d into FSX-SE and using Active Sky for the weather engine?
  14. webranger

    ORBX Vector

  15. webranger

    ORBX Vector

    Install or not? Heard issues about frame rates and other issues.