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  1. Update for Rex Weather Force for MSFS 2020. It seems smoother when injecting.
  2. No auto selection. Yes you have to select it.
  3. I had a flight from KMCO-KIAD and on approach into Flightbeam Dulles in the A320NX experimental and .......CTD. I had my render setting on 100 because of the crazy night lights. I had my pre caching on ultra. Should pre caching be on high on approaches to custom airports like flightbeam airports? I will do some more experimenting, but was curious of others discoveries with the new update. Thanks in advance. Duane
  4. If anyone finds a temporary solution before the next update, post it here. If not we'll see what happens after the next update on the 7th?
  5. All done, cleaned out and rebuild the community folder. Thanks Duane
  6. Yep, cleaned out the community folder, and rebuilt it. All fixed. Thanks. Duane
  7. Why do my airport buildings look like skeletons? They are partially filled in, but the roofline and skeletal. Most are default buildings. Thanks Duane
  8. I'm using the studio driver, very satisfied with results. 4.7168
  9. Nice but I don't have waypoints listed on my navigation screen. Waypoints listed in MCDU.
  10. It's taking at least two attempts to get the plane to load properly. I will try the dev mode also.
  11. Load flight, spawn airport, CTD. Reload flight, spawn, all is good. Ideas? Yes I have the hotfix. Cheers. Duane
  12. Haven't checked it out yet. Fingers crossed.
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