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  1. I just installed P3Dv5.2 on a clean drive and after I started loading addon scenery I got this error when opening the addon manager. Errors detected in config file(s): dll.xml: There is an error in XML document (12, 4). Contents will not be visible! I have searched this forum and Lockheed forums and found nothing similar so far. I have reinstalled your addon manager but still get the same error. How do I fix this issue? Does it require having P3D rebuild my scenery.cfg? If so, where do I find the right scenery.cfg to remove before the rebuild? Thanks for your help with this. Jerry
  2. Thank you Wise87, that fixed the problem. 🙂
  3. This new version broke my Chaseplane cockpit views. I can not change any view inside using CP. Is anyone else having this issue? Jerry
  4. MarkW & Luke you are both wrong.
  5. Stefano, check out our Mirage Executive Charters VA https://flymirageva.org We have been around since early 2012 and have a great group of guys here. You can fly any aircraft, any airline or GA from any location at any time. We have schedule routes but also have a charter module that allows you to fly routes created by other VA pilots or create your own routes. Our only requirements are the aircraft must have the range and can manage the landing when you arrive and you put in at least one flight every 90 days to stay active. Give us a try; I think we are just what you are looking for. Jerry
  6. Thank you, that was what was causing the problem. Love the LNM. Jerry
  7. I recently updated to v2.6.6 and am having trouble with my maps (mercator) pixeling. I have attached shots of the following maps so you can see what I mean: OpenStreet Stamen Terrain Open Topo I tried every map option including the new download map (google, etc) files with no luck. I have did not change any of my settings for this new version which have been running fine for me in the past. I am running P3Dv5.1 (which is new) on a client machine and LNM connect. Let me know if there is something to fix this please. Much thanks. Jerry
  8. Today I was about to pushback and start engines but the FO failed to close both Nose and FWD cargo doors (the rest of the doors did get closed). I tried closing them manually through PMDG Doors page but FS2Crew is overriding that function so I can not close them. The APU Gen1 power is ON, the rest are Avail. This happened once before weeks ago and all I could do was restart sim and begin again. What can be done to solve this when it happens again without having to start from the beginning? Both my PMDG B748F and FS2Crew B747 are on the latest versions. Thanks, Jerry
  9. I saw the same issues today plus engine #1 was not operating properly even though it had started; just no power available. Looking forward to the update.
  10. I found the problem with my TrackClipPro (broken and not aware of it). Coincidence it happened just at the time CP update came out. Once I get the clip fixed I will be back in business. 😞
  11. Today I went tried experimental mode and restarted CP which created another update to CP. TIR still working backwards; look left and view moves right, look up and view moves down, etc. I have had no change to TIR and as far as I know v5.4.2 is the latest version which I have. Is there a way to move CP back to previous version? If so, how do I do that? Thanks,
  12. I have not done the p3d update to v4.5.13 yet but I do have v5.4.2 for TrackIR. I will try again hoping something will change to solve this unless someone else has more ideas. Thanks,
  13. I have been using chaseplane for a long time now and love it. Today when I started P3Dv4.5 there was a chaseplane update to v1.0.44. Now using TrackIR everything is going opposite of what it should; example, when I look left my view looks right. I turned TrackIR off and then back on in advanced settings but the problem persists. Any ideas what could fix this or is it a known problem you are working on? Thanks, Jerry
  14. Good news, I did a fresh DL of the Falcon and then reinstall to PDv4.4. A quick test flight and all the AP functions and lights are working now. Also the N2 and other gauges worked right this time for startup. Jerry
  15. Thanks all, I will give that a try on my next flight. 🙂
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