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  1. Yes same here, unchecked experimental and now works thank you.
  2. I got caught out with another error, the "Default" state is the default state, not the others.
  3. Thank you for the help, I assumed the the Short Start was a default state, not just the default state, all good now.
  4. I use the default Short state on startup.
  5. +1, have these messages since the updates
  6. Totally agree, this is very frustrating. There should be an offline component, please Oldprop/FSX packages look into usability in these situations.
  7. I'm using SOP 1, all good so far, however I my little aussie Fo mate.
  8. Unfortunately this is happening to me as well. I think it has has caused a couple of CTD since the update. I'm not sure how to check the crash log.
  9. Had the same problem, KORDATC was spot on, thanks mate. Paul Findlayson
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