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  1. AFavors

    completely new error and CTD

    Issue seems to be resolved. (Or), a one-time fluke.
  2. AFavors

    completely new error and CTD

    This is so weird! Sitting on the ramp at EHAM, configuring the plane for departure. Its new to me, until recently(before update), I had not had 1 issue with this aircraft. Not even the Caution light! I just did the research on that while here, so my next plan is to try it again, and change the panel state in the process. I'll report back in about an hour.
  3. Hello All, Been having a problem since the latest update to QOTS. So far all the info I have on the problem is this: APPNAME: FSX.EXE APPVER: 10.0.61472.0 APPSTAMP:475E17D3 MODNAME: PMDG_747QOTSII.DLL MODVER: MODSTAMP:5955CDCA FDEBUG: 0 OFFSET: 00337393 From the error report (it attempted) to send to Microsoft. I'm in the process of gathering more Info, But was wondering if this has been seen, as of yet? Aaron
  4. AFavors

    Sound Issue

    Not a Hardware problem. I have the same issue at times. Its like someone is intentionally turning the sound off and on. I'm waiting on the fix for it myself. Disregard...Having different issue
  5. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

    Yes, I use ASN. But while I was checking multiple aircraft to research the failure. It was not active, and I tried different locations. But thanks for that tip. I will look further into that as well.
  6. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

    New twist to the weirdness... I just went back and attempted to load an older saved flight, and it loaded with the doors open and fully operable. The standby FD works and I've been able to cycle through the door commands, successfully, numerous times. So apparently I can't start a new flight but might can fly an old one!
  7. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

    Already did, Thanks a lot for your help Dan. I'll be sure to post the resolution when/if we find it. This has to be the weirdest problem I've come across to date. Monday and Tuesday, I flew this aircraft and I had no problems. Late Tuesday night, however, (on my return flight from Rio to Heathrow) I was delayed on departure due to not being able to open the doors. I initially thought it was because ground ops were automatic and I was trying to open the doors after the FO armed them all and was prepping the plan for dep. I ignored the problem and just took off anyway. During the fight is when I noticed the problem with the standby flight display, and realized something else must be wrong. All day yesterday and today have been spent trying to figure this thing out. Hopefully, with any luck, this great tech team here @PMDG will have me back up and flying in no time. I'll be sure to keep you posted.
  8. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

    I was actually in the process of doing that. No luck! I even turned the ground operations to auto. Shut down engines and set chocks. When the T7 tried to open the doors, I did get the message from fsx saying the main exit was opening. But it didn't open. Its almost like the open command was wiped from the system. Even still the fmc command never changed.
  9. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

    Yes. I just selected the aircraft from the selection screen and placed it at the gate. By default my panel state will load in the same condition. Engines off and gpu connected. I don't have any pre-SP1 saved panel states or flights.
  10. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

  11. AFavors

    unable to operate doors

    Hello All, I'm having an annoying new problem, that just arrived out of the blue. I am unable to operate any of the doors (pass or cargo) on any model (200, 300, or Freighter). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail. I have all the latest service packs (1c in each), and there was no changes in hardware or software leading up to this problem. Also I cannot use the standby flight display. The gauge is still there, of course, but it is blank. I'm not experiencing this problem with any other PMDG addons, nor have I ever had (or heard) of anything like this before. When I cycle through the door commands on the FMC, It goes from disarm to open, but when open is selected, it does nothing. And close never appears as an option. It goes right back to ARM. For the cargo doors, the same thing. when I select open, nothing happens and close never appears. I even tried the old Shift+E, and still nothing. I don't even get the green message from FSX saying main exit opening/closing. Please help
  12. AFavors

    Saving Window States

    I do it all the time. and yes the windows have to be undocked in order for it to save them this way. You will have to have multiple saved games (for every different livery you fly in if you want each and every plane to react the same way). when in the aircraft you want (say at the end of your flight) with the panels in the position you want save the game. once you restart your sim and select that saved game. the panels will be there. even on multiple monitors. if you try to go into a previous game where the you haven't done this. they will not change places miraculously. as far as making them open up on multiple monitors. yes they will. just don't click the close box to make them disappear. if you want to close them just click on the panel itself to make it return to its normal position. clicking on the panel again will re-open it in the position you selected
  13. AFavors

    777 locked RAAS stoped working - error

    I just started having this problem as well Aaron
  14. AFavors

    777-300 bouncing after update

    Hello dmwalker, Thanks for the info, but where do I find the right .cfg file. I see a lot of them in the FSX folder Aaron