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  1. Nice vid, the outcome makes sense since it's only 1080p. As for most sims in general it would be the same since most of them rely heavy on cpu power and especially for flightsim try to overclock as high as possible to get that 3 fps gain.
  2. Make sure Amserdam_LC is added to that list, without it you will see this weird problems.
  3. Zaros

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    From the FSElite site. F-16 aircraft fully updated to PBR for both the interior and exterior models. So i assume both is possible.
  4. Zaros

    Taxi Mnt Weight.

    Hi dave, Allright, i imagined it was going to be hard to implement, as for the zooming that's what i've been trying to teach myself now, was just a small nuisance. Looking forward to next updates. Cheers
  5. Zaros

    Taxi Mnt Weight.

    Hello Dave, After flying to so many simple airports where importing the taxiways & gates only mostly fill the gates and runways i've decided to add the taxiways manually, this went perfect. My question is that some runways have multiple holding points and i also see that i can enter a weight limit for a certain taxi path, this would mean a 747 can e.g. take holding point A1 and a 737 would get revered to holding point A2. Is this correct? if so would this mean KGs or LBs. Also as suggestion, since i have no idea how hard it would be, is to be able to put arrows on the taxiways so atc would only let me taxi in a certain direction, would mostly be the case at busy airports. Lastly, it would be amazing if the map auto-zooms to a certain limit when it detects liftoff, since when on the ground i'm always all the way zoomed in so i can keep an eye on traffic. That's all and thx for the amazing product. Cheers, Andy
  6. Zaros

    Minimum Altitude

    Allright, thanks for fast reply.
  7. Zaros

    Minimum Altitude

    Does this still work? can't find it in the manual.
  8. Zaros

    x64bit FSX

    Aka extra fee for the work, and most of the legacy addons are completely abandoned by devs.. but ya simple question why fsx to 64 bits while you just can go to p3d 64 bits with most of the popular addons already updated?
  9. Zaros

    x64bit FSX

    well it's based on the original fsx code, just fine tuned and more to modern standards which is what will happen when they start to convert original fsx again to 64 bit, tbh i don't see the point in it since it will break most of the addons anyways.
  10. Zaros

    x64bit FSX

    There already is one.. it's called Flight sim world or Prepar3d v4 :-)
  11. Is it possible to add an option to only allow air traffic to be "only" visible above 10k feet? i ask this because i run this with ut live for the ground traffic and i will only see ut live traffic approach the runways, once i'm airborne ut live merges with live traffic.
  12. Zaros


    Without specs this thread is pointless, also there is no magical fix for "no stutters" because what you see as stutters someone else doesn't see. Also need to know settings you run and addons you mostly use... just more information.
  13. Already tried this but doesn't help as expected since it uses vram. Not 100% sure if this was the case also in P3D v3 but when you look at top-down view you will notice it only loads a certain area around you, pretty sure i haven't seen this before. I've also added all my prepar3d folders, appdatafolders etc to exception list in my antivirus, let it rebuild most cfg files and shaders but still notice it. Are you guys running latest nvidia drivers under win 10?
  14. Yes noticed the same thing, not sure if it vas related since when i tested it something strange occurred, i was sitting at KFSO gate with the 747 with around 38 fps, i took a 10 min break and when i returned my frames was around 15 fps, my vas was also really high and it kept growing.. 20gb ish Anyways that fixed itself somehow, yesterday i did a flight from MMMX to EHAM and i also noticed some small hiccups although vas use was pretty stable around 4 gb ish and i was using dxtory to lock fps to 30 it didn't drop below that either. also curious what can cause this behavior.