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  1. Not so long ago I read about a tool that's capable of positioning even complex 3rd party airliners anywhere in the air including configuring them accordingly so that "instant flying" is possible. Unfortunately, I didn't make appropriate notes for later reference, now I've forgotten what that tool is. The closest I found googling is "FS Instant Approach" (http://www.fsinventions.com/featuresinstantapproachpro2015.asp). Is that what I'm looking for or does another software for the purpose of aircraft positioning exist? Andreas
  2. These two Paro approach videos can be easily compared (rw video is shakier, but that doesn't really matter I think): Real world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzcwdYJ1ibE FSX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxYNCFNvzOk My personal overall feeling when watching those videos is that the sim gives me the impression that speed is much higher, terrain much closer, there's less time for maneuvers - all in all the real world video is much "less frightening" to me. The real world situation looks more "relaxed" and "doable" - look how the simmer drives the plane like a racing car onto the runway... That kind of "wrong immersion factor" is one of the reasons I ceased simming some time ago. As long as it's not an approach like the ones into Funchal, Tocontin, Paro etc., FSX is great, but when things get tough, there's that odd feeling... Maybe just a matter of wrong zoom factor or whatever, I'd be happy to read some comments... Andreas
  3. I was away from flight simming almost completely for more than 18 months now (but have followed the sim news and most developments during that time) and now plan a slow comeback (incl. new hardware). Since I'm not up to date information wise, I'd appreciate opinions about what sim and base add ons to use, that would become my setup for the nearer future then. In the past, my FSX was crammed with stuff and big iron (in other words I have tons of FSX add ons, I think I can update most of them to recent versions)... Guess FSX Steam Edition (purchased that "ahead" for 5 EUR today) is a better solution nowadays than the original FSX (I had troubles with Windows 8) What about Prepar3d? Should I favor this product over FSX SE? And there's X-Plane: Is it mature and competitive enough or better to avoid for (ex-)FSX simmers? Andreas
  4. Fact is you can never stop pirates. Even if you sentence them to death, smuggling and piracy continue to exist (see some counries in real life). It's difficult and expensive to try to prevent reverse engineering. You can make cracker's lives more difficult, but you cannot stop them. Companies like PMDG will always face profit loss due to piracy. Some crackers these days are people with deep knowledge of how to undo protection mechanisms. The higher a program is ranked on a "most wanted" list, the higher the probability it will be cracked. The NGX is such a program, as is Photoshop or the likes. Sad, but true. So, you will always find cracked versions of such programs on the 'net. And, pirates don't need a hint here at this forum where to find what they desire.
  5. When Avsim was dead, I reported this freezes in an e-mail to PMDG and added the files needed to reproduce them. Unfortunately, I didn't get a solution answer, now I hope PMDG can look into this issue a little deeper.What I've seen is that freezes occur when SID and STAR portions of the flight plan are present.Simplest setup: TNCM to TNCM. It's enough to tell the FMC the departure runway and the approach by e.g. VOR to the famous runway with the beach in front of it. Shortly after takeoff, the sim freezes and crashes. This doesn't happen if no SID/STAR pages were filled out.This situation is 100% reproducable for me, and I've tested this on two different PCs with different FSX installations (one is stock-only, the other has GE, UT, mesh and FlyTampa TNCM etc.) and two Vista versions (x86 and x64) as well as different hardware.Even if only TNCM and the destination runway are in the flightplan (i.e. all other waypoints are deleted which were automatically inserted during STAR selection) - the minimum to have V speeds for both T/O and landing available - the MD-11 crashes FSX.IMHO this is clearly a bug. I need to be able to return to the same runway I departed doing a small circle only. The MD-11 crashes FSX (a PMDG dll is reported in the FSX crash dialog) when departure and approach runway data is present.So, I guess there's a bug somewhere in the waypoints sequencing code, the sim crashes only when the plane moves.Andreas
  6. >you don't hand fly these things, you use the autopilot.Needless to say you should always be able to take over manually and do hand flying for any flight phase regardless of the plane you use.I for my part enjoy hand flying all those LDS 767, DF 727, PMDG 737/747, PSS 757, FeelThere Airbuses etc. etc. a lot. As a teaser I suggest a short trip from LPPS to LPMA Rwy 05 in pure hand flying in the Maddog 2006 for instance (following the LPPS SID FUNOR and the LPMA VOR DME 05 approach; use the Aerosoft Madeira add-on)...Andreas
  7. I probably made an error during posting my questions since I cannot find it anymore in the forums, so I repeat my question:I have the impression that the airliners (e.g. PMDG 737NG, Maddog 2006, PSS 757 etc. etc.) have too big a turn radius. So, I have big troubles at e.g. Innsbruck west approach when coming from east and doing that 180 deg turn.Are turn radii correctly modelled and only my impression is wrong?Andreas
  8. Anyone has experience with the new Simcharts? I ordered last Saturday online and only got the confirmation mail, but shouldn't there be a mail with a download for the program as well? Looks like they're on holidays...Happy new year!Andreas
  9. After the "death" of FS Navigator, it looks like FS Commander is the only actively developped product left. Are there any other alternatives (for FSX as well)?Andreas
  10. Sorry, but what's the URL for the site?Andreas
  11. FS doesn't calculate V speeds at all, I don't know exactly what you mean. The flight dynamics of a plane play a role here since the speed variable is part of the dynamics, but V speeds are no "core component" of the FDE nor can you extract them from some file in the first place without doing some computations and have a profound knowledge of aerodynamics.V speeds are determined in real life by computations and test flights and filled in tables.If you haven't got these tables for a specific airplane, you ain't got no V speeds. V speeds aren't taken out of the air, the tables are the one and only documentation for them. FS default planes usually have no V speed tables at all...Andreas
  12. Is choosing Opteron(s) or Xeon(s) over a Core2 Duo 6850/Quad 6600 the better choice?If so, what models/combinations are recommended?I'm pretty unfamiliar with Opterons and Xeons altogether, so I have no knowledge wheter two of them are needed in two sockets or not to not loose any feature.Andreas
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