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  1. Product page says v4 only. I have no plans on upgrading any time soon. How do I buy the previous version that worked on 3.4?
  2. Just wondering. Forum post from 2014 said you guys were close to releasing. Was it ever finished?
  3. TrackIR stopped working on v0.1.94. The option to turn TIR on/off isn't even in the camera advanced settings anymore. Ok weird...I didn't touch anything in the options but somehow the experimental version wasn't loaded anymore. I had to switch experimental off, update, then switch it back on to get back to 1.532 and now TIR works again.
  4. Happy to report I got the flickering to stop by restoring the manifest files (they were renamed to backup from EZdok usage from a couple years ago) and then restarting both P3D and TrackIR. Only problem I have now is setting my TIR profile to turn on with ChasePlane. FSFX does not show up in the game's list on the "titles" tab of TIR, even after I updated it.
  5. I have the same problem. The view flickers so rapidly that it makes ChasePlane completely unusable. But I don't have Opus, I don't have EZdok installed or any other software that manipulates TrackIR. I just have P3D 3.4, TrackIR, and ChasePlane with the experimental mode turned on v0.1.529. Since installing ChasePlane, TrackIR no longer exits normally and hangs until it crashes and I have to force quit it. So what do I do now?
  6. No one is forcing you to read the thread. Also, welcome to the internet. Questions are repeated.
  7. Just installed it last night. Works fine.
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