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  1. Ah, sorry. I've not bought Sky Force yet. Quite happy with AS and ASCA for now,
  2. SKF?
  3. Mind PM'ing me the name of that AI package David? Ta.
  4. No fuel flow fix? This should have been top priority.
  5. Nope. It's ceiling is 42,000 ft.
  6. Not yet. But i will tomorrow. What makes you think it will be any different?
  7. This is at FL410 - 6.4t, around 50% too much.
  8. Yep, I've already commented on this in their forums Dave. Trouble is i'm struggling to find a definitive reference document stating fuel burn per hour; in pounds or metric tonnes. I've found a PDF from Boeing but it's stated in per seat over distances, kinda hard to figure out. The Flight Factor 752 on X Plane was burning 1.3t each side at FL400 earlier today which i'm thinking is one the conservative side.
  9. I agree Brian. It's by far the best thing CS has put out in a long time. There's nothing to stop you enjoying it now. There are no show stoppers that would confine it to the hangar, not that i've found, and i've been on a few beta testing teams in the past. Of course, as long as you remember to put plenty of fuel in it..
  10. 'Fraid not Brian. To be honest it's not that bad but there are some things that need to be looked at - the Map light is inop. To use the FMC you have to turn the Flood or Dome lights on. The key pad is not lit. I can't find a way to change the brightness of the HSI or ND. You can the EICAM. The Radio panel also needs the Flood or Dome to read - no lit keys. Strangely though they have made a good job of the Overhead. The FO has no control over his own lights. What was worrying was I flew stock KMCO - stock CYUL. The frame rates started to drop as the flight progressed. By the time I was on Finals for 24R they were fluctuating between 13 and 4 :( Another thing that will have to be addressed urgently is the Fuel Flow. At FL410 with zero wind I was burning 6.4t, I'd say around 50% too much.
  11. Try a night flight. Your opinion may change.
  12. Can someone remind me how I access the module for v speeds, when i'm in the cockpit. Is there a hot spot or key I can click? Haven't used it in a while, totally slipped out of my old brain. Cheers,
  13. Yes, it screwed up my Logitec Hardware controller. I have to cycle the Input button before I get any sound. This is every time .......grrrrrr.