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  1. Dean_EGTC

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    I'll add my congratulations on a very well presented and informative set of guides.
  2. Dean_EGTC

    P3d v4.3

    The only crashes I have had in v4 have all been attributable to third party add ons. I am certainly no XP 'Evangilist'as my posts across this board and other sites I frequent will attest to. I was merely pointing out to a friend the benefits of moving to a 64bit platform. The only reason I brought it up was at Ray's disappointment that GSX would not be developed further for 32bit. And Ray, sorry but I've never been taken by that particular 'jack of all trades..' anecdote. When the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel told the world he was going to build a ship made of iron, his contemporaries said much the same; he should go back to doing what he was good at, building bridges and tunnels. It didn't turn out too bad for him. Apologies for any forum malfractions.
  3. Dean_EGTC

    P3d v4.3

    That's one of the best things about XP. Once you've bought the initial program you never need buy anything else should you not wish to. There is ten times the freeware available including mesh, textures for the entire world.
  4. Dean_EGTC

    P3d v4.3

    By the time you're comfortable with v4.2 we'll all probably be flying XPlane 12 if it continues to improve at it's current. Graphics and immersion factor is so very good. There are some excellent aircraft for it now including a free almost study level B737-800. I was hesitant at first but so glad I did. Give it a try Ray, I guarantee you'll enjoy it. I spend 50/50 flying time between it and P3D.
  5. Dean_EGTC

    P3d v4.3

    Ray. You gotta move into the 21st Century m8 😉
  6. Dean_EGTC

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    I did a KBOS-EGLL yesterday. Very nice. I've not been brave enough to try the WX Radar. I couldn't take a CTD chance on such a long flight. I'll wait until they give a 100% fix for all.
  7. Sorry, a couple of years ago I would have agreed with you but not now. Yes, I do think Aerosoft's LHR is better and I use it.
  8. Dean_EGTC

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    Crazy decision I think. Anyone ask the ATC guys n' gals their thoughts. Or how many undisclosed near misses there are. Throw in another runway, maybe north/south ops, and I believe we'll see a mid air at some point. Hope i'm wrong.
  9. Dean_EGTC

    Condor 2 released

    Greetings all, For all Gliding enthusiasts, (Chock if I recall), if you haven't got the email, v2 of prolly the best motorless sim just released. Just downloaded it - 608mb on a dial up server i reckon. Patch needed after. Anyone for Multiplayer?
  10. All Gary's UK2000 scenery = the dogs bo**ox! Even more praise as he now makes them for XPlane as well.
  11. Dean_EGTC

    Im SOOOOO sad! ;(

    Sorry bro! I'd love to see your settings for a cross country flight in the QW787. BTW, that was the only aircraft I was talking about. No idea how other aircraft perform as that was the only reason I installed FSX SE. Aside from FTX Global there was nothing else in it. Apologies for any confusion.
  12. Dean_EGTC

    Im SOOOOO sad! ;(

    You will kick yourself hard every time you are on finals and get the dreaded And you will get it guaranteed, on any flight over 1hr that uses a third party airport or improved ground scenery ala Orbx regions, vector, mesh etc.. I originally bought it for FSX SE. I made, or nearly made, two sub 2hr flights. Both ended prematurely. Good luck bud.
  13. Now Gary at UK2000 is producing X Plane airports, it's even better 🙂
  14. Dean_EGTC

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    Not seeing any bouncing here guys.
  15. Dean_EGTC

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    Spot on Alan. I replied to a post commenting on the very same thing. I've been a beta tester on a couple of some of the big titles, albeit a few years ago now, and I recall one of the RL Pilots on the team saying, and I quote ' I wish the real thing was as good as this at VNAV descents. We often, on the very rare occasions we get to use it, have to step in and give it a hand'. Sloppy VNAV' , 'Sluggish turns' all from someone who would probably has never flown a circuit in a 152 in his simming life. 'Wot, no autopilot!' Sorry guys, it's one of my real peeves. Maybe i'm just getting old 🙂