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  1. Sometimes I find if I use Upper Case letters, no problems, but if i'm sloppy and use lower case letters in the Search, I will see 'No Airports found...'
  2. He was asking about the A380 not a merge?
  3. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/138974-b737-800x-zibo-mod-info-installation-download-links/
  4. A great aircraft. Get it. Nuff said. 🙂
  5. Very amateur they can't fix their links to now defunct Google +.
  6. Don't forget the APU Generator Switch; no White Bar = no start. Caught me out a few times.
  7. Hey Sean, no bad feelings here eh. Life is too short and i'm on its final stretch. At least we have an airport that we can fly in to until a suitable replacement shows up.
  8. Like I said, lets petition the big players, not a Company who's pushing out stuff way behind others.
  9. What about a Petition with a large number of Sigs. Surely planting that at say, Martin over at Fly Tampa, and some of the other big players of the Scenery Design teams whose names escape me atm, would show how serious the FS Community are about seeing a quality Dublin coming to fruition.
  10. Absolute twaddle. I have over 200 hours, both long and short haul. If you fly by the book it is just fine - Checklist intergration, EFB setting FMC, VNAV. The ONLY time it failed was when AS fed in spurious data with ludicrous high temps at Cruise, thereby losing all thrust.k Buy it!
  11. Hi John, I did pretty much the same thing in the wonderful free Robin. I started at EGKC Bognor and followed the coastline in a clockwise direction. Flying between 700 and 1000' I found some great tiny airfields with Little Nav Map showing me the way. As an extra bit of fun I would take off 30-45mins before Dusk and do my best to find a suitable landing runway, as close to the Sun disappearing below the horizon, as I could. Great fun 😄 I think I finished this particular 'Tour' at EGOV RAF Valley. That was a lot of Flying Club flights for my VA.
  12. Hi, First thing, forget XP10. XP11 is far better optimized with a much improved interface. The Controller set up is far easier and more comprehensive. I'm sure there are many x56 Users out there who will assist you.'Fraid i'm just a simple Joystick User.
  13. I always buy the big main products directly from the Publishers own Portal. They will obviously issue updates first so no waiting while third parties wait to receive theirs. Although I do have Titles that run through Steam - Jack Nicklaus Golf, Aerofly and Real Flight 8, I'll avoid buying through Steam if I can. I wasn't aware that XPlane phoned home every few days.
  14. I agree, OrthoXP at zoom 17 with EGLC at zoom 19, gives me a much better perspective if I compare them side by side. Too much photo scenery from Orbx. Load time significantly better.
  15. In other words .... spend a lot of money 😄
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