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  1. Thx dirt. That did it ✌️
  2. Personally I only ever do one tile at a time so I can fly around and check any airports and its borders. Then I fire up XP with a default Cessna to speed up the loading, but not at the tile you have just created, any where else. As soon as it has loaded everything close XP. Then open scenery Scenery_packs.ini (create a desktop shortcut as you'll be opening this a lot). Your new tile will be at the top. Cut this and paste it above all your Libraries. All Ortho tiles go here with the one Overlays entry directly above. Now load XP and take off from an airport inside your new tile. If your airport is at Zoom 19, your airport borders at 18 and 17 with base tile at 16, you should be blown away! Happy Xmas.
  3. Mmm. I'm seeing some of them but not the Arch. I'm also not seeing London Bridge, The H of Parliament or the Eye. Dome is there though...bigger hmm...
  4. Would help if you tell us at which step you're getting stuck at.
  5. Dean_EGTC

    New to X-plane. Help for add-ons

    As mentioned, get everything by MisterX6. Guy's a genius. Your first install should be Airport Environment HD. It will super update every default airport.
  6. I couldn't find the Tyne Bridge either.
  7. Alan, did that mean installing every add-on again?
  8. Dean_EGTC

    Moving Map required for use with P3D v3.4

    'Sup Ray, LittleNavMap without a shadow of doubt. Not quite sure why Google Maps is a must when LNM in Map mode shows all the main roads, unless of course you need to see each house/building. I particularly like the Terrain info when VFR takes my pleasure, which is a lot now I've finished Ortho'ing the Scottish Highlands & Islands in XP 🙂
  9. Scenery_packs.ini should be in the order (from the bottom) below - Libraries Mesh Ortho Scenery Folders Ortho Overlay Folder Third Party Airports
  10. I'm not in any rush for AS when I can get results like the below. All done at a cost of $0 - Default XP WX engine, FSEnhancer and RE Shade. Ok, so it won't let me add another image so here's a link - Tell me the're not pretty decent. Merry XMas!
  11. Dean_EGTC

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    I'm finding the default XP weather engine with FS Enhancer does an excellent job of WX depiction.
  12. Dean_EGTC

    Crossing the Alps

    TBH Harald I can't. My VA has a number of routes criss-crossing Europe and I don't recall which flight that was. Sorry.
  13. Dean_EGTC

    Crossing the Alps

    Thankyou guys 🙂
  14. Fantastic light at FL370 in the FF752 in my VA Cargo livery. As much as I enjoy P3D it can't match XP's tonal subtleties.
  15. Hi Nils, That's just it. I had the first version running just great so I must have installed the original. Do you think I can locate it...heck no. Checked Carenado, and my JF Accounts. Nothing. I can't think of where else I might have got it. Anyway, I got side tracked and bought the new Just Flight 152. One quick flight and she seems very nice.