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  1. I get all sorts of HRC Errors from AS when i'm flying the FSL A320. Ruins the whole flight with +42C temps.
  2. What don't they want us to see in Europe, that the US are quite happy to share with us?
  3. We in the UK must be a bit behind in updating; it was the Creator update. The only thing i've had to do so far is reinstall the Q400.
  4. Michael, I had to give my gaming rig a user / password at initial log in to W10. As long as I use this from other mcs all seems ok.
  5. Hi all, My gaming rig with Win 10 Home seems to be undergoing a huge update today. Any bad side effects anybody?
  6. You need to assign the POV hat in Chaseplane settings otherwise you get no hat elsewhere.
  7. Where did you find that Mark? -Dean.
  8. Has anyones network configuration changed? For some reason I can no longer connect to other PC's and an iMac, without a user / password. I've tried all the users and passwords I use and none of them work. Grrrrrr............
  9. Hi Kevin, A while back you suggested using a stable version if we were consistently having problems. Can you give us a link for this please.
  10. I get a blank search?
  11. Yes, top marks Rob. Great to see the update.
  12. For P3D v4?

    JustFlight are without doubt the best Distributor. Reward points for every purchase. You can't go wrong.
  14. No, it never crashes Anders, it just takes a nap :D Great. Thanks Kevin, I'll switch tomorrow.
  15. Ok, chill Kevin, chill!...:) . I love your program, I really do. I just want to know why it keeps kicking me into touch and need restarting. I figure because it requires a constant online status that it's periodically 'checking in'. A reasonable assumption I would of thought. As I see it occasionally updating itself I guess I'm on a beta build. I can't tell you the exact build right now as the gaming PC has been switched off. Regards,