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  1. Mark Niebauer

    No taxiways problem

    The ADE Method didnt work for me. Still no taxiways at KONT.
  2. I tried the KONT by importing it into P3d V4.3 using SDK XML method. It works but there are no taxiways. Did I miss something?
  3. Mark Niebauer

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    I figured out it was my sound card driver
  4. Mark Niebauer

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    Ill try and get that going for you. Be sure you own and install the latest GTN750 already.
  5. Mark Niebauer

    One of the elephants in the room with P3D

    Here is my 2 cents worth of what I do to enjoy P3d V4.3 First here are all my add-ons ORBX - Global Base Pack ORBX - Vector ORBX - Open LC NA ORBX - NA Rockies ORBX - NA Northern California ORBX - NA Northern Rockies ORBX - NA NA Pacific FJORDS ORBX - NA Pacific Northwest ORBX - NA Southern Alaska ORBX - SOuthern California ORBX - most airports for the West and southwest. I mostly fly form denver westward and northward, so I have as many pay airports as I can get. I also have many of the Freebies from ORBX THen I have payware airports from Flightbeam and FSDreamteam, most of them.. I also have GSX for doing the big commercial stuff. A few odds and ends airports like 29 palms etc. . . I also have Active Sky & CloudArt, ENVDIR for nice clouds. I opted out of rex stuff as they treated me really bad in customer service. I have turbulent Terminal TerraFlora instead of Orbx trees. I think its much better INHMO. I have night environment California, VFXCentral for rain effects. Now here are some must haves for me. - Addon Organizer for P3dV4 to keep the order of sceneries correct. I use it with every flight plan. Simple Airport Scanner, for finding conflicting BGL files & believe me they are there in droves. I also use my Traffic for the AI traffic. It took me a year to tweak that thing and get to work right. Now its golden. The latest FSUIPC, I also ProATC/X for ATC and that also took me a long time to learn it and get to work right and record and add real world Chatter for each airport. I have many airplanes including PMDG and carenado with GTN Mods Here is atip- remove carenavigraph.dll your frame rates will go way up. I also have FS Global Ultimate for terrain North America only insalled. Be sure you set your terrain im P3d to 1M or you will have some weird things at your airports. This all took many years of learning to setup and aquire. Not to mention how to fly all those different aircraft, but the experience is better than any other sim I have seem and is worth the effort if you love flying as I do. Happy Travels. . . Also by the way, I am an IT person and build my own PC to handle all of this and use SSD exclusively. I hope this helps anyone. It may not be the best way to do it but it works great for me.
  6. Mark Niebauer


    If your using P3d, try uninstall the client and reinstalling it. It worked for me. also uninstall ezca2 and remove the Carenavigraph.dll entries and the file itself. Made a world of difference for me.
  7. Mark Niebauer

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    I finally got the mod and it works. Amazing, But now i noticed it introduced engine noise, like a static of some kind? has anyone experienced this?
  8. Mark Niebauer

    B350i King Air GTN 750

    I've tried to get this mod from someone else myself. So far no one responded anywhere, so I tried to port over the C90 GTX mod with no luck. I can get the guage going, but the engines are for the C90 GTX and immediately peg. Also the Nav stopped working, Must be something else. I sure wish I could get a copy of this mod that works? ryanbatcund claims to have it working but does not respond to PM and After trying to port the mod over myself, I doubt anyone has it working properly?
  9. Mark Niebauer

    The Vertx DA62 Coming soon to Prepar3D v4

    I would buy this over Carenado any day. Just simply due to Carenados bad reputation of poorly functioning avionics and lack luster features, not to mention poor customer service.
  10. Mark Niebauer

    Carenado DA62 G1000 FSX/P3D

    Carenado always puts customer service in the back seat. It's been that way for many many years.
  11. Mark Niebauer


    Well my King airs are not working properly and causing CTD.
  12. Mark Niebauer

    P3D v4.3 - CTD at loading one aircraft

    I noticed all my carenado aircraft are seriously screwed up in 4.3. I hope Carenado comes out with some patches. Geeez.
  13. Mark Niebauer


    In Carenado planes?
  14. Mark Niebauer

    Thoughts on Synthetic Vision?

    SVS isnt working in the latest version of P3d V4.3