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  1. I have it installed but FS2 crew errrors out and looks for the P3d v4 when I try to enable it. Got PMDG to work in V5
  2. I dont know. I havent solved it and Carenado wont help me on it. They said they couldnt duplicate it so they said pretty much good luck . . .
  3. Thanks, I have never flown the real plane, so I wouldnt know. Carenado manuals dont discuss this.
  4. I noticed this bird overspeeds easy. None of the detents seem correct. At cruise it overspeeds unless n1 is 94 or less. Is this a bug? overspeeds on the clb and TO detent as well. Anyone else experience this?
  5. Thanks for the reply but thats not the case. There must be a reliable procedure for this? Unless Carenado strikes again?
  6. Heres what happens to me, I move lever for engine right to cutoff, then press the right start button. At about 20 N2, I move lever to idle. engine spools down, and I have to repeat a second time to get engines to fire up. What am I doing wrong?
  7. I setup a chaseplane camera just for those levers. makes it much easier.
  8. The Engine buttons do not illuminate. When N1 reaches about 20% after hitting the Start button, find the engine cut switch at the base of the power levers. Its not obvious. Click on it. then click on the power lever at top and it will move to idle position.. Now engine will start. Too bad there is no POH. Typical Carenado.
  9. DOnt forget to click on the engine Cut switch first when starting engines, or they wont start. I usually hit the start button, then the fuel cut switch (at the base of the power levers) then move the levers to idle position. Then the engines will start.
  10. I thought there was a mandatory retirement by the FAA after a certain age?
  11. Have you downloaded and installed the P3d V4.5 HF2 and its SDK? Its the SDK that broke it.
  12. I just heard that Carenado has finally acknowledged the problem of SVS not working with the latest LM SDK. They forwarded the issue to websimconnect to be fixed. Finally!
  13. Thats nice for you, but Im stuck with P3d. . . lol
  14. Since I installed the P3D V4.5 SDK all my Carenado g1000's now have the Ter Err in the PFD and SVS stopped working. Some how the gauge is now broken. I submitted a ticket to them after trying everything I could find in forums. All they wanted to do at Carenado is offer me a refund??? lol How in the world does this company make money with that attitude??
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