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  1. My vote is for VOXATC. I have used it for MANY years. I have seen it go through various iterations and improvements. The upgrades are always free. I bought a voice pack with it and have now 4 diffeent voices, always in use, plus Mic Anna. I find NO faults with the current vfersion, which has improved yet again on an already near flawless program. Needless to say, I wouldn't fly with out it. I haven't flown yet in the steam version, and my fsx works fine from the disks. Good luck with your decision. Captain Ken
  2. I simply use a second monitor. You just open, drag and drop = amd maybe re-size. It is absolutely wonderful.
  3. Again, gentlemen - I appreciate the replies, guidance and suggestions. Thank You Captain Ken
  4. I sure appreciate the response cmpbellsjc. Really! I'll just keep on looking then. I have very little fps to spare!!. Thank you, sir! CaptainKen
  5. GREAT post BeechPapa. Thanks so much. I have an "itch" to buy "an airport". I fly in and out of NY more than any others. I was strongly thinking of the Drzewiecki NY airport package. My hesitation is that with it giving you 3 majors (LGA, JFK, and EWR) versus one (say for example a JFK package) = does it improve them amoe, but not as much as a "one airport" package. Are the gates numbered for example? Thanks in advance for replies, and I'll go web checking in the meantime. CaptainKen
  6. I have them both - MUCH prefer the IFly. They are both good though, as it has the 2D cockpit available. Even better than these is the new Aerosoft Airbus (package may stilll be on sale - I got mine from Just Flight) - A-318,319,320 and 321 all bundled together, including FS Crew and RAAS for those planes only. Barring NONE, these are the finest I have ever flown in fsx. By Far.
  7. I'm downloading it right now. Looks to be over 4 hours to get it done, but for a fiver, it is worth the wait. CaptainKen
  8. OK - I hope this does not appear as a stupid question. I got Active Sky Next on Monday of this week. It works WELL! No problems whatsoever. And I love it. I also use VOXATC,; have for many years, and love it too. By far the best ATC program I have ever seen or used. Now the problem: VoxATC uses fsx weather - whatever it be - to assign runways. But I have the ACN set to live, which is how I have flown all my flights for years. But since fsx weather (live) doesn't work anymore, I was forces to get an outside weather program. So if the real weather is 10 mph from say 350 degrees, but fsx says it is winds at 4 mph from the south, then it assigns the runway to the south. Which conflicts with ASN. So my dilemma. Is there any way to make them work in concert with each other? Or do any of you have suggestions on this issue? Thanks for your time.
  9. OK All is well at least for now. I just flew from Syracuse (KSYR) to White Plains NY (KHPN), NO issues. Appreciate the help/
  10. So I got ASX today. Read the documentation and set a flight in progress. As indicated in this forum (not this thread), 2/3 of the way through the flight, the sim abruptly stopped and crashed. Very frustrating. I've rad and read just about all there is to read on the subject, but don't know where to start. I don't consider myself computer savvy by any means, However, I know I am running fsx and ASX as an administrator. I have my antiV off right now hoping I can get a hint of where to start. I JUST downloaded the appcrash view application, so it isn't available for the crash I suffered 3 hours ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, it looks like I' just out the money I spent. Thanks, Ken
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