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  1. Hi all! I've got a real-world MCP from FDS. MCE voice control works with Course but not speed - heading - altitude. Any thoughts at to why...? Tkx! Doug
  2. 09RKC

    "Upper" Visibility

    Yes. As far as I can tell the Server's set to export wx to the clients. This isn't a show-stopper, just unfortunate. For so long (decades) I've tolerated near nothing other than the razor sharp horizon, very unrealistic. That's obviously fixed but too much so. Everything else does pretty good unless there's a cloud deck and I climb to a higher altitude. The clouds then lose their volume and become flat but that too's not a show-stopper. This is of course for another forum but I'm suspicious that the problem is with P3Dv4. Tkx for your reply sir! Doug
  3. 09RKC

    "Upper" Visibility

    I think I found the issue. On the Client(s) and in P3D under World/Weather/User-Defined/Customize, the setting Visibility defaults to 50mi/80km. My changing it to "Unlimited" will not Save. I click OK, the view looks clear and unlimited vis for 5 seconds or so then snaps back to 50mi/80km. I'm speaking of the Client(s) now. The Server's different. I *CAN* save Unlimited and the view is correct... 100% clear. So the problem is on the Clients. My guess is Active Sky's working, P3D is the issue. To answer your question though, WideView. Tkx!! Doug
  4. 09RKC

    "Upper" Visibility

    Hi! After adjusting settings under Visibility to increase vis on my 5 clients, I've determined the server isn't "talking" to the client(s). Changes I make show up quickly on the server cmptr but no changes on the clients. They remain looking like there's maybe 30 miles or so, upper and lower. At and above (approx) 130 or 150, I have to look down to see any ground. Weather forecasts are clear. One issue is "Clear Skies" won't save on the clients. It goes straight to User Defined. I even changed UD to clear and a million. The same poor vis remains displayed. I've tried both "Weather Themes: Clear Skies" and "ActiveSky weather theme" on the server. No dice. One the server I've changed all Visibility options to max as in there should be near unlimited vis. The server displays what it's supposed to do but the IGs not - keeps on with poor vis. Also, the clouds look good at lower altitudes with vertical volume but at upper altitudes they look flat (looking down). Interesting. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong? Tkx! Doug
  5. 09RKC

    ZOOM - Shft Z not diaplaying

    Yep, tkx guys. Works... Doug
  6. 09RKC

    ZOOM - Shft Z not diaplaying

    No add-ons at all. I've got 5 clients none of which has this display. It's not just the ZOOM but the LL numbers + FPS upper-left. Simply not displaying. I've triple checked that Shft-Z's the correct command too. I'm wondering if i can find the zoom number in an .ini file...? Tkx Vic! Doug
  7. Hi all! P3Dv4 So why is the zoom number not displaying upper-right of the display? Looking in the .cfg file I see "InfoUpperRightTextEnable=True" so I assume that's right. Any ideas? Tkx! Doug
  8. Hi Melle, Sorry for the delay! I know you've done this already - please send your Product ID to me at doug@jdtllc.com and we'll get this taken care of. Doug
  9. 09RKC

    RC Re-Activation

    Resolved... Doug
  10. 09RKC

    RC Re-Activation

    Peter, send your product ID via email to doug@jdtllc.com Doug
  11. 09RKC

    [FSX] Door Problems [Controlls]

    Hi! I tried the same thing only I used the letter W. Somewhere somehow W is programmed as a double key press. I hit it once, the door opens then closes. I can't keep the door from closing. Conversely, if the door's open and I hit W, it'll close then re-open. I've tried playing with the Repeat box but it doesn't give me any results either. Any ideas? Tkx! Doug
  12. Hey all! I installed this thing tonight but am getting no lights at all. I'm accessing with Vector. I've tried with UTX on/off and just about every combination I can think of. Any pointers would be most appreciated! Tkx!! Doug
  13. 09RKC


    This process should be seamless. Keys are normally issued in the background before we even see the request. One of the pinned msg's go over all this but for now send your Product IDs to doug@jdtllc.com. HNY! Doug
  14. Tkx Robert. I'll check with PilotEdge to see if a specific key will work with them. If so I'll try DEL or another. I described what I'm currently doing with FSUIPC earlier in the thread. I'll talk to Ben if necessary, hate to bother him. Tkx again! Doug
  15. I think you'd have to have W/L have an identical script of recordings as RC goes for it to work flawlessly. I'm not familiar with the MCE recordings but by taking note of RC recordings while at cruise, there just isn't that much. If you can duplicate MCE's files (like 'contact), make a .wav file, name it to match RC's and put it in a folder within RC, it should work. Doug