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  1. I have done just that, only one mail was used. I hope SWREG will hurry up and send the information so i can used the product i payed for!
  2. Yeah, iv been in contact with him, but he says my email is wrong, even tho i got the confirmation email to that one and it says on the receipt that i used that email. I really hope you can sort that out for me, i even sent an email with a copy of the receit. My weekend is soon over and it would be nice to test it out, im in on my second day of waiting for the key now. Thanks
  3. Hello! Just wondering if there is a problem with registrations for RC? I have been waiting for more than 24 hours for the key, have sent the email with all the details. I have no problems waiting, but just want to know if there is any problems with it and if i should do anything to hurry it along. Thanks
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