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  1. Twenty-one years ago, two Flight Simulator enthusiasts had a common wish, to improve the ATC in FS. A programmer in Atlanta met an Air Traffic controller in Memphis and we created a company called JDTLLC. We began working on Radar Contact which became the best FS ATC program available for many years. In 2001, after 6 years of work, Version 4.3 was released. Seventeen years later, after deep soul searching, we decided to give RC away for free, and step away from the business of supporting it. As of January 1st, 2019, we will shutdown the web site, our email, our storage providers, and our e-commerce partner. What this means to our existing customers, and future owners: 1. Radar Contact 4.3 will be available at no charge, by downloading it from my iCloud Drive. Here is the link. 2. JDTLLC will no longer generate keys. We will give you the same tool we use, the Key Generator. You can download it from here. 3. Radar Contact will be supported here on the AVSIM forum. 4. Refunds have already been issued to the customers who purchased RC in the last 3 months. 5. John and Doug will be available, as needed, at jdradarcontact@iCloud.com. Keep in mind, support will be handled here on the forum. During these 21 years, we have encountered tens of thousands of customers, hundreds of supporters and contributors and dozens of beta testers. We will never be able to adequately express our deepest gratitude and thankfulness to each and every one of you. All we can do is say, "Thank You". John Dekker 📫 JDRadarContact@iCloud.com
  2. jordanal i only see two key requests from you, they were on 10/12 Success @ 10/12/2014 1:58:01 PM (1579390457) ADFGNNDLGJCJCHEHHLCCLPLAMGKNNLHP Success @ 10/12/2014 1:58:01 PM (1579390457) ADFGNNDLGJCJCHEHHLCCLPLAMGKNNLHP i just checked my email, junk mail, key requests and support emails - i don't see anything from you. i'm assuming you are al jordan. if you are not al jordan, know your name would help immensely. i would love to know why your emails aren't reaching me. jd with a handle like razzor - it's hard to find people in my contacts. nothing with razzor in it. i just went through all my emails, junk emails, key requests, and support requests. i have answered every thing i've received. send me an email at j.d.e.k.k.e.r@b.e.l.l.s.o.u.t.h.n.e.t (without the periods) so we can find who you are and what i can do for you. jd
  3. looking through all email i've received, in the last 6 months, i have 2 emails from you. one on 8/7 for a key request, and a key was sent on 8/7 to you Success @ 8/7/2014 10:28:12 AM (-592236214) CAFEMDKBLFNOJHNGELMKDDHDGHLNIDFB then on 8/8 you sent me an email saying someone on the forum suggested you contact me, and i responded on the 9th with: Your key is CAFEMDKBLFNOJHNGELMKDDHDGHLNIDFB And a key was sent out earlier Success @ 8/7/2014 10:28:12 AM (-592236214) CAFEMDKBLFNOJHNGELMKDDHDGHLNIDFB and then i get an email from ray saying you are unhappy. from this end, it appears the key generator and i have responded to every email you've sent to me. you might want to check your junk mail folder, that's where a lot of legitimate emails go on hotmail. jd
  4. well. i'm sorry you are having such a hard time getting a hold of me. send me an email with the subject line "tight git is unhappy" that way i can find your email address, and then look for all these emails you've sent me, so i can figure out what happened. thanks jd
  5. IF you need a key, follow these steps: SUBJECT: Line - RCv4 Key Request TO; line - register@jdtllc.com FIRST line in the body of the email Product id, including any minus sign an ! character Your first name, in case i have to look you up manually an ! character Your last name, in case i have to look you up manually Press the send email button, don’t leave it in your drafts folder. you would not believe how many key requests never reach me for this simple reason. The key generator doesn’t need to know why you are requesting a key The key generator doesn’t need to know about your new computer The key generator doesn’t need to know your age. The key generator is a computer program, that is looking for very specific information in a very specific format. get it right, the key will follow quickly. just the product id, your name, separated by exclamation points, addressed to register@jdtllc.com, from the email address you entered at the time of purchase, with a subject line of RCv4 Key Request Simple. IF your key isn’t working: Remember to run RC as admin. Remember to copy and paste the product id exactly (including the negative sign if there is one). if the product id is wrong, or missing a minus sign, just resubmit the key request, following the steps above. Remember to copy and paste the key from the registration email. Remember to get rid of any extra spaces at the beginning or end of the key. IF none of these tips help, contact jd@jdtllc.com, and send a screenshot of the registration screen, with the product id and the key pasted into the key field, all clearly visible. This would be a good time to check that the product id you are requesting a key for is the same as in the registration screen. IF you didn't receive your key: Make sure you are using the same email address that you entered at the time of purchase. Check your junk mail folder, your spam filters, your weird spam apps that require me to enter CATCHA phrases (turn it off) if you changed your email address, contact jd@jdtllc.com If you have requested more than 20 keys in the last year, your keys will be manually released, to thwart thieves from buying one copy, and selling it to all their fellow thieves. If you haven’t purchase Radar Contact, you won’t get a key, no matter how hard you try. IF you need to re-download, contact jd@jdtllc.com IF you aren’t getting a reply to your emails, remember, if i don’t respond to the first email in 24 hours, i probably won’t reply to the second email you sent 60 seconds after the first. Also keep in mind, $h!t happens. Like today, tornado warnings, high winds, power outages, limbs falling on my house, DSL outages all within 6 hours. i’m not ignoring you. i may not be able to receive your emails, or i may not be able to send emails. you can also contact doug@jdtllc.com, nothing happens to him. IF you have a technical problem, that isn’t being solved by the experts here on the forum, contact jd@jdtllc.com or doug@jdtllc.com IF you entered one email address at time of purchase, but using a different email address for key requests, contact jd@jdtllc.com IF you are getting an error 75, run RC as admin. also make sure your antivirus program knows that rcv4.exe is a safe program. IF you are getting an error 76, check your flight plan and remove any non alpha/numeric characters from the gates (those would be ?, /, @, $, etc) IF you are getting an error 9, make sure you have clicked the “rebuild rc scenery database” after every new scenery is added. IF you are never getting switched to approach, make sure you understand the difference between FL and Feet. Also, don't enter an altitude deviation of 10000 feet. IF you are being turned around 180 degrees, you missed a checkpoint. make sure you pass within 2 miles of each checkpoint. also, don’t put in a heading deviation of 90 degrees IF you keep getting told you are off course, remember your fancy FMC is not in charge. if ATC says to fly heading 120, he doesn’t care if the FMC wants you on a heading of 100. Do what the controller says. Also, the controller can't see the pretty pink line on the FMC, even if he could, he wouldn't care. You are not on course by being on that pink line. You are on course if you are flying the heading you were told to. IF the menus are sluggish or take a long time to display, turn off the display text option in the RC options IF the keys for the RC menus aren’t working, remember that FS has to be ready to fly, not on a menu, or pick a flight plan, or pick a plane, but running, sitting at the gate at the departure airport BEFORE you press the start rc button. IF this is all too complicated, contact jd@jdtllc.com IF you are unhappy, contact jd@jdtllc.com IF none of this helps, contact jd@jdtllc.com IF all else fails, contact doug@jdtllc.com - he can fix anything.
  6. looks like you got 3 keys at the start of july Success @ 7/1/2014 12:13:08 PM (1010972120) HJDOLABGLQKMOIONILGHKJIPAQFHDDGC Success @ 7/1/2014 6:13:15 AM (1010972120) HJDOLABGLQKMOIONILGHKJIPAQFHDDGC Success @ 6/30/2014 11:12:59 AM (1010972120) HJDOLABGLQKMOIONILGHKJIPAQFHDDGC once you used the right email address (the one you entered at the time of purchase), and properly formatted.
  7. well pat, every key request i've received has been processed. In the future, for faster key generation, send an email with the following characteristics, and you will receive your key within 15 minutes: Send the request to register@jdtllc.com The subject line should be RCv4 Key Request The body of the email should contain: nnnnnnnnn ! Firstname ! Lastname Where nnnnnnnnn is the product id on the registration screen If you are using vista or windows 7, start RC by right mouse clicking the .exe or shortcut, and clicking run as administrator
  8. rickman34 - wish i knew your name, or your email address, or something i could look up. but i can't even send you an email. and i dare not put my real email address on the web, to be harvested and spammed to death.... so reply to this post, with a number, i will put the first names of each virginmedia user. at that point, i'll send you an email. or BETTER YET! post the email, you sent to register@jdtllc.com, with your product id, skip the name if you want. i'll generate a key, and we'll figure out the virginmedia thing out on monday here we go: N H John C John E Tim Josh Richard A H Paul H Adrian Dominic Raymond Clive Paul S Andrew Patrick
  9. i can assure you, the email address exists, since keys are going out regulary. send me an email with the info, to jd@jdtllc.com
  10. as a clarification, the recording utility isn't ready for general usage, so i would suggest, if you really really really want to record 1500+ wav files, you listen to a wav, record the wav with the same name, saying the same thing. then you have to trim the front and back, then you will have to equalize all the wav files. i wouldn't recommend it, it's a daunting tasks.
  11. eric, there is no need to go through intermediaries. i saw 4 key requests, 3 from the wrong email address. one was from the right email address, and a key was sent. if you are having troubles, send me an email. jd@jdtllc.com - and I can help you.
  12. changing call signs would be a monumental task, involving the re-engagement of dozens of people to record new call signs. after that, there are hours of audio work, that at this point only person on the team can do. so i don't think it is practical at this time. if the callsigns you are seeking can be "made" by rearranging existing call signs, then any audio editing tool can be used for that. but you would have to do that for every pilot, every controller, and every chatter controller. if you can get the new files made, i can walk you through how to change the \data file where the callsigns are maintained. jd
  13. are you running a non english version of windows. rc does not run on DBCS languages, such as chinese, japanese, korean, etc. jd
  14. send an email to jd@jdtllc.com, and i can help you. i don't know where your emails went, but it doesn't look like i received them. there is a pinned topic on the proper format for your key request. if you use that, humans aren't involved in the process if your email address has changed, i will have to make the change myself jd
  15. Received two request, sent two keys Success @ 12/8/2013 12:27:41 PM (979044171) LJLHDFFBNLBFAKMINHCJHGBCBCGGMAMN Success @ 11/29/2013 2:28:03 PM (979044171) LJLHDFFBNLBFAKMINHCJHGBCBCGGMAMN
  16. if you make a log, i can tell you where your .rcd files are going. what is your .flt/.wx path set to?
  17. also check that you aren't getting a ridiculous pressure also make sure your transition altitude/level is correct. that will throw things off if none of that helps, of course, like always, make a log, info pinned at the top of the forum, and i can see what is going wrong and why jd
  18. if you add new scenery, you need to click the rebuild rc scenery database button in rc, afterwards. if you add 6 new sceneries, then after you add all 6, then do the rebuild once jd
  19. 9 times out of 10, it's the rc scenery database not being updated with YOUR scenery files information. that's how rc knows where you are on the airport. download the latest version of makerwys.exe, and install it into the root directory of fs then start rc, and click the rebuild rc scenery database button. do not run makerwys on your own. won't work. it will make things worse. then once the database is updated, with your scenery file information, try the flight again. if you still have issues, then make a log, information pinned at the top of the forum. be sure to click debug before loading the .pln. when you duplicate the problem, send me the log, tell me what runway you were going to, and what the sequence of events were. jd
  20. two things. first, rc doesn't care about the lines the fms is diaplaying, or what some other piece of gear is saying is what/where you should be. if rc tells you to fly heading 120, fly heading 120. doesn't matter that the plan says that it should really be 110. second, when rc tells you to resume own navigation, proceed direct when able, fly directly to your next check point. don't crank the plan 50 degrees to join the little magenta line. that isn't what you were told. those will both get you yelled at. also, if you have a departure procedure loaded, but you didn't fly it correctly, you're going to get yelled at. also, if you have 2000 miles between checkpoints, the headings are going to be different rc only knows about what is in the .pln you loaded into rc. that is where the lat/long's are. that's what counts. jd
  21. since this only started after you did a system rebuild, i suspect that is where the problem is. have you downloaded the latest versions of fsuipc and makerwys and installed them? once they are installed, start rc, and click the rebuild rc scenery database button, so rc knows what airports and runways you have. but i don't understand the question. i can't think of any situation where rc asks you what runway you want to use. it's always going to tell you. it's almost like you started asking for a specific type of approach when you contact approach, like ils rwy 18. if that's the case, stop doing that. then rc will figure out what runway you need, and vector you to it. but update fsuipc, makerwys, and then rebuild rc scenery database from within rc, for starters jd
  22. i'd have to see a log, to know why it's said in one place and not another for you. jd
  23. i would have to see a log. rc will stop an ai in front of you on the taxi, clear him to take the runway, release him, and let him position. then he will freeze him before he start rolling, clear him for takeoff, and then release him. this behavior is normal, and expected. if there planes between you and the plane that is freezing, i'm not sure it's me that's freezing him. you would have to make a log, details pinned at the top of the forum. then duplicate the problem. zip up the log and send it to me. you will also need to include the ai by name that you are reffering to, that is having the issue you describe, so i can see where and what happens to him in the log. also, make sure you have the latest version of makerwys.exe installed in the root directory of fs. after the latest version is installed, click the rebuild rc scenery database button, inside rc. do not run makerwys.exe on it's own jd
  24. the dos window wasn't opened as admin. right mouse click the dos command on the start menu, click run as administrator if you are running 32 bit windows do the following cd c:\windows\system32 regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll /u regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll exit if you are running 64 bit windows, do the following cd c:\windows\syswow64 regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll /u regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll exit i agree, the downloading and installing of the vb run time library is torcherous, and prone to errors left and right. i would think they could have done a better job. regardless, if this doesn't fix the problem, email me. all of this is based on the assumption the file msstdfmt.dll is in one of the two places mentioned above jd
  25. rc needs an altitude, otherwise it wouldn't know what to clear you to, when to start the descent, etc. jd
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