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  1. Interestingly, last night, I changed the eyeadaptation from 1 to 0 and it fixed it for me. Did it both non-VR and VR sections. It still does it a tiny bit but not even close to before. Maybe they fixed the switch....
  2. Sometimes with TrackIr I can't even see the runway when landing....Just a big white band....
  3. Thank you so much for the reply! Just purchased the program this morning and haven't had the time to do a deep dive. I'll give your suggestion a try. Looking forward to exploring more as time permits... Steve
  4. New to Axis and Ohs. Trying to assign an axis to the PMDG 737 for MSFS2020. My joystick axis works fine in AandO but in the PMDG737 theres a conflict with the reversers. Is there a way to assign a throttle axis with no reverser zone like in FSUIPC? If not is there another workaround? I also have the MFD crosswing rudder pedals. They show up fine in A and O but not translating to MSFS2020. Any suggestions? Haven't had too much time to fool around with it yet. Thanks Steve G.
  5. Thanks guys! Got the same answer over at the Lockheed Martin forum. I'll give it a try when I get back from work. Steve
  6. Tried restarting several times....No luck yet.
  7. Just updated to 5.3 from 5.2. Decided to uninstall the whole thing instead of just doing the client and content. Now it seems that Prepar3d starts but with nothing showing on the screen. I can hear sound and it shows that it's running in Task Manager but only see my desktop. The only thing I've tried so far is letting the prepar3d.cfg rebuild. Didn't work. Any help would be appreciated. Steve Giblin
  8. Just wondering if they have fixed this...
  9. I upgraded from a 970 to a 2700 super. At first i didn't notice a big difference but then i realized that I could now use SSAA antialiasing. HUGE difference!!
  10. I don't see that line in my camera.cfg. But after uninstalling Immersion manager and deleting the camera.cfg file and letting it rebuild, the config file comes back as camera.cfg Immersion. There may actually be more than one config file. I'll have to look more closely when I get home.
  11. Uninstalled 737NGXu Immersion, deleted camera and Prepar3d.cfg and I'm still having the flickering ground textures from the virtual cockpit. Flashing ground textures right in front of aircraft. Frustrating.
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