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  1. StewCal

    Runway Announcements

    Interesting. Just realized I havn't heard any RAAS anouncements in a long time. Wonder why....
  2. I too have this issue and was going to create a post. Glad I searched first. I think mine starts immediately, not after 2 hours. Steve G.
  3. StewCal

    Can not Access Scenery.cfg

    Wow, that was easy. Feel kindof dumb. It worked. I think what the issue was is that because I did not uninstall them correctly using the new FlightBeam manager the first time, uninstalling a second time and then reinstalling fixed my previous error. Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it! Steve
  4. StewCal

    Can not Access Scenery.cfg

    I'll give it a try....Thanks. Steve
  5. StewCal

    Can not Access Scenery.cfg

    OOps, posted in the wrong topic.... s
  6. StewCal

    Can not Access Scenery.cfg

    This is the message I've been getting. The following is what shows in my scenery.cfg: [Flightbeam - KDEN scenery] Active=FALSE [Flightbeam - KMSP scenery] Active=FALSE [Flightbeam - KSFOHD scenery] Active=FALSE [San Diego_KSAN] Active=FALSE [San Juan_TJSJ] Active=FALSE Not sure where to go from here.... STeve
  7. StewCal

    Fixing Scenery.cfg

    Thanks....At work now. Will post in a few hours.... Steve
  8. StewCal

    Fixing Scenery.cfg

    Just reinstalled Prepar3d 4.1 and my sceneries. I must not have uninstalled some of them correctly mainly FlightBeam titles. Getting a scenery config dialog when I start Prepar3d saying that the areas can not be found. They are present in the scenery.cfg file but the only thing there is the title and a Active=False entry. I guess I need to know how to uninstall (what to delete) them properly so that when I reinstall them I can reactivate them. They did not ask for activation keys when I reinstalled. I've posted in the Flightbeam forum but as yet have not gotten an answer.... Thanks, Steve G.
  9. StewCal

    TrackIR Freezing in Prepar3d 4.1

    Uninstalled Prepar3d and everything flight sim related. Upon reinstallation all is well so far. Installing one thing at a time so we shall see. Steve G.
  10. StewCal

    Can not Access Scenery.cfg

    You're the best! Did as you said and it worked! Thanks again! STeve
  11. I've been reinstalling sceneries after reinstalling Prepar3d 4.1 and I'm getting a dialog box at startup that says "Scenery.cfg File Error. Could not find scenery...All of Flightbeam airports in this case. I've searched around and I think I need to edit my Scenery.cfg file. I know where it is but I can not access it. Says windows can not find file when I try to open it. I've unhidden the file but still can't open it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Steve G.
  12. StewCal

    TrackIR Freezing in Prepar3d 4.1

    I suspected that it might be some kind of communication issue. As I mentioned in my initial post when it freezes it takes out FSUIPC, AddOn Manager etc....I wlll try running the Simconnect file you mentioned...I wonder if there was some kind of update to Simconnect...? I did run CPU-Z and the GPU seems fine. Placed and order for a new TrackIR just in case. I suppose it is possible that mine is sending funky signals....I can not fly without it... Steve.
  13. StewCal

    TrackIR Freezing in Prepar3d 4.1

    Does GPU-Z have a diagnostic section? When you say piece of hardware do you mean the GPU or TrackIR? Steve
  14. StewCal

    TrackIR Freezing in Prepar3d 4.1

    The fact that i reimaged the entire system to a time well before I started having the issue is what confuses me. Also that It kills the AddOns menu is baffling. Why does it work until I go to A complex airport. Frustrating. Steve
  15. I've been using TrackIR successfully with Prepar3d 4.1 for quite some time. Lately however I have been experiencing "lockups" in certain scenarios. Just did an experiment. I started Prepar3d and loaded the default scenario but changed the aircraft to the piper cub. Everything worked fine. I then loaded the FSlabs A320 into the same scenario. Fine. Then I changed the airport to Aerosoft,s Frankfurt with the A320. TrackIR worked for a few seconds and then locked up. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. It seems that its happening with complex payware airports, but just recently and not all payware airports just to add to the complexity (FSDreamteam airports work). I did recently complete the Windows 10 fall creators update but the problem started before that installation. One more detail. Head tracking still works within the TrackIR interface after the lockup in Prepar3d but upon closing TrackIr it hangs and has to be closed with Task Manager. It also makes the items in the Addons menu inaccessible (FSUIPC, Addon Manager etc.). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve G StewCal Ps. I posted a variation of the above in the TrackIR forum but every post there has to be approved and it takes way too long to get any help...Anyway since the above post I have reimaged my computer back to a point prior to the time period where I began to have the problem. To my dismay the problem persists leading me to believe that the issue might lie with the TrackIr hardware itself. Before I take the plunge and buy another TrackIR if anyone has any insights I would appreciate hearing them. Thanks! Steve G.