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  1. Hello. I just downloaded pta 2.60 for p3dv4.1 after I load up and apply preset I get 'Preset has been applied with errors. See log above' When I scroll up, these errors show up. ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\bchoi\Downloads\pta_2.60\SHADERS_BACKUP\Cloud.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\bchoi\Downloads\pta_2.60\SHADERS_BACKUP\GPUTerrain.fx not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\bchoi\Downloads\pta_2.60\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\HDR.hlsl not found ERROR applying preset: source file C:\Users\bchoi\Downloads\pta_2.60\SHADERS_BACKUP\PostProcess\FXAAResolve.hlsl not found I feel like something went wrong, Anyone know how to fix this issue?
  2. hello. I have a issue with my PMDG-777 200 with gear going down by itself after retracted. It happens during take-off. After take off, even though I retracted the gears, few seconds later, it would automatically go down by itself. I don't know why. To be more specific, I press G key to retract the gears, and then few seconds later, the gear lever goes down by itself. It doesn't happen all the time, but happens sometimes. I didn't use any addons like fs2crew or proatcx, etc that PNF would possibly touch the buttons, Any solutions? thank you for reading
  3. Working well now, it's been fixed with update. Thank you.
  4. Same issue here. Have done reinstall for pmdg, p3d and even formatted whole computer and reinstalled everything in order, yet it's not working. I don't think it's any computer problem since it's being reported in the community from many people at the same time. we going to need a update to fix this problem.
  5. "Livery not found in aircraft.cfg after is should have been added." it worked well before. I just formatted my computer and reinstalled pmdg and this pops up when I try to download any livery from Operations Center
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