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  1. Nothing new? Does this work for anyone in p3dv4?
  2. I guessing that that wont be possible. That because no one knows why UT2 can't visually show AI over large bodies of water even though it is simulating it there as it reappears on the other side. According to the UT2 forums, the developer has gone missing so no fixes on the horizon...
  3. Where is the file that stores the "taxi data". I ask because there is no indicator that Ai monitor finished the scan.
  4. This is one of the main reasons why I wont into xplane. It ai systems are no where near detailed and extensive as fsx.
  5. If no landing clearance is given from fsx and AIC lands the plane, it will be deleted by AIC. This is because fsx provides no taxi service without landing clearance. If the plane respawned in a parking space, I would think you have UT2 running? The next version of AIC will provide its own taxi service because fsx won't.
  6. No it does not. UT2 has some problem that no one can seem to find that makes it do that.
  7. Roland, here is an idea... Since you are now having the ai controlled right to the gate, could it be possible to create an "airport" text file that aicontroller reads for specific airports. It would detail runway usage for landings. maybe in the future, if you are able to control takeoffs, this file could then reflect take off runways. With this, airports with special landing rules/ noise abatement at certain times of the day (Heathrow) could be realized. Also it would be nice if this file contained ground parking instructions. If you list in the file what gates/parking spots are Domestic, ai that are flying domestic would only park in those spots etc. This would also work for those large gates that can be arranged to have two smaller planes parked in them if a larger aircraft is not present at that gate. What are your thoughts?
  8. If you have autogen approach selected, then it means that recording was bad and should be remade
  9. Can't it just reroute "your" ai around such conflicts when able? Is it too much to suggest a user file for particular airports that have special or specific taxiway usages? ex. KMIA, Lufthansa's A380 can only taxi via certain taxiways. can we have a file that we can edit to specify parameters like that? Your progress sounds exciting, cant wait for release!
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