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  1. Hi I have an i7700k processor with an 1070 gpu for my monitor but am struggling to get 30 fps on medium settings in MSFS2020. Is this about right and what should I upgrade first ? Any advice much appreciated. Game runs off an evo 500g SSD with 32 Gb ram. Thankyou.
  2. Hi Can anyone advise what cable to buy to attach my dell 2713 to my gtx 1070 ? Max resolution is 2560 x 1440. Should I go for display port 1.2, dvi or just a hdmi ? Thanks
  3. OK finally sorted it. It was a faulty h60 cooler. I have no idea why stock cooler would not reduce temperatures either but I fitted a new coolermaster 212 evo which I was going to use on my new build and now temperatures at idle are in the high 20's. Would never use a water cooler again as it appears coolermaster is just as good for a third of the price. Thankyou for those that took the time to respond. 😀
  4. Sorry Tony a bit confused now. I have replaced the thermal paste in between the cooler and the heatsink. Are you saying there is a cement under the heatsink and the cooler where the cpu is seated ??
  5. The fan has packed up on the side. Crappy ezcool case but I have been leaving the side of the case off. Ambient temp. in room is only about 18 degrees. There is a fair but of dust in case but nothing too excessive. Thanks
  6. Thanks Tony. Both coolers have the same effect so you might be right about the heat sink. Is it just a question of taking cooler off, opening up sink and relocating chip and closing I up ?? Thank you for your reply.
  7. For some reason I now have my i5 2500k idling at 55 degrees with a h60 cooler. Playing games takes it in the 90's so I have stopped playing them. Have took cooler off and did notice a hell of a lof of dust around radiator. Cleaned it all off as thought I had found the problem. Reinstalled with new thermal paste but problem is still there. Even tried with old stock Intel cooler with new thermal paste but problem is still the same. Chip is not over clocked. Running at 3.3 ghz. Computer did shut down once I assume to protect chip. I have no idea now what problem could be. Spent hours trawling through Internet. Is the chip on its last legs ? Any advice gladly appreciated. Thanks. GPU is run in at 45 degrees if that helps anyone.
  8. Gone ahead and ordered it. Going to try and build it myself. Hopefully there are enough videos on YouTube. ...
  9. Took the plunge Ryan and ordered with what you are thinking of for X plane 11.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Think you have persuaded me to go for the 7700k. Now I have to decide on a motherboard. Does anyone rate the asus 270 boards apart from Ryan?? I am looking at a midrange board around £150. Asus ROG Strix Z270F is around £160
  11. Hi My dog sat on the USB ports which were connected to my hard drives the other day and I think she has blown something on the motherboard as the ports do not work anymore and the cpu is working at 100% constantly..... grrrrrrr. Anyway I think technology has moved on enough anyway for me to upgrade from my i5 2500k and 560ti card. I want to base the system around a 6700k and 1070 graphics card, can anyone recommend a decent mid range board and how many Gb of memory would you recommend ? Any other tips would be most valuable. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Has anyone got a working link to FSMark11 ? The original post from dropbox does not seem to work anymore. Thanks
  13. Thanks for your time Steve, looking forward to it.
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