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  1. Sarcasm aside (no need for that here)... you are missing the point. Yes, flight training is obviously tough, but there is a difference between going through training in a controlled environment and actually executing, on a daily basis, everything you learned, plus having to deal with life's curve balls, plus fully knowing 100+ people sitting directly behind you are placing their lives in your hands. If I earn my wings with flying colors, time will tell (no pun intended) whether I can actually cut it with passengers behind me, much less on an A320. A pilot can get through training with flying colors and then not be able to handle flying in other scenarios.
  2. I think the point many are missing is that there is no perfect system. Every approach will inevitably have pros and cons... yet to Kevin's point... as time passes, it would weed out certain types. Same approach for school... in my undergraduate days, there was a Business 101 class that was really difficult. It served to separate the serious from the unanchored, and those that could handle the pressure versus those that could not. There is a reason why the saying "stood the test of time" has been used. No, it is not a knockout argument (and I don't think anyone is claiming it is)... but to say it does not have merit is to be ignorant of an existing concept that is used quite often. We can all argue all day long and make a point... followed by a counter point. The bottom line is this should not have happened, and we need to take steps to minimize it from happening again. Notice "minimize" instead of "eliminate."
  3. Thanks for sharing guys, looks great!
  4. I think any decent human being would be more than understanding of your team needing a break. Sounds like it has been a hard push during the dev cycle, and family/personal health always comes first. Also, previously I was one of the people that would cry out for more updates and I need to say lately the updates have been fantastic! Or, perhaps it is because I am just so busy now and thus there are nice surprises when I have time to check the message board. My poor wife, when I read the PMDG 777 was released on P3D all I said was "gotta go!" and retreated into the office. Please don't judge Again, thanks.
  5. This would be very good news indeed. VAS management wise 2.2 has been untouchable thus far... here's to hoping 2.5, even if just slightly better than 2.4, is going in the right direction.
  6. I was getting a "leak" at first with the PMDG 777. I cannot say this with full certainty, but the only thing I can say is it seems on my setup, that changing the world scenery within the game after I launch it does not handle VAS too well. Here is what I would do (thanks to Rob's stragegy on this). Load up the system, make sure you have all of your scenery that you will need selected... go to the origin of your flight and save it. Exist P3D and then load up the flight manually via the documents folder. Since I have been loading up the PMDG 777 this way, VAS managmeent is actually BETTER than most of my other payware aircraft. Regarding sample size, with the above method, I have successfully completed a 16 hour long haul flight, and several slightly shorter ones. Good luck. -Phil
  7. Baylorguy


    This is great news, thanks for your work. I purchased the FS2crew 777 version this week (How can I not... I also have the Airbus Extended and PMDG 737 versions as well and they rock) and it is good to know it will be made compatible for P3D. -Phil
  8. I am really enjoying the T7. It has been been so long since I played it on FSX that I had forgotten how awesome it is. Another long haul to Denver... currently smack middle of the pacific and VAS is at a low 2600. Weather radar is pretty sweet too... lots of nasty weather right now via ASN.
  9. I just completed an 8 hour flight from KIAH (FSDT Airport) to the standard PHNL. Performance was amazing, weather radar... well... what can I say, it is awesome. And I landed with 800 MB in VAS to spare. The thing that set me at ease the most was how even though VAS rose when I was flying over LA, it dropped by about 300 MB once I got over the open ocean... that is what was concerning me from my prior flight... the VAS just get climing over the ocean. This time, it was steady... the way it should be. Anyway, I highly recommend this bird.
  10. Yo Rick, good news. I started a flight from FSDT KIAH to PHNL about an hour ago. Thus far... VAS is MUCH better... at cruising altitude and hovering around 2900 and it is steady. Not sure what I did before, but just to be safe prior to this flight I reinstalled my rex textures and followed all of Rob's tips (load from the mission save, etc). Looking quite good so far. I will give an update tomorrow. For now... I need to keep working on this leadership deck for work. Decile, quartile, proc sql, case statement... sorry, it is all on my mind right now -Phil
  11. Rick, what other add ons do you have? No weather, which tells me you did not use weather radar. Do you have any ORBX products ,etc? Add on airports? REX textures? Trying to compare your VAS usage to mine. That is great that you had a good flight across the pond, but I was not so lucky going west to VHHH.
  12. Kylan, have you flown a 10+ hour long haul specifcally on P3D? If so, would you mind sharing your add ons and settings? I am trying to pinpoint what people have actually done so far versus what they have done on FSX. My settings are anything but high... I hear you. To clarify, I am not out to get anyone, not whining, etc. I specifcally asked you since you have a good methodology to testing. You gave me some good ideas though so hopefully I can get some baselines and solid testing done.
  13. Hey Rob - I feel guilty asking since you do so much but... when you get a chance, can you please attempt a 10+ hour flight in the PMDG 777 and see if you can weather the VAS storm? Either something is wrong with my setup or... I honestly don't know, but I had VAS climbing even over the ocean with no scenery in sight. I think you will also find my settings are quite a bit lower than yours. If I can help provide anything for the test (i.e. flight plan, etc) or my settings I am happy to... just want to see if anyone else can make a long haul on P3D without having to reload due to VAS constraints. For the record, I do not have this issue in any other aircraft. Typically if I am not by any detailed scenery my VAS is steady, but the PMDG 777 is really putting the hurt on my system resources.
  14. Thanks Zoran, I may try to look at some videos. I seem to remember one of the Aerosoft fellows doing a test and he stated VAS (at least in the situation he was using) seemed a bit higher on the steam edition. Ultimately if P3D goes to 64 bit (seems to be a given from what I have read) that will fix these OOM issues.
  15. Well I just finished my first long haul... a 17 hour flight from KDFW to VHHH. I have good news and bad news The good news is PMDG has an excellent panel state restore where, if you save your flight, it loads it like you never left... thus resetting the VAS back to a low number. The bad news... is that I had to save and reload 3 times to avoid an OOM. Even over the open Pacific ocean, my VAS kept climbing... this is the only aircraft I have experienced that in. Doing a bit of research it seems FSX users experience similar things. I need to play with it more... apparently there is a setting with the sound package that will free up memory, etc. But it is definitely a heavy hitter in the VAS department.
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