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  1. I bought this a week ago and I must say I am falling in love. A bit challenging with no autothrottle and demanding landing techniques, but I just love it. It feels like I am really flying. And the icing simulation. That's a huge thing. Only disappointment is that Q400 is not made for really short runways like it's little sisters 100 and 200 models. I though I'd get that kind of plane, but I was simply wrong.
  2. katsa

    Major Slow-down

    What time of the day are you flying? I had major FPS drop at night time after installing UTL. Then I realized that it did not happen everywhere. The problem was related with dynamic lights. Some 3rd party airports are not properly optimised for v4. They just cannot handle the load of many light sources from AI planes. Actually turning all lights on PDMG 737 can cause 10 fps drop. 100% AI traffic brought my FPS to 3-7 at OrbX ESSA but only at night/dusk.
  3. katsa

    landing lights

    To make it sure: I don't blame PMDG on any performance issue. I was only hoping to have a quick fix in my tool box. But who to blame when FPS drop by 8-10 when I turn on two landing lights on a plane? Even when I don't have any shadows or reflections turned on. Some thing isn't clearly right. That should never happen with a modern GPU like 1070. I need to investigate this more, but FPS hit doesn't seem to occur on every airport and not everywhere. Can there be something wrong with the objects/models/textures that are currently lit by those lights?
  4. katsa

    landing lights

    Ok. I had not heard that the legacy light support was really dropped on PMDG, although I suspected that it might be the case. But you're all right. There is no way going back. Dynamic lights are what we all expect from the modern sim. I can only hope that LM can improve it fps-wise in the next upgrade or so. I have few shader mod's from PTA. Nothing demanding and of course I have tried turning them off. They are not the issue here. I don't blame PDMG of any performances issues either.
  5. katsa

    landing lights

    Hi Chrish, Have you ever tried any other airplane with dynamics lights turned off? Their landing lights DO illuminate ground, while yours not. In P3D v3 landing lights did not show when you started your flight in day light but landed at night time. The way you sometimes could make them work, was to start the sim at night time and then turned the clock to day. In FSX, this worked as I recall. What I think is that Prepar3d's graphic engine is just very flawed. It shouldn't be so hard to show a couple of dynamic lights with GTX 1070. For example, at the gate of Orbx's ESSA my fps drops by 2-3 frames by every *single* light I turn on in 737. i.e. all lights turned on the drop is about 10+ frames. The drop is less if there's no so many objects to be lit. While taxiing it's about 1-2 frames. I don't use SSAA. What I am trying to say is that because the dynamic lighting is what it is, I'd like to be able to use legacy lights as a backup option in low fps conditions. Kati
  6. katsa

    landing lights

    Yes there is. I have "Landing Lights Illuminate Ground" checked and "Dynamic Lights" unchecked. I should see landing lights from cockpit, but I don't. In every other plane they work ok, but not in PMDG 737 NGX. There was a problem with light landing lights long before the dynamic lights were introduced. People in PMDG must have known this. Yet they didn't bother to fix it. Of course it would be nice if all scenery makers made their products properly (and fps friendly) and we could use dynamic lights with them that looks much better, but that doesn't change the fact that 737 NGX has a bug in their legacy landing lights (of which I think are now removed from 64-bit version, because no old work-around works any more). Kati
  7. katsa

    landing lights

    I have the same problem, but I don't want to use dynamic lighting because it's terrible fps eater. Landing lights has been problem in P3D v3 too. Why can't you just fix them? Other commercial aircraft addons I have purchased have working landing and taxi lights, so why can't 737 NGX have them? Don't mean to be rude but I have waited several years to be able to make night landings with my beloved 737.
  8. TrackIR movements along xyz-axis (I don't mean rotation here) happen now in relation to plane's xyz-axes only. I'd like to have an option to change this behavior so that the movement was in relation to current Chase Plane camera and where it is pointing at. For example, if the camera is tilted up towards overhead panel and I want to move my head closer to my screen to get closer look of overhead knobs, the camera moves towards plane's nose, not towards the overhead panel as I suppose. That doesn't not feel realistic. Would it be possible to fix that?
  9. It seems it is time to reboot the server again. Activation fails on my end too...
  10. Confirmed. The issue seems to be gone in 0.3.13, even the bug fix list doesn't give any hint about it. Fantastic anyway.
  11. The issue remains in v. 0.3.11 beta exp. Devs? Any comments on that? Can I revert to earlier version somehow?
  12. I have issue with TIR that causes onboard camera to reset randomly for one frame making the view "flash" nastily. I didn't have it when I first time installed ChasePlane about week ago. It actually began after updating P3D v4 hotfix 1. But reverting back to release version did not help. Reinstalling everything did not help either. Everything seems to be ok without using TIR, or using TIR without ChasePlane. I don't have "reset view when TIR is offline" option on. I have tried this with both stable and experimental version. Both have the same issue. I have also tried it with Windows 10 Game Mode on and off.
  13. Has anyone tried the BU0836X mod mentioned here: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=44922&page=2 . The idea behind is to override Saitek's own controller for the aileron/elevator axes with additional USB controller that is much more precise and does't have firmware hardcoded deadzone. I bought Saitek Pro Flight Yoke last week and I think it's far worse than my previous CH Yoke what comes to it's flyablity. I just cant stand the huge deadzone that cannot be removed via any software nor settings. The mechanical detent doesn't feel an issue for me, although I consider removing couple of springs anyway. I think that having even slight resonsiveness in the center area would bring back the best part of the flyabilty. Now my landings are just plain horrible. Trying BU0836X is quite tempting even with losing warranty.
  14. I have had the similar experience. The fog/haze/visibility layer just disappears when you climb up. I looks pretty stupid to suddenly see the ground below (and everywhere). One option is to turn on FSX's ugly default haze layer but it looks almost as unreal when it suddenly disappears/appears at some point. And it seems to be brighter and its color doen't match with ASN's fog. This makes me think if it's possible to make a fake fog layer like that why cannot turn it upside down when above the ceiling.. ok.. maybe it's not that simple but think about it... To see the effect get your favourite plane to Zurich LSZH, turn on historical weather @ 18 Dec 1220 Zulu time. (Metar should be @POS 181220Z 27003KT 230V340 6000 NSC 02/M00 Q1024 NOSIG) Sooner or later I'll switch to P3D. It has volumetric fog that should solve this kind of issues. I just hope ASN's P3D version is free of charge for FSX version owners. Cheers, Kati H
  15. Hi Greg, I tried at least 01 Cinema,12 Shell and 24 SP2 Compact and all got a lot better overcast than I had originally. For a comparison I selected 17 SP2 Casual and with that I had a lot of gaps between clouds. But no cloud set gave me 100% overcast even with Enhance Overcast option checked. Anyway, overcast is not the real issue here. It is the faulty fog/haze/visibility layer, that just disappears when climbing up and appears when decending. That is really bugging me when there is not overcast conditions or even no clouds at all. That topic is also discussed in this thread: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/429484-asn-invisible-haze-layer/ Go and see: LSZH Zurich with historical weather @ 18th Dec 2013 1220 UTC Metar: @POS 181220Z 27003KT 230V340 6000 NSC 02/M00 Q1024 NOSIG Kati H