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  1. Hi Mark, Boeing originally gave specifications for the 787 with a 8,200 nm range. Several websites state that the longest range 787 variant can fly between 8,000 and 8,500 nm. The Boeing BBJ 787-8 has a 9,945 nm range with a configuration for 25 PAX. Cheers, Jerome
  2. jzimmermann

    FS Global Ultimate NG FTX - How to remove???

    Hi Greg, Have you tried using Aerodrome Flattening Meshes v2 (AFM2) with FS Global Ultimate NG, I recommend you use it for the 6 airports you mention. AFM2 will not change any APT files, it will simply adapt the mesh around a specific airport to avoid having a plateau airport. I'm not sure I understand why you would think that the mesh issues are due to FS Global Ultimate NG. Almost all airports in P3Dv4 are flattened artificially, and they very seldom have any realistic mesh. In a nutshell this means that realistic world mesh will clash with unrealistic airport mesh, which is why AFM2 exists. Cheers, Jerome
  3. jzimmermann

    Pilot's FS Global 2018 or Pilot's FS Global Ultimate?

    Hi Rick, Sorry, but your points have absolutely no merit whatsoever! PILOT'S offer outstanding support via email, I've always had a reply within 24 hours, usually within just a few hours! And why would you expect PILOT'S to support FTX Global Vector in an Orbx forum? Orbx have their own mesh specialist and they sell the product, it's up to Orbx to offer support. For you to suggest that PILOT'S is hiding under a rock and has "bailed out" on their products is ridiculous and shameful! Far from it in fact, I just saw that they're listed as one of the official exhibitors at the upcoming Las Vegas venue - FlightSimExpo 2018! Jerome
  4. jzimmermann

    Pilot's FS Global 2018 or Pilot's FS Global Ultimate?

    Adrian, I use the FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation Mesh and highly recommend it. While freeware mesh is certainly an attractive option for many, the fidelity of PILOT'S retail mesh is so much better. PILOT'S also use LIDAR data for some of the European Alps, a great enhancement if that's a region you typically fly over. Jerome
  5. I'm really impressed with how FS Global Real Weather depicts fog, mist and low visibility in general when I'm flying under those conditions in P3Dv4 or X-Plane 11. Here is a dawn arrival into Alaska’s Talkeetna Airport (PATK) with Carenado’s PHENOMenal Phenom 300 using PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW).
  6. jzimmermann

    PILOT'S FS Global Real Weather + Alaska

    Hi Ryan, Thanks and it's Carenado's S550. Cheers, Jerome
  7. Just the one shot taking off in the Citation with PILOT'S FS Global Real Weather doing a great job in depicting the low clouds with very interesting lighting. It's definitely a great advantage having a weather engine that works with both P3Dv4 and XP11!
  8. I believe that the only other developer that has modeled a turboprop engine separately with such complexity is Majestic with their Q400. I think it's very brave of Milviz to go down the path of such hardcore system simulation, as it definitely makes everything a lot more complex, which requires much more development time, and in turn also means a longer beta testing cycle. All those that have been following the Milviz King Air 350i development and anticipating the release will not be disappointed!
  9. Milviz has been very busy with the King Air 350i for quite some time. Every now and then I come across a post here at AVSIM that illustrates a complete lack of understanding just how much effort and energy is put into crafting a hardcore aircraft for FSX/P3D, one that is simulated with high accuracy, with very high fidelity, both visually and as far as system depth is concerned. The same goes for scenery, there is run-of-the-mill scenery and then there is scenery like PILOT'S Almeria Airport (LEAM), highly detailed, immensely immersive. The screenshots below are taken from a dawn departure this morning out of Almeria Airport on a test flight with the latest Milviz King Air 350i Beta.
  10. Curious if anyone has tried the FSX version of PILOT'S Almeria Aiport (LEAM) that was released yesterday? Impressions?
  11. It's been a while since I fired up P3Dv4, I took a short flight on Monday from Zurich Kloten (LSZH) to the very interesting new Almeria Airport (LEAM) in Spain with the awesome Xtreme Prototypes Learjet 25D. Due to it's coastal proximity, LEAM is sure to offer any skilled pilot a real challenge, there were pretty strong 25 kt gusts on my arrival! The Reality XP GTN 750 and 650 did a great job in depicting the surrounding high terrain, it really is a combo that works superbly in the Lear 25D. For those that own the GTN 750, Almeria Airport offers full RNAV (GNSS) approaches with LNAV / VNAV guidance for both RWY 05 and RWY 25!
  12. jzimmermann

    Carenado PC12 with GTN 750 support

    Hi Ryan, I'm pretty certain that this means if you own the Reality XP GTN 750 for X-Plane and it's available, as in installed on your PC and ready for integration. Cheers, Jerome
  13. jzimmermann

    RealityXP Carenado PC-12 XP11

    It basically means you don't need the GTN 750 panel modification I made for the previous, older PC-12 version, as shown here: The GTN 750 will now integrate in the PC-12 X-Plane 11 version without any third-party mods, which is a very welcome addition. Cheers, Jerome
  14. That looks like a Citation, my guess is the Ultra. Cheers, Jerome
  15. Thanks James! Have you tried the new CYYZ and KABQ for XP11 yet? I'm thinking of picking these up in the sale. Cheers, Jerome