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  1. That King Air 350 is actually a regular visitor here and comes around for calibration services every few weeks, I've seen it a few times. What was a really rare sight was this last week:
  2. Hi Ralf, Thanks for the info and comparison! Herzliche Grüße aus Düsseldorf, Jerome
  3. Hi Bernd, Yes, it's a great approach over the Rhine river when heading in from the west. EDDL has become very quiet! I am situated fairly close to the airport and now I jump up when I hear a plane taking off, it's such a rarity now! 😄 Last week there was any interesting visitor...see images below, I was able to even photograph the King Air from the kitchen window here! Cheers, Jerome
  4. The OP's text here didn't ask for any assistance in getting FS Global Real weather to function. PILOT'S offer support via email and also have a forum that offers assistance, either through the registered user base there or PILOT'S forum support at - PILOT'S Support Forum. Sure, we could all pitch in and help, but describing an issue with "it just hangs" is rather vague. Screenshots showing what happens step-by-step from the moment the program is launched until it hangs would be helpful, or text describing this in detail. Maybe it's being run in a network environment and there is a network issue, who knows. If I wanted help on a forum I would try to post as much details as possible describing the issue at hand.
  5. The tone you are referring to is imaginary in your mind, everything I have written is courteous and factual! The title of this thread is "Any Working WX For P3Dv5 Yet?", this is followed by a statement "I have FS Global Real Weather from Pilots that's supposed to work with P3Dv5 but it doesn't. It just hangs.", then leads to the question "What weather is working with P3Dv5?", the sum of this insinuates that FS Global Real Weather is not compatible with P3Dv5, which is misleading, as it is fully compatible. If someone spends over EUR 30 on a weather engine that is sold as compatible with P3Dv5 and can't get it to work, why come here and tell everyone that it doesn't work with P3Dv5, instead of contacting their support and finding a solution for whatever issue is preventing it from functioning properly? So yes, I did question the motivation of posting this here instead of contacting their support.
  6. Hi Ralf, That GIF would have a lot more value if you posted the actual METAR data valid for the time those screenshots were taken. Cheers, Jerome
  7. You state "FS Global Real Weather from Pilots that's supposed to work with P3Dv5 but it doesn't." The wording of your post is misleading, as you are suggesting that FS Global Real Weather does not work in P3Dv5 when it clearly does work. Have you contacted their support at all?
  8. Hi there, What motivates you to spread such misinformation? FS Global Real Weather works perfectly with P3Dv5, see the screenshot below. If your FSGRW is hanging, then you have an issue with your PC or your P3Dv5 installation, maybe even FSUIPC6 isn't installed correctly on your system. I think many P3Dv5 users fail to understand that trueSKY is implemented as Beta, and thus there will be bugs etc. due to this in P3Dv5 that have absolutely nothing to do with the 3rd part weather engines themselves. If you are having problems I would encourage you to contact PILOT'S support instead of spreading misinformation at AVSIM. Cheers, Jerome
  9. Hi Noel, This tool does the trick beautifully, it's called EaseUS Tool M, you can download it from here: EaseUS Tool M After installing it, go to the “System Update Management” option located on the left-hand side menu. The application will then fetch the current Windows Update status and will provide a “Disable” blue button if it is currently enabled, or an "Enable" button if it is currently disabled. You will need to reboot the PC anytime you make a change from enabled to disabled or vice versa. I've been using it for quite a while and it works as intended. Cheers, Jerome
  10. Hi Bert, Is the GTN correctly configured as Master? I had something similar once and noticed that Master was unticked and setting it to Master fixed the issue. Cheers, Jerome
  11. Hi Jean-Luc, I couldn't see anything unusual in that log file. Cheers, Jerome
  12. Hi there, Did you completely reinstall the RXP GTN 750 after your HF1 install? I flew the Flysimware Falcon 50 with the RXP GTN 750 yesterday in HF1 from FACT to FALE and had no issues whatsoever. The flight plan was followed perfectly and the LPV landing also went without a glitch. Cheers, Jerome
  13. Hi Chuck, I would recommend using the library outside the sim option. The reason is that if you decide you need to do a complete reinstall of P3D, all your installed Orbx products remain untouched, as they are "housed" outside of the P3D folder.. You can then after the P3D reinstall simply use the "resync" feature in Orbx Central and it should re-add all your Orbx products back into P3D without the need to re-download and reinstall anything from scratch. Cheers, Jerome
  14. Hi Al, Yes, absolutely, the latest P3Dv5 with HF1....no issues. I should add that it was a completely fresh install of everything. Cheers, Jerome
  15. Hi Al, I flew from FACT to FALE this afternoon in Flysimware's excellent Falcon 50 and using the RXP GTN 750 I experienced no problems. The flight plan was properly followed by the autopilot throughout and the LPV approach into King Shaka International also worked seamlessly. This was with the RXP GTN 750 version that was made available shortly after the release of P3Dv5. Cheers, Jerome
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