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  1. Carenado PC12 with GTN 750 support

    Hi Ryan, I'm pretty certain that this means if you own the Reality XP GTN 750 for X-Plane and it's available, as in installed on your PC and ready for integration. Cheers, Jerome
  2. RealityXP Carenado PC-12 XP11

    It basically means you don't need the GTN 750 panel modification I made for the previous, older PC-12 version, as shown here: The GTN 750 will now integrate in the PC-12 X-Plane 11 version without any third-party mods, which is a very welcome addition. Cheers, Jerome
  3. That looks like a Citation, my guess is the Ultra. Cheers, Jerome
  4. Thanks James! Have you tried the new CYYZ and KABQ for XP11 yet? I'm thinking of picking these up in the sale. Cheers, Jerome
  5. Amazing XP11 Scenery

    Yes James, and there are some real bargains out there today. Check out the Truscenery airports if you don't yet have them, super high quality! Thanks Nils!
  6. Just purchased all the Truscenery airports on their 50% off Black Friday sale and took the Challenger for a quick hop around the airport. Wow, outstanding scenery and very moody weather at this time of year: What a complete bargain for really high quality X-Plane payware scenery! Cheers, Jerome
  7. A VFR Mountain Hop

    Hey Ryan, Great shots! For a minute I thought you had managed to sneak the GNS into my XP11 PC-12 GTN mod. Cheers, Jerome
  8. Athens to Skiathos, Greece

    Great shots there James! Cheers, Jerome
  9. Great lighting and great shots! Cheers, Jerome
  10. Amazing XP11 Scenery

    Thanks everyone, I'm thinking of getting EFHF from Truscenery if they're offering any deals tomorrow. Cheers, Jerome
  11. Tu-134 from Yerevan to MinVody

    Great shots Harald! Cheers, Jerome
  12. It's really incredible how developers like MisterX make such outstanding freeware scenery like KCUB available to the X-Plane community. Paired with some z17 ortho tiles XP11 looks really amazing. A short flight from KCUB (MisterX Freeware) to KRSW (Aerosoft Payware) with DDEN's beautiful Challenger 300: Thanks for watching! Cheers, Jerome
  13. now here's a new one

    I assume you're on a laptop. Check the performance profile for your graphics card in your energy saving profiles of the laptop. Cheers, Jerome
  14. Official Panel Configuration Thread

    Thanks, glad you like the PC-12 VC panel mod! Cheers, Jerome
  15. I was testing various LUA cloud scripts today with FS Global Real Weather and took these shots at dusk around Salzburg Airport. Just a short hop around LOWS with Carenado's great Pilatus PC-12 with the RXP GTN 750 installed in the VC. The lighting in XP11 really is spectacular! Cheers, Jerome