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  1. Well let's say ATC or a fellow pilot wanted you to flash your landing lights to help identify your aircraft for whatever reason, if your landing lights are in the OFF position and already extended, then this is easily possible. If the landing lights are all the way retracted, it would take time for them to extend first and there would be a certain delay in the ability to flash those landing lights.
  2. Hi there, Imgur works just fine, see the image below that's being hosted at Imgur. All you have to do is upload your image to Imgur, once it's uploaded right-click on the image and then left-click on "Copy image address". Once that's done, you can simply paste the copied image URL directly into the text area here and it will be shown automatically. Cheers, Jerome
  3. Hi Dylen, Have you looked at Garmin's official channel on YouTube, there is a wealth of info there: There are many other useful sources there too: I would also recommend using the Pilot's Guide: https://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-01007-03_0B_web.pdf That should get you started in becoming familiar with the GTN 750. Cheers, Jerome
  4. Hi Keith, I think you’ll find that you need at least one controller to properly setup the G2 on your PC, though I can’t be 100% certain. I wanted to make the point though that if the day comes when you wish to upgrade to another VR setup or wish to sell the G2 for any other reason, then you’ll likely find that your G2 would be more interesting to potential buyers if you do have the controllers. Cheers, Jerome
  5. Hi Guillaume, You're a bit late to the party: Great looking scenery! Cheers, Jerome
  6. @Mark There is a pinned thread titled - Trojan Virus? [false positive] - I assume you didn't bother reading it, please do so.
  7. Hi Michael, I believe Robin from Godzone hasn't totally abandoned MSFS, he posted some shots of NZFF for MSFS here: http://nzff.org/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=29988 It certainly looks encouraging! The above NZNS shot from NZA Simulations looks really great! Cheers, Jerome
  8. Доброе утро из заснеженной Германии! I suggest you turn off your Anti-Virus software, as it is clearly seeing this file as a false positive. Cheers, Jerome
  9. Great shots there Ryan and well done on the repaints! Cheers, Jerome
  10. Just a few random shots of this soon to be released airport scenery add-on for MSFS from PILOT'S. Can you guess the airport?
  11. Hi Todd, The reason your images aren't showing is that you're inserting the wrong URL. If you go to the above link and right-click on the actual image, you should see an option called "Open Image in New Tab". That image URL (with umf5Gr.png at the very end) is what you need to post here for your images to display properly. In this case it would be https://imgpile.com/images/umf5Gr.png. Cheers, Jerome
  12. Hi Filbert, Great video, and as to the point you made in the video about the airport being very dark at night with no runway or taxiway lighting, this is how it is in real life. Official info for the airport: The main working hours are from 0700h to 1900 and on request from sunrise to sunset. It is not equipped to operate at night due to the lack of runway lights. (Source - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Môle_–_Saint-Tropez_Airport) This is by far one of my favourite airports in MSFS, the developers really have done a great job at capturing the immersion that the hilly surroundings bring to the approach into the airport. There are a few great videos online showing real approaches into LFTZ, see links below. Cheers, Jerome
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