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  1. I assume you're on a laptop. Check the performance profile for your graphics card in your energy saving profiles of the laptop. Cheers, Jerome
  2. Thanks, glad you like the PC-12 VC panel mod! Cheers, Jerome
  3. I was testing various LUA cloud scripts today with FS Global Real Weather and took these shots at dusk around Salzburg Airport. Just a short hop around LOWS with Carenado's great Pilatus PC-12 with the RXP GTN 750 installed in the VC. The lighting in XP11 really is spectacular! Cheers, Jerome
  4. Thanks John, XP11 really does a great job at lighting without any extra software for that. Thanks Ryan, glad you're enjoying the PC-12 with the GTN 750. Cheers, Jerome
  5. XP11

    Great shots of the Custer Airport region Nils! Cheers, Jerome
  6. Hi Jatar, Full instructions are included in a short PDF instructions readme inside the ZIP file. Cheers, Jerome
  7. Thanks for all your interest and kind words! Carenado has given me permission to release this mod, it's now available here: I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Jerome
  8. Screenshots from a few test flights around Lugano with my new GTN 750 integration mod for the PC-12. The mod is now available, more info here:
  9. I've modified the Carenado Pilatus PC-12 and integrated the GTN 750 in the VC: Carenado has given me permission to share this mod, you can download the necessary files with a short PDF instruction readme from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ypbdmf7i3aj6e6a/pc12_gtn.zip?dl=0 I hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Jerome
  10. Did you run the RXP GTN Configurator in the P3Dv4 Add-ons menu? All you have to do is tell the RXP GTN Configurator to replace the Flight1 GTN 750 entries with no bezel. Cheers, Jerome
  11. RXP give you many different support options: http://reality-xp.com/support/index.html All support option are clearly visible before you purchase anything, not sure what would make you think that something is not fair? The main thing is to get support, regardless of where! And what makes you think that RXP do not have direct control? Cheers, Jerome
  12. XP11

    Hi Nils Great shots, could you kindly point out where the EDHX scenery is available? Cheers, Jerome
  13. Having managed to integrate the RXP GTN 750 into the PC-12 cockpit I decided to give the Carenado B200 another try. I had initially tried to add the RXP GTN 750 into the B200's VC, but any attempts to export from AC3D totally corrupted the cockpit interface mechanism. I've managed to find a few workarounds now, and the results so far look promising. Still work in progress, most of the actual GTN 750 integration itself is done though: I still need to figure out how to move the radar display and get rid of the original small transponder and replace it with the original small ADF. Cheers, Jerome
  14. Bill and Ryan, thanks for the compliments! Ryan, I may attempt to add the GTN 650 for Com 2 / Nav 2 functionality sometime in the future. I haven't experimented with the Carenado B200 and the GTN 750 yet, I did take a brief look at the VC gauge layout and it all looks very cramped, unlike the PC-12 cockpit, which had a much larger VC space to work with. I've asked Carenado for permission to distribute my PC-12 GTN 750 modification, and am waiting to hear back from them. Cheers, Jerome
  15. I haven't touched a CAD program in quite a while, I did manage to make a decent enough cover to integrate in the cockpit below the GTN 750. Having the Reality XP GTN 750 in XP11 is really a dream come true! It would sure be great to get the fantastic Reality XP GTN 750 integrated into the VC of Carenado's B200 too. Cheers, Jerome