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  1. I have the Seminole, and other than the fact that it's a Seminole, with all the downsides associated with that, it is, to the best of my knowledge, the only Carenado aircraft to date to properly implement VR, and by that I mean it's the only one that has properly implemented the "VR: Cockpit Zoom" feature. Is there anyone out there who uses VR that con confirm or deny this for me? I'm disabled and it's a go/no-go decision maker for me, but Carenado doesn't talk about it or answer questions about it. I might make an exception for the Cessna Skymaster if it comes out in time to be included in the sale, but even that has me wondering if that's really a good idea. You see, I'm disabled and cannot bend and move as a "normal" person seated in a chair (I'm mostly bedbound) can do, which means I cannot see the cockpit, especially given the other limitations of VR, very well without that feature. Can anyone out there help me out with finding this info? Kev
  2. Have you gone through the troubleshooting steps shown on this page that was published by Microsoft? Kev
  3. I haven't experienced anything like the problems you have. My install went smoothly, took about 2 hours more or less, and about the only CTDs I've experienced have been when I got a big too aggressive about putting stuff back in my Community folder. As for the colors you mentioned, as a real world pilot, I think they actually make the world look more "real", because they look more like what I'm used to looking at through an actual aircraft window looking at the actual ground after hundreds of hours of flying. Then again, when I hear people talking about all the problems they are experiencing I can't help but wonder if we're even running the same software, or if I have Microsoft Genies sneaking into my house at night and giving me secret stable builds. However, none of the above is the point of my note. The primary reason I am responding is to let you know that you need this. When it comes to cleaning up for upgrades, insuring that you only have mods for the geography you are flying in loaded (though I'll concede I'm not as good at using that function as I should be), as well as organizing your addons in a safe place, it cannot be beat. I remain surprised it's still freeware, it's that good. Kev
  4. It's been fine for me, as well. In fact, when I hear all the complaining I sometimes literally wonder if they are talking about the same software my computer is running, or of MS has little magic Elves that are bringing me secret, working builds in the middle of the night. You also make an excellent point insofar that it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. For every person you see on this and other forums whining about this or that, I figure there are 20, 50, heck maybe even 100 others who are just happily sitting at home flying their "toy planes". Happy end-users with no reason to complain don't generally roam the halls of forums complaining. It's just simple logic.
  5. Do you have the Vertigo version of that? You could have popped through those clouds in less time than it took me to type this sentence!
  6. I just posted a major update to the database file that added a lot of new aircraft. I encourage everyone to come grab a copy and see what might tickle your fancy. But if you try to buy them all, I hope you have lots of disposable income! The server invite above should still be good, if it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll post a new one. Thanks, KKT
  7. I had the same problem, and I solved it by reinstalling windows, but I did the kind that leaves your apps and files in place. I actually like to do that every month or two anyway, it's always nice to have a clean fresh Windows install frequently. HOWEVER... If you don't know how to do this right, you could end up blowing away everything on your system, so if you want to do this, and don't know what you're doing, please reach out to me and I will either walk you through it, or even remote into your computer and show you how myself. 2nd however... While I've done it many times without problems, if you ask for my help and I provide it, I will not be liable for any issues that might happen. I'm just some random Internet nerd offering assistance. It does work, but there are always risks with such a thing, especially if your Windows install is years and years old.
  8. Below is a snip of a database I've started as a central repository for MSFS aircraft. The raw file can be found on my Discord server here: https://discord.gg/8nUgs3qWn5 As you can see, it's got the aircraft name, source, some specs, and most importantly, a link to get both the aircraft and it's avionics, if applicable. There is no charge for the file, but I am asking anyone who finds errors, or knows about aircraft that are not listed to send me the specs (if you have them), and most importantly, the links for the airframe and avionics. My goal is for this to be the single most comprehensive database of it's kind available anywhere, so I do appreciate anyone who can assist in filling in missing info. Enjoy the database, enjoy the aircraft, I particularly like the Vertigo for those fun, goofing around flights we all have from time to time. It's basically an 850 horsepower JMB. No, not basically, it IS an 850 hp JBM lol... If you notice errors or know of missing planes, you can let me know here, or on Discord where I go by the same name. KKT
  9. Thanks a lot, I'll see if I can make that work. That picture is f-ing amazing! I spent almost a decade living in NYC, and I called that Statue "my green girlfriend"! I have a lot of friends still there, and from what I hear, de Blasio and Cuomo have just destroyed the place, they're saying it's returned to when it was a horrible unsafe place to go like in the 70s and 80s. Makes me even more glad I left, and that I did my time there during the "good old days" of the early 21st Century, after the 70s and 80s where it was a spithole (with h substituted for p), after 9/11, and before it went back to a spithole in the late 20-teens and 2020s. I guess I had good timing, even though the cost of living was absolutely insane even during the "good old days". Try $15 tolls to go across a bridge.
  10. I'm trying to post a pic of my MSFS Aircraft Database, but I can't figure out what URLs are acceptable to the "Insert Image" button. I tried imgur and facebook, both times the box turned red and basically said "Nope, your link is no good here" lol.... So, can someone point me to a hosting server where I can post my pic that the forum software will accept? Thank you in advance!
  11. Well, to be fair, you have to know a $30 triple-seven is going to be junk from the word go. There is no way you can do it right for that amount of money, unless you're a freeware maker (see: FlyByWire) doing it, well, just because. And it shows. I wouldn't want it if it were free. And generally speaking, if it's free, it's for me!!!
  12. How is that even possible in 2021? Are you using dial-up? I've got a gigabit connection, which I'll concede is on the upper end of what's available even in advanced country, but even with that, when downloading MSFS from scratch (which is using, at best, about half of that bandwidth), it only takes about 20 minutes, give or take. I did run into a situation when downloading the UK update the day it was released (meaning everybody and their brothers were saturating MS's connections) where the speed dropped to something akin to download speeds, but by spoofing my IP address to make it look like I was physically in the UK, it went right back to ~250 mbps on the download, and what would have taken hours at the speed I was getting took about 90 seconds. Why that particular change had that result is above my paygrade, I haven't got the first clue.
  13. The same is true of virtually all currencies that exist, including the US Dollar. They are only valuable because you, me, and hundreds of millions (or many more) other people trust in them to be valuable. My dollars are only good because I can use them to purchase a computer, or hire someone to do some work on my house or car. I actually like the idea of non-governmental currencies, because I agree with Thomas Jefferson when he said "that government is best which governs least". Although there seems to be considerable debate over who actually said it, I still agree with the concept. So to me, anything that can cause government to cease doing things they're already doing is a good thing. Well, generally speaking anyway, there are many things that if government ceased doing them, it would be really bad. But until trade using Bitcoin (or whatever crypto is your personal favorite) becomes common, normal, even a standard, it's on shaky ground. I can pop into a 7-11 and buy a pack of smokes using US Dollars, but I can't say the same for crypto. It's a totally new idea to the whole planet, and anyone who claims to know how it plays out in the long run is full of it, because nobody does. So while it annoys the word not allowed out of me that I can't find a GPU that I want/need because of their value in creating crypto, I don't object to the very existence of crypto, and hope it becomes a standard, perhaps even a global one. Imagine a world where money is no longer controlled by governments, and virtually everybody uses the same "fake" currency instead. That sounds good to me! Like I said, virtually all currencies have value only because the people who use them on a day to day basis collectively agree that it/they have value. In that way crypto is no different from what we traditionally think of as "money". I just can't use it to buy or sell anything. Yet. (With limited exceptions.) As far as Bill's objection to the amount of energy used, what we need to do is just build a buttload of nuclear production facilities, and modern ones are as safe as the tap water in my hometown of Tampa, FL. By doing so, the question of using "too much" energy becomes moot, but the very word "nuclear" still scares the word not allowed out of too many people, even though they're wrong, for this to happen any time soon.
  14. I was actually about to do just that, when I discovered that unchecking the "pause when the sim is paused" box somehow fixed it. How, well, maybe you can tell me, because I'm sure I have NO idea whatsoever. But since I did that, every attempt to use p2A has been successful. Go figure. F-ing computers, the things we love, but also love to hate at the same time. Thanks, I'll circle back if it comes back... AFTER I reinstall from scratch.
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