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  1. Hi there headshake plugin in my xplan11 stop working on all planes I use to fly in the sim . I reinstall the plugin but its still not working. any idea for that issue? Thanks Aviv Shefer
  2. psp5213


    Hi there, how can I change runway approach during flight? I know that I need to move to dep\arr button on the FMS but I have no option on that page, except the existing runawy I plan for landing. thanks Aviv Shefer
  3. psp5213


    Hi, were replay movies are stored on x-plane? regards Aviv Shefer psp5213
  4. Hi, I have installed Zurich Airport add-on on my new computer (the add-on was installed on my old one) but now I can not upload the airport (fsx give only the basic airport) the zurich airport are exist in the DLC steamapp folder. can someone help me? please regards Aviv Shefer
  5. psp5213

    737 NGX WL

    Hi there, I installed the PMDG 737NGX to a new computer, cancel the acvtivation on the old computer by the FMC set up. in the new computer I have only the 737NGX, not with 737NGXWL, help me please. regards Aviv Shefer
  6. psp5213

    New Computer

    Hi thanks for the response, Just need the hardware parts. to configure the computer for best results for the flight simulator. price is not the issue. Thanks Aviv Shefer
  7. psp5213

    New Computer

    OK, thanks anyway
  8. psp5213

    New Computer

    Hi I need some advice for new computer. I want to purchase a new computer and if someone guide me to build up a new computer for fsx se and x-plane11. What parts I need for astrong computer to run the flight simulator fast and easy. Thanks Aviv Shefer
  9. psp5213

    Landing in (LGMK) Mykonos

    Thanks for answer I will try again. Aviv Shefer
  10. psp5213

    Landing in (LGMK) Mykonos

    Hi, try to land on 34 rwy vor approach. the cockpit configre for landing, flaps 40, vnav arm, auto t arm, the plane descent and abuot 1000 ft the engine suddenly accelerate and start to climb. can someone tell me what I am doing worng? Regards Aviv Shefer
  11. psp5213

    Air Traphics

    Thanks, appreciate
  12. psp5213

    Air Traphics

    Ok thanks for the answer, but how I can control the traffic in fsx se Regards Aviv Shefer
  13. psp5213

    Air Traphics

    Hi thanks, no I fly with no traffic around me like VATSIM or AI is it randomal? regards Aviv Shefer
  14. psp5213

    Air Traphics

    Hi there, I have a problem. I cant see any traphic around me. the TCAS button is on TARA position, and the button on the MCP is pressed to show air traphic, but nothing happened, can someone guide me. Thanks Aviv Shefer Psp5213
  15. psp5213