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  1. I'm running it on P3D v4 with a 4770K @ 4.3Ghz / GTX1080. In the PMDG 747 over Manhattan I'm getting about 24FPS with 4/8 cloud cover. As scenery goes, it's pretty spectacular
  2. Thanks for the replies Nico - As OP, I just wanted to throw it out there. I for one will be renewing my subscription when it expires (in 10 days ) for another year anyway, as IMHO it's the best solution at this time.
  3. I've been an avid user and fan of this software for nearly a year now, and I'm blown away by Nico's efforts with PSXseecon, all provided free. Many thanks Nico. Inside Systems, developers of Real Traffic, has seen fit to increase the cost of a years license from $9.99 (valid April '17) to today's price of $35.99 for six months, equating to an annual subscription of $72. A 720% increase in price. Kinda jaw-dropping. I'm concerned that this hike in license cost may drive a lot of otherwise very content PSXseecon users away. Is there an alternative on the horizon ?
  4. Check to see if you are using the TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP= tweak. If it's at there and set to =8 , 9 or 10 it could be exhausting your VRAM on the graphics card.
  5. It's even more fun flying a real-world route while running real-time / real-world air traffic, as fed into the sim via PSXseeconTraffic / Real Traffic. The EGLL - KJFK run is something else.
  6. Tried both, currently running FreeMesh in 4.1 Never liked the lengthy install process of Global2010
  7. I've used the Brazilian Virtual Avionics, but I have found the above, Remote CDU, to be far superior. Works right out of the box and maintains a totally reliable connection via SimServer And it's cheaper - 10 Euro for the CDU Client.
  8. Think I'll stick with Matt / PTA
  9. Unless you're over Vegas, it's the Milky Way
  10. The CPFlight driver is currently at v3.57 The latest incarnation of the PMDG 747 isn't supported, as yet. I was told by Paolo at CPF that it would be autumn before it'd be supported.
  11. +1 for the work of Mike Ray. I've got the 700 series spiral bound checkride manual (Abe Books, £3) and the 747 Simulator & Checkride manual, spiral bound (Abe Books, £50) Very readable, and most informative, and Capt Ray's style make them very entertaining too. While the 747 manual attracts a premium, the 757 and 767 titles seem to be available for much less.
  12. Certainly made me pause when I saw the price.
  13. Try deleting your FSX (or P3D) cfg file, and install nvidia driver v 376.33 (appears in Device Manager as v This had the effect - at least on my system, post 747 install - of eliminating VAS OOM
  14. Why not use FSUIPC (paid version) to launch all your add-ons, configurable to before and after situation loading ? Example: [Programs] RunIf1=KILL,D:\PREPAR3D FS\Modules\linda.exe RunIf2=KILL,D:\HiFiSim\AS16_P3D\AS16.exe RunIf3=CLOSE,C:\Program Files (x86)\Virtual AWOS\VirtualAWOS.exe RunIf4=CLOSE,D:\Little Navmap\littlenavmap.exe RunIf5=CLOSE,D:\SimServer\SimServer.exe #Run1=READY,KILL,D:\OpusFSI\FSISERVER.EXE #Run2=READY,KILL,D:\GoFlight Interface Tool\GoFlight Interface Tool P3D.exe #Run3=READY,KILL,C:\FSC\FSC.exe #Run4=READY,KILL,D:\PREPAR3D FS\CPflight\FS_COM.exe Run5=READY,CLOSE,D:\RealTraffic\RealTraffic for PSX.exe Pete Dowson outlines full details for doing this in the Advanced Manual.
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