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  1. There are also preferred routes for certain city pairings and/or intersection points US: https://www.fly.faa.gov/rmt/nfdc_preferred_routes_database.jsp UK: (particularly for NATS entry points) http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=186&Itemid=258.html
  2. I apologise, I didn't clarify my assumptions of the changing content involved when comparing the simulation modelling change from 737 NG to MAX and 777LR/300ER to 777-200ER. Allow me to do so: first, 777 model: Cockpit: Largely carryover, some gauge changes for the different engine models. Engines: Different exterior models, different engine tables. Wings: small changes to take account of the deletion of the raked wingtips, in both exterior model and flight model. Other than that, the vast majority of the simulated systems will likely be carryover. There may be some parameter tuning to take account for the structural changes. I don't know if the MLG modelling would need to be altered. I appreciate that modelling three engine varients would be time consuming as they have different control methods. Now the 737 model: Cockpit: major changes to the main panel for the change from 6 displays to 4 displays. Updated EFIS controls, updated landing gear control, updated fuel control levers. Various reconfigurations of switches. Engines: Different exterior models, different engine table. Wings: small changes to take account of the new scimitar wingtips, in both exterior model and flight model External model: modified nose landing gear, modified APU exhaust/tailcone. Nose landing gear change may have impact with regards to takeoff performance as wing incidence on ground has slightly changed. However I can't be certain of the magnitude of the effect Oh, and there's 3/4/5 (depending how you view them) different variants to model, both visually and dynamically. Power outputs will vary also. So on balance, based on my knowledge of the changing content, I reckon the 737 Max is probably more work than 777-200ER. However, my main point was that doing a variation of an already released product, would be easier than building something new from scratch (such as a 767, MD11, 747 classic, 757, 787, 717 or any other aircraft). I don't need to work for PMDG to make that judgement.
  3. My guess is likely a 737 MAX expansion pack. Wouldn't involve too much change on top of the base 737 pack - more than doing the 777-200ER however. Something other than a late 80s/mid-90s boeing would be nice too.
  4. There'll be a set refresh rate of the wind speed vector calculation - I doubt it will be a live real time calculation. However, the groundspeed and the airspeed match, looks more like the aircraft slowing down, not windshear effect.
  5. Thanks for your help, however this is not my concern. I'm aware of the plan view function I don't expect to see the segment of the compass arc in planview, and if it's meant to be there, the TRK value appears incorrect.
  6. Michel, Marc, Load the Qantas RR (VH-OJM) livery, and go to PMDG Setup->Aircraft->Equipment - it's listed as 5th Engine pod on page 17. Hi Steve I know you're keen to help out on every topic, but maybe consider holding back, reading the poster's concern clearly and giving a helpful reply that will allow them to experience the product they've purchased to their full enjoyment?
  7. Was flying the tutorial flight, and noticed that when I switched to plan view while flying, the TRK value went strange - I'm not sure what the correct intention is - if to show a compass rose at all, if to show the compass rose with current TRK, or to show the compass rose at due north. However, it's clearly showing 347, when I think it should be showing 247. No other addons were active at the time other than chaseplane.
  8. Friendly advice: Proof read the EULA before shipping Particularly the part in the P3D EULA about which platform the software may be used on.
  9. If I was gonna pick a specific release time, I'd chose 7:47 or 7:44, but that's just me.
  10. How will the mechanics hand the paperwork to the crew with all four engines turning?
  11. The vast majority, if not all, of the official charts are available for free and up to date on the official websites. FAA charts: https://nfdc.faa.gov/xwiki/bin/view/NFDC/Airport+Data Europe: https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadcms/eadsite/index.php.html (requires subscription) Australia: https://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/aip.asp?pg=10 Just google the country name and AIP, will usually get you there. So why pay for Navigraph charts? What benefit are you getting?
  12. As G-VROM is getting added, will we be able to recreate her starring moment (i.e. VS43)? Steven
  13. They've given us nothing - PMDG aren't a benevolent freeware developer, they're high end payware. Whoever paints the liveries gets paid for doing so out of the money paid for the product - more liveries = a more saleable product = more money for PMDG. If PMDG put a list of currently available liveries up, and prospective customers make suggestions about what else they'd like to see, then PMDG would be foolish to not incorporate that feedback in some way.
  14. There's loads that I would like to see: Virgin Pre 2000 Virgin Mid 2000s Virgin current Virgin Lady Penelope (If UA can get 4 liveries) British Airways Landor British Aisa Airways (G-CIVE please) Northwest Old Colours (First in commercial Service) Northwest New Colours Boeing House Colours Qantas 400ER
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