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  1. Is it just OpenLC or it's base pack + Vector + Open LC? what weather engine you are using?
  2. Hi Chris, Awesome job! This is THE PRODUCT I was long waiting for. Aesthetically it is extremely pleasing but technically I am getting OOMs every time when I had all the layers on. Is there anyway I can avoid the OOMs? Will it perform better in P3D? Why there is 2-4 different layers of lights….can you explain? Cheers, Ronnie
  3. Hi Gerald, Just started using MCE and really enjoying it. It's great that some of the FO flows comes built in but I have got two questions... 1. Why there is not much commands available for cabin crew? I want the cabin crew to make announcements etc. like FS2Crew how and where do I put those commands on Vox Script? 2. When I start my Vox Script everything appears to be empty even when I imported 737-800 NGX winglet file….what am I doing wrong here? Thanks in advance. Ronnie
  4. I don't think you can change those times by aircraft but you can change them by fuel amount and number of passengers. Which is pretty much same as customising by aircraft.
  5. I agree with the marshalling! It's pathetic! Sometimes the follow me car gets 'confused' and takes you round and round the airport. But you can change the fuelling and boarding/de-boarding time to as low as 10 secs so I don't see it as a problem.
  6. Hi Tom, That was a great help! Thanks very much…but what if I am talking to ATC via MCE? What kind of command should I give instead of pressing 1?
  7. Anyone using MCE can you tell me how to interact with the Cabin Crew and what kind of commands can be given to them? Like FS2Crew do they make safety announcement etc.? There don't seem to be anything written about this on the user manual. Many thanks, Ronnie
  8. I have heard so many good things about PFE that I bought it over Rader Contact and VoxATC. I have been using it for few weeks now…don't get me wrong, I am fairly happy with the product but there are few glitches that's really annoying me. Last night I was flying to Paris LFPG as soon as I entered the STAR control asked me to head right on 105deg and gave me runway 8L, I was busy setting up ILS etc. then within 30 sec they changed the runway to 9L…I don't see the point of doing it? plus I couldn't establish contact with tower and got 30 miles further from the airport, so I changed the frequency to contact centre and they asked me keep going on heading 105, which was taking me further away from the airport! It says the ATC will help you to get back on tract in case of missed approach etc. but that clearly didn't happen to me yesterday! Anyone using PFE faced this sort of problem? I thought the runway change thing was addressed and fixed? Will it be better if I get my flight plans from FlightSim Commander? I am using the demo version so I can't really export a flight plan out of Flightsim Commander at the moment. Do you know any other free flight planning software that will work well with PFE? Thanks in advance. Ronnie
  9. Thanks a lot Will! I saw one of your posts on MCE, you said you created a list of something…can't quite remember what it was and can't even find the post.
  10. Can anyone please share an MCE flow list for 737-800 NGX and Q400. I am a fairly new pilot so I don't have enough knowledge to create them myself and I have tried the Avsim library but there don't seems to be anything for the above models. Thanks in advance. Ronnie
  11. I am not a fan of Froogle, neither I am trying to promote his channel, but this is a really important message and I thought its best to inform everyone if it hasn't been brought into your attention! Apparently a guy called "FSX Genius" taking huge amount of money from vulnerable people offering them a brand new PC especially catered for running FSX with lots of Payware and 1 year teach support. Weeks went by….months went by but nothing showed up in post and now this guy has apparently 'disappeared' with all the money. SO BEWARE WHO YOU TRUST & WHO YOU DONT. Check out this video:
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