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  1. Hey guys, sorry for not replying in a while. Thank you so much for your answers! Really appreciate it. It is simply frustating 😄 Thinking about changing SIM to P3D now 🙂 Philipp
  2. Hi all, I KNOW...we had this propably a thousand times already. But it really frustates me. I've been flying FSX/FS9 for almost 15 years now and I experienced a million different ways to make the Flight simulator crash (Blue Screen, OOM, CTD etc.). Last year at this time I even was so frustated I quit playing Flight Simulator and sweared to myself to wait until the new MSFS will be released. That's what I did. For that I even bought myself a new PC, because it just wouldn't be possible to play on my old one. Graphics -> WOW! Amazing! How do they do that? 😵 Performance -> WOW! Amazing! I cannot complain at all (40+ FPS on highest display settings) VFR flying -> WOW! Amazing! So nice 😃 IFR flying -> WHAT THE HELL? Even with purchasing the Premium Deluxe Ultimate Super Duper Version..WHAT THE HECK! I'm gonna wait till PMDG or QW realeases their aircraft for this flight sim! So I decided going back to good old FSX for finally flying some nice IFR legs again. What could possibly go wrong with my new PC specs? 🤪 Now the problem itself: Starting a flight on PMDG 777-200LR at EDDF (Mega Airport Frankfurt V2), activating AS Next Gen for FSX:SE and having GSX installed according to ProcessExplorer my VAS is already load up to 3.5-3.7GB (so like 92%) --> Are You kidding me? Is that normal? Even if I start a Trike flight on a non scenery airport without having AS Next activated the VAS is loaded by 2.4GB Can someone please explain? To be honest..I expected a lot more! My FSX even closed down with a OOM after reaching the gate now 2 times already. I'm definetly not a PC specialist and almost have no Idea about Hardware stuff. But this? Seriously? My PC specs: Processor: Intel i7-10700KF RAM: 64GB GPU: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity Win10 Pro FSX:SE is installed on Drive D\ -> SSD 1TB FSUIPC 4.976 The LON thingy in FSX.cfg is still unchanged at 4.5000 Would I have the same problems with P3D (I just thought about changing SIM if it helps)
  3. Hey there! Is anyone willing to change any Lufthansa 747-400 to a "dirty" one? Like it has not seen a shower for a couple of weeks 😄 Thanks! Philipp
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