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  1. UPDATE: Added Presunset and Postsunset sections
  2. Does anyone know how to solve this issue with the sun lens flare being displayed through clouds, aircraft, terrain? I have reset my original shaders and reinstalled the Prepared Install Client used the default sun textures and suneffect.cfg, however it doesn't seem to have an effect. I'm not too sure what happened since if I recall correctly, the sun lens flare seemed to be working normally a few weeks ago and didn't shine through clouds.
  3. Yeah I understand that REX offers custom sun textures. I have REX Sky Force with all the great textures it offers. What you are referring to is Rayleigh scattering and I use PTA to tweak the shaders of P3D however I feel as though the Rayleigh Scattering tweak it contains only really generates a blue “haze” and doesn’t try to scatter any sunlight accurately. I guess I am just wishfully thinking that P3D has a way to accurately represent real-world atmospheric lighting.
  4. Does anyone know of any way to edit the colour of the actual sun texture and corona so that it changes based on time of day? E.g: during sunrise and sunset the disk of the sun is red/orange and gradually gets more yellow to white at noon. Is there some kind of shader than can be tweaked?
  5. It's been a long time since I made a proper window view video and I've finally produced a stunningly realistic sunset landing video. Please note the lens flare and window were composited in post-production using Adobe After Effects.
  6. Here are the raw screenshots, straight from FSX:
  7. Once again, just like my previous uploads, the only thing I've edited in is the lens flare. These are my own custom-made sky textures that I am constantly tweaking around to achieve the most realistic colours and gradients. I also use Mogwaisoft Shade for customised lighting (shadow/light/fog) colours.
  8. Here is the video I made where all the screenshots are from
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