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  1. Drehstuhlpilot

    Wingview sunrise

    X-Plane, lol. I will send you a message with a download link when I uploaded my 24h sky :)
  2. Drehstuhlpilot

    Wingview sunrise

    I am creating them
  3. Drehstuhlpilot

    Wingview sunrise

    Sunrise over Innsbruck at FL370
  4. Just a short flight from Cologne-Bonn to Zurich
  5. Drehstuhlpilot

    Warm sunrise @FL380

    Hey, thank you very much! I am tweaking this sun almost every day but atm I am very happy with the result :D ( I am stupid, this is the wrong forum area, lol )
  6. Drehstuhlpilot

    Stunning wingview

    Finally the FSLabs A320 is out! P3D v3.4 AS16 + ASCA Own Sky Textures FSLabs A320
  7. Drehstuhlpilot

    Good morning...

    Thank you but it is still wip
  8. Drehstuhlpilot

    Good morning...

    I am using P3D v3.4 with ReShade and PTA and tons of addons The textures are my own which I create. They are based on real sky pictures from inflight situations
  9. Drehstuhlpilot

    Good morning...

    Thank you very much! What do you want to know?
  10. I create my own sky textures I dont need to buy ENVTEX
  11. Amazing but very sad that he is not going to release his textures
  12. Drehstuhlpilot

    Realistic Fisheye Picture

  13. Just took this picture on my way to cold Frankfurt with my GoPro... :smile: