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  1. Thank you so much for pointing out that video! The video was very helpful and I got the information I was looking for. Appreciate your help! Brian
  2. Hello! i am wondering where do I go and find what flex temp to put in my fmc in the CRJ? I couldn’t find this information in the manual. Thanks! Brian
  3. Love that Piedmont livery!!!! Can you do US Airways Express in navy blue livery?
  4. Yes all default airports. What I did was uninstalled everything and reinstalled only prepar3d vanilla. The snow showed up so it’s not the add ons that caused the problem. It just look so bad at night with all the reflections. I’m back to p3dv4.5, all perfect.
  5. Hello all, I hope someone can help with my problem - I am using prepar3dv5 with latest hot fix and I have installed orbx global, orbx North America land class, and orbx vector. I did installed envdir textures and shaders but I’ve uninstalled them since then. I have snowy texture on the runways but not the taxiways. How can I get rid of the snowy textures runways and make it snow free just like my taxiways? I'm not sure where to find to get runways back with no snow on them. Any advices would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Brian
  6. I am seeing the same thing! My p3dv4 looks perfect in that area, not P3Dv5. did you find a solution to solve this issue? Or did you report this to LM?
  7. Wow beautiful pictures!!!! May I ask what sky textures are you using? Thanks!
  8. Perfect thank you all so much!! I will purchase the gtn750 today and I will ask for help if I run into problems. Happy Sunday!
  9. Thanks so much for confirming there will be no problems with both gauges, appreciate your assistance!
  10. Thanks Bill. I use 2d pop up gauges. I fly the Baron and Cessna default props planes. I love to fly around the Caribbean in the prop planes and enjoy the scenery. So those gps would be very useful.
  11. Hello, I currently owe GNS430 and I am considering purchase GTN750. I am wondering if I can use both gauges to the same aircraft at the same time? Will it cause any conflicts if I have both enabled on one aircraft at the same time? Thanks! Brian
  12. Hello, Thanks so much for your help, this is it!! Brian
  13. Hello, Under trip statistics on Garmin 430, it shows your average speed, max speed, trip distance and odometer. Where or which file does that information saved to because I want to make a backup of this file to keep the information rather than start all over? Thanks! Brian
  14. Hi, I noticed the same thing. I'm trying to troubleshoot this problem. Could it be video driver need to be updated? Brian
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