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  1. Hello, as the title says, it’ll be cool to see your own face as the pilot in the cockpit of A320, is there a way or not?
  2. Awesome thanks so much for your feedbacks! I now know it is not possible to go that way. thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am just playing around with my MSFS2020 and my ipad with gps apps on it, and I just thought of using it to connect to MSFS2020 via GPSout by fsuipc. I know you can do that by using Garmin Pilot or Foreflight but it’ll be cool if you could use Apple Maps or Google Maps or any gps software downloaded from the app store and use them to connect to MSFS2020. I don’t know if bluetooth connection will work or not? Is there a way to do that or not? Thanks! Brian
  4. Please calm down and step away for a while to cool off. Give Leonardo a credit for creating the airplane for us. If you think $75 euro is too expensive, you had a chance to look at the videos, screenshots before you buy it. Why did you buy it in the first place? I really enjoyed flying this jet so much and I am not too worried about texture quality at this time. I think it looks great where it is. We didn’t have any airliners in the simulator before this. I’m sure it’ll improve over the time. Relax and enjoy your flight on MD-80 dude.
  5. It is the photogrammetry thing. Turn it off and the spikes will go away. You can find these spikes on Google earth as well.
  6. Is the popcorn cloud still there? I hope they fixed it because it is so annoying to see small clouds everywhere in clear weather. Crosses fingers.
  7. Hello, I have seen two airports (KCLE and KTLH) are missing blue taxiway lights. They’re hard to taxi the airport without the lights at nighttime. I am wondering if this add on Just Flight real taxiways solve the missing blue taxi lights for USA? let me know and thanks! Brian
  8. Thank you so much for pointing out that video! The video was very helpful and I got the information I was looking for. Appreciate your help! Brian
  9. Hello! i am wondering where do I go and find what flex temp to put in my fmc in the CRJ? I couldn’t find this information in the manual. Thanks! Brian
  10. Love that Piedmont livery!!!! Can you do US Airways Express in navy blue livery?
  11. Yes all default airports. What I did was uninstalled everything and reinstalled only prepar3d vanilla. The snow showed up so it’s not the add ons that caused the problem. It just look so bad at night with all the reflections. I’m back to p3dv4.5, all perfect.
  12. Hello all, I hope someone can help with my problem - I am using prepar3dv5 with latest hot fix and I have installed orbx global, orbx North America land class, and orbx vector. I did installed envdir textures and shaders but I’ve uninstalled them since then. I have snowy texture on the runways but not the taxiways. How can I get rid of the snowy textures runways and make it snow free just like my taxiways? I'm not sure where to find to get runways back with no snow on them. Any advices would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Brian
  13. I am seeing the same thing! My p3dv4 looks perfect in that area, not P3Dv5. did you find a solution to solve this issue? Or did you report this to LM?
  14. Wow beautiful pictures!!!! May I ask what sky textures are you using? Thanks!
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