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  1. I am seeing the same thing! My p3dv4 looks perfect in that area, not P3Dv5. did you find a solution to solve this issue? Or did you report this to LM?
  2. Wow beautiful pictures!!!! May I ask what sky textures are you using? Thanks!
  3. Perfect thank you all so much!! I will purchase the gtn750 today and I will ask for help if I run into problems. Happy Sunday!
  4. Thanks so much for confirming there will be no problems with both gauges, appreciate your assistance!
  5. Thanks Bill. I use 2d pop up gauges. I fly the Baron and Cessna default props planes. I love to fly around the Caribbean in the prop planes and enjoy the scenery. So those gps would be very useful.
  6. Hello, I currently owe GNS430 and I am considering purchase GTN750. I am wondering if I can use both gauges to the same aircraft at the same time? Will it cause any conflicts if I have both enabled on one aircraft at the same time? Thanks! Brian
  7. Hello, Thanks so much for your help, this is it!! Brian
  8. Hello, Under trip statistics on Garmin 430, it shows your average speed, max speed, trip distance and odometer. Where or which file does that information saved to because I want to make a backup of this file to keep the information rather than start all over? Thanks! Brian
  9. Hi, I noticed the same thing. I'm trying to troubleshoot this problem. Could it be video driver need to be updated? Brian
  10. I hope you can share them. It looks just fantastic!
  11. Wow what a shot!! Looks exactly real life!! What sky textures are you using?
  12. I solved my problem. I had installed Reality-XP Weather radar in my FSX, apparently NGX didn't like that software so I completely removed reality-Xp weather radar. The sweep is moving much faster and normal. It's good to let everyone know the solution if anyone run into the same issue I had. Brian
  13. Okay thanks. About a month ago I installed REX Weather radar into FSX but not P3D. I don't know if that has to do anything with this problem. I will play around and maybe reinstall NGX in FSX and see if they resolved the problem. Thanks! Brian
  14. Hello, I have both fsx and p3d version of NGX and in P3D the radar sweep is much faster than the radar sweep in FSX. Is there a setting that I might overlook to adjust the sweep speed? Since both is the same product, I thought the speed should be the same but I could be wrong. Thanks! Brian
  15. Which version of prepar3d did you copy the G3D.dll to prepar3d v2.5?
  16. I wish I can ignore it but the object is too large and it's very noticeable.
  17. Looks like the same problem is back in Prepar3d v3. Are you seeing the same problem or not? Thanks! Brian
  18. Thanks Stephen! I might buy the license this weekend. Yes I do have to agree with you the weather looks so real in the simulator compare to real life. Sometimes I forget I'm only in the simulator, not in real flying. Thanks! Brian
  19. Good evening, I am using the demo, latest version of OpusFSI and it is fantastic but I am not able to see any weather updates during the flight so I don't know if the demo only updates once. Question is what does the weather looks like when the software updates weather in the simulator? I know p3d control the cloud position but does the cloud slowly appears and the old clouds slowly disappear or does it change everything in a eye blink? I am wondering if it works like ASN, ASN does pretty good job with the clouds. I am using prepar3d v3. Thanks, Brian
  20. I'd like to make a special request that doesn't exist in real life. But I think this livery will look fantastic. US Airways Shuttle in 2000 livery (dark navy blue). Is it possible. Thanks! Brian
  21. Hi, I want to know if anyone is willing to do a repaint of US Airways Shuttle livery in the 2000's with the dark navy blue livery for PMDG 737-800? I know it is fictional livery but I've flown on US Airways Shuttle a lot from BOS to LGA and DCA. Thanks! Brian
  22. Hi, I guess I solved my own problem. What I did was uninstall the pmdg 737 and deleted the folders. I reinstalled it and all seemed to be working properly. The drone1 is working just fine I was able to execute it. I appreciate your help on this issue. Thanks! Brian
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