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  1. Excellent post overall! With respect to what’s quoted: I heard a story that the last Concorde which went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the FE inserted his uniform hat into that gap, and let it get stuck in that space when Concorde slowed and cooled. Unfortunately someone yanked/ripped it out and was stolen.
  2. With the virtual FE turned on, it’s not really any different than an older steam gauge/non-FMS airliner. However, once your proficient/comfortable, then you can start playing the fuel balance game. That ability to turn on/off the FE was one of the many things I liked about it.
  3. Excellent! Hopefully there is enough interest. E-mail sent.
  4. Coming back from a trip in two weeks and going to do a new computer/P3D build. Will be going Win10. The question I have is seeing how smoothly FCU rolled out, I'm wondering about going the LTSB route (until MS fixes the Home/Pro version). Anyone using LTSB and P3DV4? Of course I'll see how Patch Bluesday goes this week, but if it breaks things even further, I'll be trying to decide on an older version ISO of Win10 Pro, or LTSB. Comments/Advice?
  5. I fly (real world) out of Renton and Boeing Field. I'd love to have accurate renditions of those airports.
  6. Anyone know if the ability to install/activate Win10 using Win7 retail keys is still available (i.e. free upgrade)? I have two Win 7 Pro retail discs and keys, unused, sitting on my shelf.
  7. Really hoping for a good camera control/recording utility for P3DV4 which has the following two features: - Ability to save/export/import individual recording files/variables (perhaps .csv) for editing outside of the application. - Treat the sim as a rendering engine with the ability to specify specific output criteria (fps, resolution, etc), similar to the old FSRecorder alpha builds. Either way, I'll pick this up when it's released.
  8. XP11

    Nice shots! Did you have lunch at Charly's? That's an awesome airport and great $100 hamburger spot.
  9. FCR is a phenomenal tool! For version vNext, would there be the possibility of an import/export feature for all the recorded variables in a flight? Perhaps export to a csv file, allow for editing, then import the csv back into your native format?
  10. Potentially the near-future?
  11. This is the issue I had with DFW. It was ORBX AEC related, not specifically P3DV4 (still running V3). Had to manually disable KDFW in AEC and it works now.
  12. A 172, some floats, and beautiful weather. Flying around Seattle in a floatplane, with a landing and slide out of Lake Union.
  13. She gets me hot too... Oh, and I'm tempted to pick her as well..
  14. Will you then be able to combine the two flights to show both as AI aircraft in formation?
  15. Optimistic much? :)