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  1. RedSpinnaker

    Milviz PA-30 Twin Comanche

    I'm not sure what the negative comments about an A/P are about. I've about 60 hours flying a TwinCo (both PA30 and PA39) up and down the east coast. It's a solid light twin, a joy to fly (has some quirks) and a great x-c IFR platform. However, if the plane didn't have the basic heading and altitude hold AP, not sure I'd take it on a long trip. Flying single-pilot in IMC through busy airspace (i.e. N90) on a 4+ hour trip... NOT having a basic A/P is crazy talk. People that complain about autopilots... are you using VORs or GPS? I hope now, because it's SO much easier to navigate with a sextant! Autopilots are there to reduce pilot workload. Granted that unfortunately people use it as a crutch, but they are there for a reason. On a side note: I picked up the Twinkie over the weekend and am looking forward to taking it up for a spin this week.
  2. RedSpinnaker

    AF 447

    The best book/accounting of the incident is a book called "Understanding Air France 447" by Bill Palmer. He does an excellent job marrying theory, training practices, weather data, FDC, and CVR sources into a comprehensive picture of what and how it happened.
  3. RedSpinnaker

    Having problems with 5-10 second freezes

    Before you go down the uninstall route, I'd recommend disabling all the vector layers in your scenery and fly for a few days to see if that helps with the long pauses. If it does, re-enable the layers and see if the pauses come back. To completely uninstall, I'd point you to the ORBX forums for support on how to correctly and completely uninstall Vector.
  4. RedSpinnaker

    Having problems with 5-10 second freezes

    This is exactly what happened on my system. A couple 5-10 second pauses every flight. I uninstalled Vector, pauses went way. I reinstalled Vector, pauses came back. I still will get occasional 2-3 second pause (when getting within range of a add-on airport on approach), but nothing like the 5-10 second ones getting with Vector during all phases of flight. YMMV
  5. RedSpinnaker

    Checklist software for iPad?

    You made the right choice. ForeFlight has grown leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. I've also used WingX, Garmin Pilot (for Jeppesen Charts). Now that ForeFlight has Jeppesen Charts, and you can install it on two ipads and an iphone, it's all one stop shopping for me. Outside of the sim, when linked with a Stratus for GPS/AHRS and ADS-B, it's perfect. Only shortcoming is inability to link with Garmin flight decks. Since you went with ForeFlight, don't forget to check out the ForeFlight Web Based flightplanning site: Use your FF account credentials and any planning you do on the web will show up in the app.
  6. RedSpinnaker

    To Pilotedge fliers question

    Not sure exactly what you're referring to. If you're talking about the sim navigation aids, then: If you're talking about RXP or GTN, then you just have to be smart about the procedures you accept. You obviously can't shoot an RNAV approach if it's not in your database.
  7. RedSpinnaker

    FlightBeam KPHX v2.0 Released

    And the best news has been left out... No more Couatl Addon Manager required.
  8. RedSpinnaker

    Aerosoft Anchorage PANC for P3Dv4 released

    This is precisely the problem.
  9. Echo this request. Just installed ChasePlane and after spending some time getting used to it, it's definitely a game changer! I'll give it another week of using it exclusively, then will likely get rid of TrackIR. Thanks for a phenomenal utility!
  10. For simply passing the test: Shepard Air.. hands down. For actually learning the material: It comes down to your personal learning style. I've had students have success with King, Sporty's, Gleim and Jepp. Have also had students who weren't self-learners and needed the traditional "ground school". I'd recommend sampling some of the bigger name products out there before going all in with one of their packages (they're quite an investment).
  11. RedSpinnaker

    Perhaps the Ultimate Home Simulator?

    Looks nice. But if you're going to dump $600k on this, and not go 6 DoF?
  12. RedSpinnaker

    Foreflight in V4?

    Have you checked in Foreflight: Settings -> Traffic -> Hide Distant Traffic (make sure that's not enabled) ?
  13. RedSpinnaker

    Foreflight in V4?

    Does anyone have any insight on the networked broadcast of the FSXFlight? When I run it in broadcast mode, I can't see it in FF. However if I run it in direct connect (with my iPad's IP address entered) it shows up. Win10Pro, and two different routers (ASUS AC3100 and Google Wifi mesh). Both with same results.
  14. RedSpinnaker

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    FlyTampa KBOS
  15. RedSpinnaker

    FSLabs wants to develop new Concorde for v4

    Excellent post overall! With respect to what’s quoted: I heard a story that the last Concorde which went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, the FE inserted his uniform hat into that gap, and let it get stuck in that space when Concorde slowed and cooled. Unfortunately someone yanked/ripped it out and was stolen.