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  1. Nothing special. As far as I recall they were the only files whereas everything else was folders, so I just deleted the files. If there aren't any files, I fear it may be a different problem.
  2. Deleting the patch files from the OneStore folder got me working again. It redownloaded and decompressed straight away
  3. Stuck decompressing in several places, restarted more times than I can remember now. Now stuck decompressing kaitak, 1/2 0B. When I restart, I notice in task manager MSFS runs a big burst of network traffic for several seconds, then runs flat out on one thread without changing RAM nor doing any disk I/O or network. Seems like it gets stuck in a CPU loop. I was a beta participant but withdrew due to performance problems.
  4. Anyone know of any problems running MSFS with Windows 11 Professional? AFAIK the only difference between it and home is "BitLocker", which I would not be using anyhow. Thanks Simon
  5. I have a 34" curved gigabyte, and was horrified when I put an enormouse scratch on the panel after managing to drop a keyboard on it. Amazingly the pencil eraser trick worked and it was as good as new again,
  6. Elgato says it's just fine to have multiple stream decks connected to a single PC. I have one XL working great, if I were to buy another XL would Axis and Ohs work with both? I plan to use the same profile on each deck, just with different "pages" of the profile open on each deck.
  7. Anyone tried this with any flight simulators? In almost every respect this sounds like a great gaming monitor, and the black handling could be what I've always wanted for night flying. Just one small thing occurred to me, text clarity can be an issue according to some reviews (albeit focussed to an office environment). I wondererd if flight instruments might prove harder to read? (PS I'd almost certainly buy this anyway, expect for the fact that even if I ordered it today Dell can't deliver to me in the UK before October)
  8. I'm wrestling with the choices for a new monitor, including the panel techology around OLED, VA and IPS. I like both day and night flighing (the latter ideally in a dark room). The other day I dragged the PC downstairs to try out on my LG OLED in the living room, and the quality of display in both day and night scenarios was just fantastic. However I normally sit at a desk for MSFS in a smaller room, and even a 48" OLED would be way too big at less than 2ft away from me. Smaller OLEDS are comming like 42", but my ideal OLED monitor say a 35" ultrawide is just not out there and may not be any time soon. So that brings me to IPS v. VA. I use IPS daily for work, and the color abd brightness are excellent. However look at a dark picture, and you can soon see the IPS glow washing out the blackness at the edges in particular. While I think IPS would be great for daytime flying, I think nighttime the glow might be a distraction. VA on the other hand I've no experience of. It sounds like night time might be good because VA tends to have better contrast than IPS, but is backlight leaking still a problem at the edges on VA? Further, VA can suffer from black smearing of objects, what does that look like in MSFS? I would welcome any experiences and recommendations. Now is the time, deals are rolling in for the run up to Black Friday let alone the day itself. Many thanks Simon
  9. I like the idea of 34", I "borrowed" my work Philips 34" 1440P and it was pretty awesome. One question though, which I will also explore myself. I think the LG is gsync compatible, right? So your FPS have to make the minimum screen refresh rate? What rate is that for your LG? I'd prefer a freesync based on price and a wider choice, that said I'd be concerned about making the minimum frame rate required in certain scenarios. Simon
  10. I find the panning left/right stutters to be very scenery dependent, which makes sense. If there's a lot going on around you, it will take more effort to render. By far the worst source of this type of sutters is pan up/down. If I pan down to look at my instruments so they fill the screen, then pan up to look out front, the mother of all stutters occurs.
  11. I was able to delete them through Content Manager, but initially I had the same hang as you when I selected them all. I started doing them one or two at a time, and noticed each one takes a staggering amount of time to uninstall. So far, they have stayed uninstalled through two hotfixes. After the hang and kill, I was also forced into an update. That didn't happen following the few by few deletion. The kill must have corrupted the package so it had to be downloaded again.
  12. Would you mind summarizing the tweaks you've made please?
  13. Create a bug report or wishlist item on the official forum, let's get voting, and they'll have to at least address the notion if it gets up the chart.
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