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  1. One thing that really stands out for me is the image quality in the Sivet videos. Like others I've had my fair share of AA and shimmering pain in other sumulators, but everything looks good here. A product of 4K resolution perhaps? Either way, glad to see it at last
  2. I'd like to think MS have learnt as much from past "disappointments" as much if not more so than from past "successes" and that has influenced on the journey here. Think of Vista, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Flight, I'm sure we can all think of other examples... Did they not say something along the lines of "thanks for bearing with us despite a few mis-steps" when they first talked about MSFS?
  3. For myself as a casual simmer, the lighter weight (but still heavier weight than FSX/P3D) default aircraft are perfect because as much as I'd love to I just can't find the time to learn the more details third party addons. "The slower day is coming.....", I wish. Simon
  4. I remember from the IFR feature discovery the ATC was giving speed commands to the user aircraft. If they are given to AI to in the "terminal area", then perhaps approach spacing will be much better managed than we've seen before. Also if AI is flying SID/STARS, that will also help organise the arrival pattern. What they are doing with AI looks excellent, one thing I hope they'll show at some point is what these AI aircraft look like close up and preferbly as a landing and takeoff "movie". The questions I have are: What's the range of AI models available in the sim, what's the visual quality of the models (and there may be compromises in AI models for good performance reasons)? What compromises are made in the flight model compared to the user's experience, How are airline paint schemes handled? The latter may all boil down to a template paint, like we see on the user airbus and 747. If so, perhaps an opportunity for third parties? Any of this info already published? Would be glad to be pointed to it. Simon
  5. Sounds like it's Just Flight Traffic Global, their latest AI package
  6. I probably am, in which case I'll see how the 2nd user availability is looking for a like for like swap.
  7. None of the RAM sticks would work in any slot, even just one and following the layout in the Z170 user guide 😞
  8. Many tanks for all of the suggestions. After taking out the RAM and GPU, I received one long beep and two short beeps at the next power up. Consulting the internet I understand that to mean "RAM problem". Furthermore I noticed on my mobo I have four little LEDS, marked CPU, RAM, GPU and one other I forget. During power up, the CPU lit up the went off, the RAM LED did the same and then the power went off. The GPU led and the other LED were never lit. As I have tried two different GPUs, I don't think it's getting as far as the GPU before it powers down again. Most likely cause at this time, my RAM or the Mobo circuitry associated with that. As I don't have any spares, my inclination is to buy one stick of the cheapest RAM compatible and see if that rescues the machine. If it does, I can go forward from there. I don't want to buy a like for like replacement or better until later in the year, when the entire system is due an upgrade (and at which time the hardware requirements for the new MS FlightSim may be known) Any comments? Thanks Simon
  9. Out of the blue, my 4 year old self built sim PC is no longer starting up. I switch it on at the mains, the fans and CPU water pump all start spinning but then they all go off again. At this point I'd press the power button on the PC itself, but that does nothing, does not even spin the fans up. In order to try to book again I have to power off at the mains and plug in again. However that results in the above. All lights look normal on the motherboard itself, when it does try to start the monitor never wakes up, so I don't even get a bios screen. I've tried: Changing the graphics card to a spare; Changing the Power Suppoy to a spare; Re-seating all motherboard components; Booting without any internal cables (e.g. USB, SSD) attached; I've not tried removing the NVMIe card and booting because those screws are a fiddle. Not sure what else to try as I've no spare parts to try to isolate to motherboard, RAM or CPU. Anyone been down this road before with these symptoms? How does the BIOS communicate a fault these days (Asus Pro Gaming Z170)? I remember in the "olden days" it used by be a speaker and you'd have to find out what the sequence of beeps where. However my modern case does not have a speaker. Thanks for any thought on this Simon
  10. No effect on the size of the reality bubble, it's as big as it always is for BGL based traffic. The flight plans all specify what is the minimum value of P3D traffic slider required in order for that flight to be made into a simulator AI object at the appropriate time and place. I use both all the time, and randomize over again every once in a while just to see a different set (although still real world accurate) of AI flights for a given slider value. Simon
  11. The DX9 option might not work fully as that may include FS8/9 format models. They are reported to have problems in P3DV4 including missing moving parts. As that's a legacy format, it's probably not something that will be fixed in the simulator.
  12. Any AI add-on with FSX format models and FSX format traffic schedules (BGL) should work in Prepar3D V4 as far as I can see, at least from the point of view of the AI showing up in the simulator. Not sure if the older FS8/9 formats are still supported. Simon
  13. It's not just the official APIs like SimConnect, but the "unofficial" ones also. For example a number of us add-on developers interpret the contents of BGLs to get airport information, traffic schedules, etc. simply because that sort of information isn't provided through a regular API. I would love to see one, but I suspect we'll be carrying on as before. The question then is will the BGL format change to use 64bit based pointers rather than 32bit? Simon
  14. Same problem here. Where road traffic is implemented using the standard techniques dating back to FSX and controlled by the density slider, they shake as they go by. When it's implemented using some other animation, such as UK2000 airports, it's much smoother (although limited to that airport of course). I hope it's an area that sees some enhancement in the next version. Simon
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