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  1. Thanks, I love steam gauges. Really looking forward one day to some heavy iron with the same, DC8, 707, 727, early 747s, Fokker, BAe etc.
  2. I've experienced this in the Cessna G1000, so it does not sound aircraft specific.
  3. Working great here to, gone from 30FPS lock on 30Hz screen to 30 lock on 60Hz and it's one of the smoothest experiences I've had in a simulator. Not since full screen FSX and half refresh rate has it been this good. Nice to see a green FPS counter on the dev mode FPS display. Of course it stutters if I can't make the frame rate, but that's to be expected.
  4. Perhaps not here, but might be good to zendesk it or upvote it if it's already there at flightsimulator.com. I'd like to believe the more Asobo hear about an issue, the more likely they are to address it (perfect world notwithstanding).
  5. Branching in itself should not cause a delay. Branching and merging is an every day development task facilitating multiple developers working in similar areas of code. I do it all the time at work. If we are talking complexity of their changes and the testing effort, that's something else.
  6. Worse for me to. According to the built in benchmarks, every so often I am suddenly "Main Thread Limited" for just a moment and have a deep red bar for the main thread. I've no idea what the main thread is doing at that time, wish we had the tools to look into that level of detail because if I could find the party responsible I'd be glad to disable it. The rest of the time my main thread is green with plenty of room to spare.
  7. I've noticed this alot now. Sometimes when you fly closer to the hills concerned it corrects itself presumably because it's switching to a better LOD. Maybe it's new since Update 7 or maybe I was not flying enough in the right parts of the world. Time for a ZenDesk
  8. Thanks but that raises an interesting point, there's already a freeware Barton out there that's pretty good. It's probably all set in stone now but would love to see some other notable airfields get some attention that don't already exist in quality freeware. (PS this isn't a complaint, I'll take everything I can get and enjoy it)
  9. any hint on which parts of the UK (and Ireland) will see the love?
  10. Sounds like FlyByWire needs to update their side also for compatibility, par for the course.
  11. Yes it has, with the caveat there's a lot of opportunity to improve. My simple yardstick is I find it hard to quit and go to bed at night. A couple of highlights are Asobos post release engagement and the wealth of freeware being produced. To balance that with a couple of low lights, I'd like to see the default aircraft work to the fullest extent that Asobo intend for them and more resource put into Simconnect not only to make what we already have actually work but expand to service the new features of the simulator.
  12. 3rd party addon from flightsim.to I believe. Be interesting to find out how one airport can cause difficulties elsewhere.
  13. Despite working at home like many do these days, I've not been able to get in front of the simulator until now. First thing I tried was FXAA, and yes indeed IT WAS set in the NCP explicility for MSFS. Boy did that make a difference, my RdrThread is back below 10ms for the most part with occasional spikes, which is nothing in the overall scheme of things. My FPS is back to my 30 lock point, and everything is smooth again. I'd have to echo the thoughts of @marcg11 and others, performance and image quality appear to be the best yet, and subjectively there seems to be a much greater radius of buildings than before. So a rational explanation to my problems, and with the helpful experiences of others I just needed to find it. Nothing to do with my "computer being not exactly the latest spec" or "this is the way it is with an update, get used to it". Thanks all! Simon
  14. Correct, this does not affect everyone, maybe not many and I'm glad to read of the positive experiences others are having with the update. I sincerely hope what I say does not come across wrong, I've enjoyed MSFS since day 1 and still think it's a great sim and a place I want to be. When problems occur I'd like to understand them and fix them if that can be done, but no way do I want to give up on it. I'll raise a ZenDesk ticket and see how it plays out.
  15. I agree with you there's no free lunch, if you want new functions and improvements they come at some performance cost. But no way should it be as much as 66% in my case. If Asobo come out and say that's how it is that's different, but I don't recall any expectations being set in that regard. And before the update, my modest machine worked great with all the features you describe. I can turn everything low, and still performance suffers in a way it did not before the update. Something more has changed, I look forward to understanding what it is.
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