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  1. It seems to me that p3d is not broadcasting your position. ActiveSky thinks your stationary while you are actually moving. That would explain why you reach the boundaries of the cloud bubble. Normally it moves with you. You could try looking at the p3d setting that governs this. I think it’s called simulator broadcasts postion or something along those lines. Jack
  2. Hi Bruce, Have you looked at the Cloud shadows setting yet? Make sure it's checked. It could also be a shader issue. Purging the shaders folder might remedy that. Jack Schaper
  3. jschaper

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Just missed your post AUA425 (real name?). I'll give that a try. Might be the solution. Jack
  4. jschaper

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Ran into the same issue twice yesterday. Can't really retrace exactly what caused it, but at one point I switched to the RAASpro module during GSX pushback and when I returned to the screen, the pushback had been aborted. When I tried to taxi, I could see the wheels of the plane moving but the scenery was static, I then used GSX to spawn at the active runway and all was fine again. Very strange. Cheer, Jack
  5. I have the one of the curved Dell Ultrawides at 34Inch and they run perfectly with 30Hz Jack
  6. jschaper

    How to avoid chaos when landing?

    What helps me a lot is opening the PFD in a separate 2D window and really focus on the flight director and the vertical and horizontal deviation queues until I reach the final 200 ft, From there it's mainly visual. In the past, I moved my eyes up and down between the outside view and the PFD and I kept chasing the flight director, which led to overcorrecting. Also, have a look at FSIPanel if you want to practice your landings. Really helpful. Jack Schaper
  7. Hi Keven, Fixed it for me. Working perfectly now. Thanks for the support. Regards Jack Schaper
  8. Good catch. Doesn’t Simstarten change it back again? Jack
  9. Hi Keven, Thanks for the reply. I'm not necessarily impatient (at least I'm trying not to be), I just wanted to know if it's still on the radar. Now I know. Good luck with the investigation. Jack
  10. I’m still suffering from the issue where the manager says it is disconnected and nothing is happening. I did send my log file to Keven, but no response so far. Is this still regarded an open issue? I’m eager to go play with it:) Jack Schaper
  11. jschaper

    PMDG "Time" Expansion Pack

    Lol. Does this have the optional hover conversion as well? It’s pretty hard to find a place to land in 1867. Jack Brown
  12. Hey Tom, I have the same issue that you are describing; only with the 747. I just didn’t think it was a big one, since I need to restart P3D after a flight with a complex airplane anyway. That is, at least, the recommended procedure I think. I have not found a solution for it yet, by the way. Jack
  13. jschaper

    How to setup ChasePlane Track IR center?

    Hey Easton, I don’t think you can do that in Chaseplane. The easiest way to do it is in the TrackIr software. You can change the default F12 key for centering by replacing it with a joystick button. Jack Schaper
  14. jschaper

    Recommendation for GA Flight Planning Software

    Hi dkpilot, Both LittleNavMap and Plan-G are completely free and are perfect for GA flight planning. Regards Jack
  15. Hi Scott, The order of the sequence is equal to the order in which the views appear in the list. You can change this by pressing ctrl on your keyboard and then moving the views up or down as required. Jack Schaper