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  1. It doesn't have to be either or. I enjoy VFR with GA aircraft in MSFS and IFR with QW 757 etc between major airports in P3D. Maybe one day MSFS will have it all, but right now I've the best of both.
  2. Agreed. It will be interesting to see how competition, availaiblity, COVID and the economic situation affect the price. Could go either way or nowhere. Then there's how MSFS and Prepar3D V5.1 evolve over the next 6 months+, and what combiniation of stuff is then best for each.
  3. For those experiencing good performance, is that with a simple cockpit such as C152 or something more intense like the 320/747/787? I get great performance out of basic aircraft with my aging config (6700K, gtx980ti, 16GB DDR4-3000) but the airliners are a struggle. I will upgrade at some point in the next 6 months or so, but there's a few things to understand first: Intel v. AMD architecture. Better considered once Zen3 is in the wild. Sweet spot for core count Effect of CPU Cache Effect of memory speed I'm glad there's been several articles published at various sites concerning MSFS performance comparing different combinations of hardware, and these sites seem to be suggesting they will regularly update their articiles as new hard becomes available. DX12, if and when it comes, may alter this picture significantly.
  4. The default aircraft make a good introduction to various aircraft, and especially for newbies can open the doors to a bigger experience (PMDG et al). That said, the default aircraft need to do what they do perfectly, some bugs and performance problems exist right now especially with the airlines right now. It's fine to have limited system scope in the default aircraft, but that limited scope has to work. I hope Asobo will be able to put some resource into addressing such bugs and performance. I'll probably be alone in saying this, but I used to get a lot of mileage out of the default 737 in FSX. As others have said, there are some days when you don't have the energy for something more than "jump in and go".
  5. I agree with the principle of installing outside the sim folder and linking back to it. On the one hand I'm not too concerned with hardware breaking because one day it will so a backup strategy is worth investing in. There are many excellent backup products out there, both freeware and payware to help. On the other hand the disk space is finite, and I'm quite certain it will run out one day. I'd like an option to spread the add-on installs ala ORBX today and Prepar3D in general over multiple disks.
  6. I try to keep up with everything but sometimes miss useful discussion points. There so much more traffic on the forums now, as you might expect. What's the CPU utilisation bug? I've seen occasionally all 8 of my CPU threads (6700K) run up to 100% for a few seconds, and that reduces the FPS over the same period ("stutters"). Not repeatable just seems to occur at random. I just ride it out when it occurs, but would love for it to be investigated and resolved. Otherwise I've elminated just about all the stutters, so long as I don't try create too complex a situation for my PC to handle. Hurry up RTX3080 and Zen3!
  7. Yes, I do! the first few times the frame rate drops and stutters then it's all good.
  8. Thanks! Incidentally I have the same Ripjaws as you except 3000Mhz and only 16GB. Love the timings on G.Skill stuff.
  9. Was that 21GB all MSFS or the total across all applications according to Windows (including MSFS and everything else that runs under Windows)? Either way, it's a point well made. Out of curisoity is 24GB as 3 banks a valid confiugration, or must it be 1, 2 or 4?
  10. Shame about the 32GB outcome, I was planning an upgrade to. Now I think I'll just save the money for better CPU/GPU down the line.
  11. I was hoping the manual cache might permit me to download higher res photo tiles that are present in Bing but for some reason are much lower res in the simulator. Sadly it did not, so I'm struggling to see the advantage of manual beside a capable (32Mb/s) internet connection and rolling cache
  12. @MarcG Welcome and glad to hear you are enjoying your experiences so far.
  13. Today I have 16GB of PC3000. Your suggesion is such an obvious thing to do I don't know why I hadn't considered taking the RAM with me to the new machine. I guess I just assumed I'd buy whatever the fastest is at that time and selling the incumbant for next to nothing. The question then becomes, how much difference to MSFS does RAM speed have? But before that, I think a RAM upgrade will be on it's way here soon. Thanks all - this has been an interesting topic to discuss.
  14. not a stupid question at all, the other consideration is does it improve smoothness, i.e. reduce stutters. Every so often around a busy scenery like EHAM I'll get a random frame take twice as long as it should (acording to RTSS), which manifests as a stutter.
  15. Thanks - and I agree after comparing high v. medium settings I like high!
  16. Thanks for the insight, I wasn't too clear in my dilema. Do I go 32GB right now in my current PC (i7-6700K, 16GB, 980Ti) just to enjoy the experience more until the next PC gets built in around 9 months time. What's the bang for the buck of 32GB over 16 so to speak?
  17. Anyone have an experience of going from 16GB to 32GB of RAM and the difference, if any, it made to the simulator? It's decision time, a tricky one as I'll be looking at an all new PC within 9 months.
  18. The marketplace seems to have a review rating of up to 5 stars attatched to each product. Where does one read the reviews, ala Amazon?
  19. Glad you are enjoying it, the great thing here is people who can enjoy it do enjoy it, and whilst I may not like some of it in no way do I think the simulator is terrible because of it. Might be nice if the photogammetry part could be disabled and just regular photo ground tiles with procedurally generated cities were an option, but not sure if Bing can support that. But either way, I'm more than happy.
  20. I love it for VFR flying in GA aircraft. Not so much for airline flying, but I'm certain that day will come. For now I have the best of both worlds, MSFS2020 for GA and Prepar3D for airlines. With ongoing Asobo development work, RTX 3080 and Zen 3 not so far away, and not to mention P3D V5.1 at some point, I'd say it's a pretty good time to participate in this world.
  21. I would also say the resolution of some of the regular ground tiles used in the simulator appear to be at a lower level than what's available in Bing. In Bing, I can get far greater ground detail than what I seem to be able to achieve in the simulator. Hope this can be improved also.
  22. Photogammetry seems to be a mixed bag at best. I thought Seattle looked quite decent, but others like Boulder CO left something to be desired. It's the "Icarus Simulator", don't fly too close to what you want to look at! Looking forward to improvements, either in the simulator handling, Bing itself or 3PDs.
  23. This will sound strange, but I found whenever I disconnected my USB keyboard the download process would either hang randomly and need to be killed or just plain CTD. Ever since I stopped doing the disconnects, it's been fine for some hours and many GB. The reason I disconnect at all is I have a USB keyboard switcher to share my keyboard between the flightsim PC and a laptop. That disconnects the PC when switching to the laptop.
  24. Famous last words on my part. Hung at 5GB downloaded and 85% through a package, application unresponsive, killed in task manager. Took a while to get going again but is now.
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