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  1. 5 hours later, no update, this is kinda funny.
  2. Odd, still waiting for Store to even allow me to download....
  3. I guess nothing happens for waiting one hour or two more. Not available in Store here yet.
  4. Didn´t have this problem until today, Bing data is missing completely. France/Germany border flight.
  5. Went brave and purchased it. Never been a heli guy. But man, this IS astonishing, phenomenal, fabulous,stunning...it's simply jaw dropping. Favourite MSFS addon now and I have crash landed it only twice, XD.
  6. Ok, this might be my first Carenado buy, too sexy to skip.
  7. Sadly, I guess all these promo pictures skip vast amount of horrible Bing areas. Hopefully , sometime in the future Asobo might update Alaska and some other areas and include a mesh for them.
  8. In SU4 Airport POIs usually popped at about 5nm while now in SU5 I had to disable them because screen is cluttered with symbols all over the scenery. Has anyone managed to set the distance at which POIs appear on screen?
  9. I took a screenshot yesterday and after editing it slightly (10 secs editing work, just to remove haze, really D) with irfanview I realized how SU4 looked like. It doesn´t look like much, but is very noticeable when images are at full size.
  10. I think I know what the issue might be. User created fixes are not recognized by NavCharts import.
  11. I have been experiencing problems when trying to import MSFS flightplans in the Navigraph Charts software. I select manual input and select the appropiate PLN, but I keep on getting: By the way, these flightplans work correctly under MSFS. These options are selected in LNM: Any ideas?
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