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  1. Aristoteles

    FSX Steam Edition Update

    ASN and Object Flow.dlls don´t work (But I am not using the new exes). PMDG MD-11 does.
  2. Aristoteles

    FSX Steam Edition Update

    Everything working flawlessly with 4.938c. FSDT Addon Manager needs another update sadly.
  3. Aristoteles

    FSX Steam Edition Update

    Better performance in my initial tests too,...May have to check repeatedly to avoid placebo effects though.
  4. Aristoteles

    FSX and Steam Forums

    My feelings exactly. Comparing, always comparing, that´s the source of frustration...and dislike between, human.
  5. Aristoteles

    Any FSnavigator lovers out there..check this out

    I have got FS Tramp, I love it. Takes me back to the wonderful ol' FS9 days.
  6. Aristoteles

    FSX Steam Edition Update

    Thanks a lot Pete!
  7. Aristoteles

    FSX Steam Edition Update

    What are they referring to with default versions and existing add-ons?
  8. I have recently purchased FSx SE and some (many!)add-ons from FTX Orbx as well as Sibwings An-2 and A2A 182 (both are amazing, simply amazing). The performance is stunning (Steam version works great here!), reminds me of the good ol´times with FS9. But I miss Fs Passengers. I really do. All add-ons I have work with Steam except 2, one will have its fix soon (AS Next) but the other never will, Fs Passenger.... :( So, what would be a valid alternative to it nowadays? Thanks in advance.
  9. Aristoteles

    FSX-SE Incompatibility Thread
  10. Aristoteles

    FSX-SE Incompatibility Thread

    PMDG MD-11 works.
  11. Thanks Jim, I am off to the PMDG store,...
  12. Aristoteles

    FSX-SE Incompatibility Thread

    FSX Passengers doesn´t work. Active Sky Next doesn´t work. 2 big losses.
  13. Cab you confirm its compatibility eventually guys? My credit card is ready,...
  14. I am planning to buy the MD-11 for FSX SE, so I would like to know if you experience any issues with it "as it is now" JRBarrett. Are devs planning to create a Steam compatible version of it anyway?
  15. Aristoteles

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    Thanks a lot, Kurt!, that was it. I have saved hours of cfg editing.