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  1. The only thing that worked for me was downloading the Xbox app.
  2. Not an expert but educated enough on the topic to be able to have an understanding what they did here at a high level.
  3. Yeah and I think even Asobo would agree with this after feedback.
  4. All game engines use culling to some level. You wiring optimization in quotes won't change the fact what this is.
  5. Then the hotfix isn't going to help you. Something is wrong about your install. Sorry.
  6. It's an example, you doomer. It's not the entirety of my screenshots. Do you people even fly in this sim or do you just stare at it from outside view?
  7. I don't know what to say. Maybe check your control mapping. I have no throttle issues.
  8. Let me mention that I made zero changes to my settings beyond setting it all to ultra. I don't love some of the banding in the clouds but it's a pretty minor issue for me.
  9. The only thing that will tell us conclusively is an A/B test in as similar a situation we can find. Start taking screenshots now folks.
  10. Ok, let's just take some semi-scientific A/B shots this time so we all can be on the same page. It likely won't work, but better than nothing.
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