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  1. Hi.. Finally, I figured out something and I want to see if it makes sense to you. In the LINDA panel, click into "set up MCP combo" on the right, then on the left "MCP COMBO SETTING", I changed the delay from 20 to 5, seems that the issue is solved. Does it sound reasonable to you? And what is the "delay" for? Thanks again
  2. Got it. So you believe the issue is the result of wrong values of the ++ and - -?
  3. Thanks for this. This is strange really since I was ok when I was on fsx / Aerosoft Airbus X. But suddenly it is not working after I moved to p3Dv4
  4. Even I turn it slowly... It is still....
  5. I have already removed all the ++ and - - to empty... Still the same issue. Thanks
  6. Thanks. Indeed I have never touched anything regarding to the speed
  7. For some reasons, when I turned the knob of speed, heading and Alt of my VRI FCU, the reading is jumping. Please advise where I go wrong. Thanks Video: https://youtu.be/Gk0WJqzo_EM
  8. How can I make LINDA work with Skalarki Airbus overhead? Thanks
  9. Can I donate you guys for you to work on the Jeehell A320 module? Thanks
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