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  1. How can I make LINDA work with Skalarki Airbus overhead? Thanks
  2. Can I donate you guys for you to work on the Jeehell A320 module? Thanks
  3. Hi there, Can you please direct me how i can assign one single key on joystick to control multiple functions/actions? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi there, Need your help on this - I am looking for the LINDA command for the below functions: 1. Radio Panel Switch on the Overhead 2. Oxygen Mask Testing Both of them are in the CL items of Aerosoft Airbus Professional so I want to do the joystick key-mapping to avoid the use of the mouse. Can you please assist? Or if does not exist, how can I do the workaround? Thanks a lot!!!
  5. Hi LINDA team, Thank you for your hardwork on LINDA module. I wonder if you can develop the module for VRInsight V320 overhead so that it will work with P3Dv4 and Aerosoft Airbus Pro? I tried to check with VRI but I have no luck for this. Hope that you can help!!! Thanks EL
  6. Hi all, Is anyone know how I can make my VRI V320 overhead works with Aerosoft Airbus Pro? Thanks
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