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  1. Ah gotcha, SwiftAir has made an appearance here lately, along with Sun Country Airlines. The standard daily flights are done by Delta, Alaska, United, and Allegiant Airlines. I do have GSX 2. I'll send you my email address as well. Cheers!
  2. Mainly small airliners, nothing bigger than an A321/737-900
  3. Orbx did well on the east side of the field, however like you said the terminal and west side is still outdated. Here's the termianl map, simple gates, 1-5, 1 being on the southern most side and 5 being on the northern most. There are nine total parking positions, each gate having two parking spots and an extra spot on the top left for charter flights. Further south the FedEx hub got an upgrade as well, two "cargo" parking position Hope this helps!
  4. Oh my word you're an absolute saint! Yes I have Orbx Global, CRM, and TrueEarth WA.
  5. FS9 version is quite outdated from current layout, new terminal and taxiways compared to that one. Skyvector page with loads of info on the airport, really appreciate you checking it out. Google Maps has pretty good imagery of the terminal and its present gate layout. Let me know if there's anything you need to assist if you do undertake this!
  6. I was holding that just until I had someone who wanted to help, but since you asked, KPSC Tri-Cities Airport, Pasco, Washington.
  7. As it is with a lot of P3D airports, their afcads are way out of date. A lot of the time you can just download an updated one that someone has so generously created. Unfortunately my local airport isn't that lucky, granted it's had quite the renovation done to it in the last 10 years. Looking for someone who has the talent of creating and editing afcads who can update my local airport!
  8. Are there any re-painters out there willing to paint VirtualCol's Dash 8-Q400 into an Island Air Q400 that the airline has recently acquired? Here is a link to a picture of the aircraft on the airline's fleet page: https://www.islandair.com/aircraft I believe the tail number for their first Q400 is N681WP.
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