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  1. Try a lower mesh resolution (about 5-18m), Maybe it is an interpolation error.
  2. @padrot Keep in mind that when you apply the changes while the simulator is already running there is a transition phase with mixed runway assignment. It can take up to half an hour to settle, or reload your AI.
  3. I had the very same problem with the Aerosoft Professional Version of LSZH (DLL version Great tool btw! Many thanks!
  4. Under "Windows ProgramData Path for P3D" in the settings menu "Program Config Path" I link to a custom folder where I have a copy of the scenery.cfg created by the LorbySceneryExporter.
  5. Hi Roland, I still use your AI Controller 1.4 and it works satisfying with P3D v4.52. Is there a setup where AI Controller can be used in combination with your new tools or will they interfere? In my opinion there is nothing more exciting than AI following SIDs and STARs, so this has the highest priority for me.
  6. I really enjoy the modern approaches you use and how flawless they work. It would be most convenient if the base color could be specified with a HEX Code or similar to match the operator's Corporate Identity. But I don't know the effort this would require.
  7. Oh man, just repainted a bunch of the GSX vehicles in custom colors. I should have waited a bit longer. I wonder if the base colors can also be changed parametrically via DirectX now, as the pushback truck has a bit more complicated scheme now.
  8. Had the same problem. There is a thread somewhere in the Lockheed forum. I had to set the autogen draw distance to medium to see autogen at the destination. I hope they'll fix that,
  9. Do you know a workaround when the aircraft all stay too long to high and start the final approach too late so they land way too far at the middle of the runway. I tried it with custom Approaches (via the Converter) and the files you provide (My Problem is at SFO).
  10. Maybe you could get in contact with the ADE developer and develop a new AFD-Standard and a future ADE Version could convert the default AFDs.
  11. while AIMonitor is running press Alt + Space to get a menu with the option to maximize the Window. First of all, thank you for your great software. It is really improving the Simulator Experience. I will try to be more specific later. First I will test your software some more. Looks like it already resolved this issue. Maybe it is possible to get AI Controller parse the standard Track-Information for NATs, PACOTs and AUSOTs, to have even more realistic Flights?
  12. Quick Question: Can you anyhow control the Landing Runway Selection or force an early go around, when a special runway was selected?
  13. I am suprised, that there is still no Hong Kong Airlines Repaint for the NGX.Would somebody of you talented Painters be so kind and pait this imho essential Livery?
  14. I would like to request a Hong Kong Airline Repaint.Or is there already a repaint to download?
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