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  1. Do you know a workaround when the aircraft all stay too long to high and start the final approach too late so they land way too far at the middle of the runway. I tried it with custom Approaches (via the Converter) and the files you provide (My Problem is at SFO).
  2. I don't really see myself as a commercial member of the community. Developing AFDs is like another hobby for me, that I get occasionally payed for. I am not part of any company and I don't make money by selling Add-On Products.
  3. Ray, as the developer of the Flightbeam and some other payware AFDs I want to comment this briefly: First of all: Did you experience any real problems with the AFD while simming, or did you just run the fault finder? Those errors you mentioned are relative, when we produce the AFD for an airport with custom ground poly we don't use the links as intended. We add way more nodes to ensure the AI aircraft are taxiing on the centerline, thus there are overlapping nodes at some complex intersections. But those are not errors, as otherwise the AI would taxi via shortcuts or off the centerline. The maximum holdshort distance has some tolerance. The fault finder will of course use the minimum, but its sometimes necessary to nearly reach the limits. And as others already wrote, this is only important at the runway ends, as the AI won't get the takeoff clearance if they are too far from the runway. At the middle runway intersections, those errors are irrelevant and at a large airport like IAD with four runways you might get a large number but it doesn't say anything. There are sadly lots of limitations and problems with FSX (i.e. runway usage). Be sure those faults are the smallest concern in AFD design. When I am in the progress of developing the AFD. I run the fault finder every 30 minutes and fix the real mistakes. I spend hours simply monitoring the AI movement, searching for the important problems and trying to increase the traffic flow. At all Flightbeam airports also the service roads are traced in the AFD so GSX works as intended, this sometimes produces more node related error messages which are irrelevant. About Aircraft Parking and Gate description: By using specific gate types we prevent displaying of the default service vehicles independently from the user settings. There is a big limitation on gate identifier. All Traffic Add-Ons use different aircraft properties (wing span, Airline Codes,...). It is impossible to match every users AI. Our priority in parking distance is the user aircraft, as there is less variety and to ensure you don't start your flight inside the terminal. I have to agree with you all, that there are a lot of bad AFDs even from the "big players", but a lot of problems you adressed are because of limitations we sadly can't change. If you have any other specific questions I am glad to answer them. Sorry for my bad English and grammar, it's late...
  4. Maybe you could get in contact with the ADE developer and develop a new AFD-Standard and a future ADE Version could convert the default AFDs.
  5. while AIMonitor is running press Alt + Space to get a menu with the option to maximize the Window. First of all, thank you for your great software. It is really improving the Simulator Experience. I will try to be more specific later. First I will test your software some more. Looks like it already resolved this issue. Maybe it is possible to get AI Controller parse the standard Track-Information for NATs, PACOTs and AUSOTs, to have even more realistic Flights?
  6. Quick Question: Can you anyhow control the Landing Runway Selection or force an early go around, when a special runway was selected?
  7. Hey Bryan,Is there a chance, that FS2Crew simulates the talk to the Groundcrew only, without initializing the Pushback.I mean, that you could talk to the Ground Crew and say "Brakes released", but then FS2Crew doesn't start pushing you back.Instead you could use AES or GSX for Pushback and FS2Crew could recognize i.e. when the brakes are set again and you could continue talking to the Ground Crew after the Pushback.
  8. The materials.spb missed, as well. It could be quite essential.
  9. I recently worked with the Annotator. So I backuped all my Autogen related Files...When I was backing up the rest of my FSX for a Reinstall, I found the Autogen Backup and gave it a try.And it worked... :(
  10. It's solved...Some files missed in the Autogen Folder.
  11. hero93

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I am suprised, that there is still no Hong Kong Airlines Repaint for the NGX.Would somebody of you talented Painters be so kind and pait this imho essential Livery?
  12. Thank you, I will contact PMDG.I had an activation issue, indeed. But yesterday the NGX still worked fine.I will contact PMDG...
  13. Srsly, it would be nice to tell you who you mean.Maybe there is an activation problem causing this issue...
  14. Tell me which developer, because I have only legal stuff!
  15. Thank you for the reply, but as I have written I already reset it.