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  1. tubbsds1

    Latin VFR Miami V4 Update Released

    I actually found the fix. You have to have Special Effects Distance set to at least medium. Odd but it definitely fixed it. I can replicate the problem by setting it to low. Just a shot in the dark that worked.
  2. tubbsds1

    Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    Well I was able to resolve my issue. Along with their fix you have to have Special Effects Distance set to at least medium. Mine has always been set to low.
  3. tubbsds1

    Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    Ok I disabled UTL but unfortunately no luck. I can change my location to KMIA using the sim menus and it works perfectly. But if I change location to KFLL and fly 20 miles south it doesn't work. Sooooo baffling. I am still working with their awesome customer service. They haven't given up on me. I just don't understand why the fix seems to have worked for others but not me. DL works perfectly when you fly into all of other DL enabled airports (well, I think FTX KSAN may have this issue as well). FSDT, FlyTampa, Flightbeam, Imaginesim all work for me when I fly in from another airport. Dave
  4. tubbsds1

    Latin VFR Miami V4 Update Released

    It replaces a file and adds a file to the Effects folder. SpotLEBL.fx is replaced. SpotLEBL_2.fx is add. Unfortunately it did not fix it on my PC but we are still working on it..
  5. tubbsds1

    Dynamic Lighting issue at LatinVFR KMIA

    Yeah that update was issued because of me working with the developer. Unfortunately it didn't fix it on my PC but I am still working with them. Awesome customer service by the way!!
  6. I am having a problem with Dynamic Lighting at KMIA. It is very impressive but when you fly into this airport at night there is no Dynamic Lighting. However, if you start P3D at the airport the Dynamic Lighting is indeed on (and is amazing!). But flying INTO the airport it is not. After researching it seems this is a common problem with multiple developers. See the following discussion from the P3D forums: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=126403 I have also seen this issue at FTX KSAN. My Flightbeam, ImagineSim KATL and the new FSDT airports all have DL that work perfectly when you fly in. I am surprised this has not received more pub. Does anyone have an idea how to resolve this issue? I have submitted a support ticket to LatinVFR but as it is a common problem among multiple developers, I cannot believe this would not have been seen in testing before each was released? What good is DL if it doesn't work when flying into an airport? Dave
  7. tubbsds1

    Drzewiecki Design Miami City X v1.9 Released

    So I purchased this product and received v1.8. How do I get v1.9?
  8. Oliver, Thanks again for your work on this. Why to you think UTL respawns those sleepers when your in sim utility deletes them? It is so troubling to have most every gate filled most of the time. I was so hopeful that we (you) were close to solving this. Thanks again Oliver, you do such great work!! Dave
  9. That would be so awesome and helpful!!! Thanks for your work!
  10. tubbsds1

    FYI Turbine Duke V2 release

    Can these be used with the Turbine as is? Thanks in advance.
  11. tubbsds1

    How can I get all the fixes?

    Hi Bert, Would you mind sending me your fixes as well? Thank you soo much! David dtubbs69 (at) yahoo.com
  12. tubbsds1

    FSX Not starting- only splash screen

    Try changing your day/dawn/dusk textures. I solved crashes at that same point by doing this. Mine, however, always involved a crash report. Never know though. Dave
  13. tubbsds1

    Cursed visualfx.dll

    I had this exact same thing happen to me. After lot and lots of experimenting I found that mine were being cause by REX OD textures. Specifically the dawn/day/dusk textures. I suspect it was the dusk texture but I am not completely sure about that. Had this happen like 6 months ago. Fixed it (isntalled AS2012 sky textures), forgot how I fixed it, installed REX sky textures again, then had the problem return. After I remembered how I fixed it the last time I reinstalled the AS2012 sky textures and my visualfx.dll crashes disappeared once again. I use REX textures for everything else. As a side note REX 4 Direct sky textures seem to cause the same problem for me. Or at least the ones I have tried do. Hope this helps someone someday., Dave