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  1. Yes you're the best Nico. I would have a hard time enjoying this hobby without you!
  2. I too had to edit the parameters.xml file manually. It had my old license code. Plugged in my new one and all is good now.
  3. Seems to have resolved the issue. I've been back at KBWI for a while and the statics look like they are back to normal. Thanks for the fix Nico!
  4. Did they then disappear at some point (10-20 minutes)?
  5. And it happened again after I posted that log. All but the live diasapeared. They are currently back but will disappear again in a few minutes.
  6. Sorry, here it is: Tue Nov 21 20:24:01 2023 (utc) PSXT version 4.2.0 for MSFS
  7. So as the OP reported, at one point the static came back. I instantly had 35 static. Then, after about 5 minutes they all diaspeared and now I have 0 static again. Have not seen them come back a second time.
  8. A little more info for you if you want it Nico. So I restarted PSXT while sitting at KBWI. All of the statics came back and everything looked great. 7 live and 31 static (max 38). Then after about 10 minutes (less than 20) the static disapeared again (the live parked remained). This time PSXT tells me I have 9 parked live and 0 static which is exactly what I see in the sim.
  9. Sorry Nico but I am also experiencing as well. Currently at KBWI. PSXT shows 6 live and 16 static. Only the 6 live actually show in the sim (and on LNM), When I arrived the static were there.
  10. Ok I have read this entire thread but can't remember your display driver version. I am on 531.29. An old one I know but have found it very stable. Whenever I try and update to the newest, I seem to induce CTD. I have a 4090. I feel your pain man. I have been there many times over. Sorry if I'm suggesting things you've already tried.
  11. Double check and make sure it is indeed off. I had to reinstall. Afterwards had CTD and stutters... finally found that it had been turned on (I guess during the reinstall). Turned it off again and boith went away.
  12. FYI... from Balthasar: check out the coverage at KIAH: http://www.flyrealtraffic.com/coverage.html It is indeed very poor. I'm working on obtaining better data.
  13. Yes I am seeing this at times as well. I think RT is just having major issues currently.
  14. KIAH ground traffic is horrid. Planes land and then disappear as they exit the runway. They never reappear.
  15. I am seeing this quite a bit at KJFK. Not all planes at the same time... just random ones. Disaappear and then reappear randomly.
  16. And another. Using DX12 and newest drivers. Reverting back to 531.29 seems to help if not resolve the issue. Could litterally leave the sim running fo rdays without a CTD before SU13. Started almost immediately as well. My forst thought was something got corrupted with all of the install problems that day,
  17. I am seeing the same at airports in the US. Most if not all used to have very good RT/PSXT coverage and now things are just messed up. Very odd taxiing. Start/Stop. Appear/diappear. Taxing in weird areas instead of on the taxiway (used to taxi correctly). Planes disappearing on the runway. Planes moving backawards. Planes moving at lightspeed and then stop and then taxi normally. All at airports that used to do really well. Sad it had to change.
  18. I'm still stable with the Beta Nico. Before I would have lost most of the traffic by now. Also lots of ground movement which I did not have before.
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