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Found 21 results

  1. The ground night textures in my FSX load at around 2-3pm in the afternoon which is annoying obviously. This also happens in the morning when the night textures stay until around 10am. Actually even the night textures of Aerosoft's London Heathrow Xtended load at those times during the day. Is there any way that I can change the time that the night textures appear? I don't want night textures loading during the day. I want night textures to load during sunset time and day textures to load at sunrise.
  2. So since about a month ago I've been having this issue with FSX. My ground textures load very slow. They don't load until I'm right over the area. Random trees keep appearing up. The ground about 5 miles in front of me is completely barren. I have no clue what to do. It's not my add ons because I've tried it all. Have done a re install and it's still the same. I have no clue what to do. It drops my Frames about 20 fps! Anyone know about this? Thanks. PC Specs -AMD 8320 8 Core CPU @ 4.0 GHz -MSI 7870 -8 gigs of 1600 MHz RAM -GIGABYTE motherboard Add Ons -FSDT O'Hare -Aerosoft Hamburg -PMDG 737 & 747-400/800 -CS 777-200/300 & 767 -REX 4 -FS Recorder -Freeware Sceneries & Planes
  3. Hello all, Just when I thought I've seen most of the FS9 problems imaginable over the last 8 years. Here's another that I've noticed today that has me puzzled. In my assorted default and some freeware sceneries, I've noticed that default vehicles such as pushback tugs and baggage carts are now missing at every airport I've previously seen them at. Having just noticed this at KCOS today, I can't really speculate how long this has been for (otherwise I'd just do a system restore or change any recent settings). Anyone have any idea what bgl or other files may pertain to default ground vehicles? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I am learning to start from cold and dark startup and i'm doing pretty well. However, I get to the part to start up the APU but nothing happens. I have seen where once you have enabled the start the APU switch will automatically turn to ON. In my case, I turn the knob to start and it just sits there and nothing happens. No matter how long I wait, the APU generator switches never light up to "available". Hopefully you can help me with this frustrating problem. It could be user error, but then again I might not have added everything when I first downloaded the PMDG 747-400. Any help is appreciated. Jared
  5. im having trouble with the ATC.dll crash Every time i land at an airport and contact ground. The program stops responding and restarts Is there any fixes for this problem I dont have FSUIPC Full Since i dont have money to buy it I havent had any problems before with this And i have so many Addon's to the game so a reinstall would be the most critical for me with this problem I have tried to change the frequencies of all of my airports (the ones I use for flying) It works but then some of the aiports dont have ground and tower separated or at some airports not even able to contact the airport in ATC I use FS9.1 I dont have Radar Contact So I need the FS ATC And have updated all i can Ive been reading posts with this problem for quite a while now And still cant figure out the fix of it Ive got fs2004 installed v9.1 Computer: Acer Aspire M3800 Processor: Pentium ® Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz 2.70GHz Ram: 4GB System windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit "Im from Denmark so showing the log will just confuse you since the language is Danish on this computer" HELP PLEASE
  6. I am trying to challenge myself in this... I've already watched a few videos on doing this, but, when on the overhead panel, trying to turn on ground power, the button is just blank with no sign on it... Just plain blank... Here's the steps... I turned on battery, then, put standby pwr to auto... And then turned on all of the bus ties and the gen cont... I then tried to turn the knob under the sign saying sys fault to aux, but the sign didn't go away... I ignored it, but then, I eventually figured out I had to turn on ground power... There is no white mark appearing on the switch... It's totally unavailable... I do have parking brakes on, but found it not helpful... Please help... Anybody!!! Thanks
  7. Hello, I have a strange problem. I have FSX in DX10 mode (fixer), everything works perfectly, except for one crucial thing altogether. When moving on the ground rapidly decreasing frame rate. The moment the plane off the ground, the frame rate returns to normal. So, I'm waiting to start, fps okay, I'll start to creep, fps starts to drop rapidly, the plane lifts off the ground, fps shot up. For this reason, I did a clean install of FSX. (including the operating system), the same result. What can be the cause? I tried everything possible... System: OS: Win7 64bit CPU: I7 950 (4Ghz) (Disable HT) GPU: GTX570 RAM: 24GB Thanks (Sorry for my bad english)
  8. Hi, I decided to remove Reshade's annoying popup by removing the d3d (or something like that .dll file). However, I also accidently deleted other .dll files that start with a "d" or anything near them. Now when I turn on boom, the aircraft startup screen tuns back and if you load it with bloom, it loads, but there is no aircraft. Another problem is that when I do turn off bloom (I use DX10 with fixer), the ground textures have turned into water and all the objects just floating above it. What's going on? Which file did I delete and how do I fix this? Can someone please take a screenshot of their main FSX folder around the .dll files starting with "d"? Here are 2 screenshots of my main FSX folder:
  9. Hey guys, Just found that you can call up all ground servicing vehicles by the CDU! This function is amazing! Especially for those who do not use GSX or AES, like me. Thank you! Why not give NGX and 777 the same thing? What do you think guys? Best wishes!
  10. Hello. I'm having a bit of a problem with the voice version of FS2crew. The flow procedures and checklists work perfectly but when the Start Crew/Engine start comes on and I try to contact the ground crew via "Cockpit to ground" phrase, no response is given. Things i have done are: FLT switches ON: Service Interphone is OFF: I have also tried with the SVT switches ON and Service Interphone ON and still nothing happens. The program does recognise the phrase correctly, as I trained it to do so and the green back shows "Captain: Cockpit to ground" message. I'm completely lost, so any help will be much appreciated. Jorge S.
  11. Hello! I've been using ChasePlane for a long time now but as much as I try to get used to the shaking effect on the ground as much I become disappointed. Everything with ChasePlane is perfect for me except this (little) point. So the problem is: The camery is moving when I put the ground slider to the top. So far so good. BUT what I am missing is a real shaking effect, where the camera is moving really quick due to a shaking / vibrating of the plane (for example in real aircraft you have a slight constant vibrating when the engines are turnt on). Right now the camera slowly slides up and down but it has to be more sudden. That is was what I am missing about EZCA in retrospective (there we got really realistic enging vibrating effects). But it's the most important point for me. Does anyone know, if ChasePlane is planning to implement that shaking / vibrating effect in the future? Otherwise I had to switch back to EZCA again although I thing the usability and -interface is disgusting. Would be awesome to get an answer since I really like ChasePlane a lot and it's philosophy. Kind regards Steffen
  12. Hi, the problem i am having is that where should be water, there is land, As simple as that. I have a picture that shows perfectly what i am talking about, but when i want to upload it, it says 2013-12-16_21-42-20-226 (Medium).BMPYou aren't permitted to upload this kind of file but i guess i can send it to you by message. so, if you wanna see the picture, ask me. thanls, tatin
  13. Hi there, First of all, thank you PMDG for bringing us this amazing product. My recent flights which were mostly short range and the aircraft was under light weight. The problem is every time I switch my view from VC to TOWER by pressing the S key, the aircraft SINKs a bit very quickly and recovers to its normal position. When I switch back to VC, same thing happens. After that I tried to load the aircraft up with max weight, and it stops sinking. I was thinking about the problem that maybe it was the due to the landing gear animation. What about you people, do you have the same problem? Anyone can help?
  14. When zooming in on the virtual cockpit ive notice that a strip of the ground constantly appears, its just a tiny glitch but it is a bit bothersome. Anyone have the same problem?
  15. Hello, I was doing a flight in the FSLABS a320 and on approach, the ground randomly appears on the panels of the a320. does anybody know how to fix this. P3D 3.4 2017-8-9_0-14-52-781.bmp
  16. Hi, I want to know whether I should buy Ultimate Terrain Europe or Ground Environment X Europe? I just want a scenery package for al of Europe, so which one is better? What is the FPS like on each package? Which one should I buy? Aaron G.
  17. HELP! I installed the Lukla X Scenery add-on, but when I went to the airport, there is is large piece of land that is covering the runway! Even updating the library, does not always return to normal. I'm using: P3D v3.4 ORBX Global 1.40 ORBX Vector 1.30 ORBX Europe Open LC VNLK Lukla P3D v2.20 And I used the FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool to fix de elevation. I just want to fix this to make a normal flight. Look the pictures as follow. http://forum.aerosoft.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=88169 http://forum.aerosoft.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=88170
  18. Hi, i´ve veen having this problem for a while already, and it is driving me crazy. Where it is supossed to be water, there is ground; and the coast, instead of being something irregular, like it is supossed to be, is square. I´ll attach some pictures so that you can see what the problem looks like. The picture I attached is from Nice, France. The airport should be sorrounded by water, but now it is not. And, believe it or not, a couple of months ago it didn´t use to happen.
  19. Just wanted to share some info that some may not know, which I found out today doing some testing..... At major airports, 'Aircraft tab: Aircraft casts shadows on the ground' checked will cause a large drop in frame rate ONLY with 'Traffic tab:Airport Vehicle Density' set On i.e. >None. The reason for this are the in 4 'VEH_air_bagcart' folders/files within the SimObjects\GroundVehicles folder. Normally for performance, you have to turn off the shadows or turn off the ground vehicles. You can have shadows with 'some' ground vehicles by moving out these 4 folders, then you can enjoy remaining ground vehicles (planes too of course!) with shadows On with minimal frame rate hit. FYI, 'VEH_air_bagcart1' contains quite a few models, including the pushback vehicle. All this info begs the question, what are the bagcart models doing that causes such a huge frame rate drop with shadows and can this be properly fixed?
  20. Hello everyone! After testing FS9 Evo extensively for the past week I thought it's time for a mini review. First of all, I'd like to thank Sascha for being extremely helpful and for offering his excellent work as a donationware. Before Evo I had been using GEPro, a very good product when it first came out eight years ago. For the past year I had been searching for a replacement for it as I thought it had started showing its age. Here comes FS9 Evo. At first I was sceptical (and, to be honest, a tad disappointed with the thought that there's not much potential left in the FS9 engine), many have promised the "ultimate FS addon" over the years only to disappoint us simmers. Me being me, however, always hopeful I thought I'd try it out, I always keep a backup of my FS installation anyway. Let's see how that turned out... :wink: Departing LGBL, direction North in my trusty Skylane RG! Over the city of Volos Turning towards Larisa Let's follow the highway to Katerini Beautiful fields! Some sightseeing over the city of Katerini before we head North to tackle the busy TMA of Makedonia Airport in Thessaloniki (LGTS) Phew! The adrenaline kicked in but we got in and out of the TMA of LGTS without issues! The island of Thasos is in the background. We've left the town of Komotini behind us, let's do some sightseeing over river Evros before we land at Alexandroupoli (LGAL). It seems the sightseeing will have to wait for another time as we are flying VFR! At least we are very close to the airport, let's join the circuit! In conclusion, thank you Sascha for bringing this whole new world to FS2004! VFR flying is now much more realistic and flying jets you can finally recognize the places you are flying over! If you are still thinking whether FS9 Evo's worth it or not let me tell you this; no matter what you donate it's worth ten times more! Other add-ons used for the screenshots in this review: HSP Base scenery + HSP Mesh REX2004 for the sky, the sun, most water textures and the clouds Carenado Cessna C182RG II HSP LGAL ActiveSky 6.5 and of course the IVAO network Cheers, Achilleas
  21. Hi all, Can anyone explain this? See GIF The gear isnt making proper contact with the ground? Its causing the plane to shake and twitch around.... Tried searching but didnt see anyone else with the issue? Here for another example I am using P3D V3 and the most up to date version of the 744... It doesnt happen with the 777 or NGX, not sure why its only happening the 747. It also appears that the gear are in the ground on the 747, unlike the other two mentioned. All the best, Brandon Binder
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