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  1. On a serious note, it's about bloody time we got that Woodpecker. You've been blaming insufficient technology for ages, but now with P3D 4 being mainstream, there's really no delaying it any more. Besides that, yeah. New NG/Max. The 787. It's all natural order of things really.
  2. Fabo

    Speed out of control.

    Do you, by any chance, have set up autothrottle override in your settings?
  3. Oh my. So many interesting news!
  4. Fabo


    Oh my.
  5. Fabo


    I'm not sure you get my point. I don't want to just buy the expansion pack for 25, and leave the base pack for 90 be. What I would like to be able to do is to buy a 600/700 standalone pack for 90. Same situation with the 777. I own the FSX base pack because, well, I do. I don't own the 300ER expansion nor do I own the P3D version. The 200LR is a great plane, I'm not saying it isn't, but I'm not interested in paying for it just so I can buy the 300ER (and potentially 200ER in the future), which is the one I actually want.
  6. Well that's exactly why I would only do it if a ticket comes in, right? Let the users do the heavy lifting. And wasn't the point of OC updaters that this exact kind of thing would be very easy?
  7. I think Ryan did the tutorials... Best bet to see if this can be fixed is to go through the routes, note any discrepancies, find suitable alternatives which don't change the actual route flown too much, and submit all of this in a ticket so PMDG can review whether it would be an easy fix for the tutorial.
  8. Fabo

    Can someone tell me a good landing rate :)

    Looks like I am about two weeks too late, which is just fine. Thanks for telling it for me Kyle. FWIW the design limits are more in the range of ILS approach with no flare at all, so don't fret about that either.
  9. Fabo


    I've been asking PMDG to consider making it so that any package can act as base since back when they decided to make it so that 800/900 was base and I wanted to fly the 700... but I guess it doesn't work like that :(
  10. Fabo

    Looking for a printed 737 QRH

    The NGX is also the first that was released, probably before the reasons that ensued... eh. I'll leave that be. I still believe we'll find out why manuals are perpetually out of stock if RSR fulfills his promise sometime in the future as per "one of these days, I'll tell you about the crazy stuff".
  11. Fabo


    Either way is fine.
  12. Fabo

    Misaligned ILS

    IIRC Orbx, in their infinite wisdom (as usual) included some new/modified AFCAD files for airports worldwide in one of their products... Disable all the ORBX stuff you can, in their configurator and in Scenery Library, and see if it still happens.
  13. Fabo

    747-8 When?

    I was going to ask you to consider your words, as I have half-jokingly asked one of the different software houses to delay the release of their sim product until after I'm back from my winter holiday, only to be met a couple of days later... with a delay announcement. But... I feel like a slang term for a male reproductive organ now. I can atest to therapeutic qualities in simulation from a first hand perspective (which is a story I haven't drunk enough whisky for today), so all I want to add now, is godspeed, and I do wish upon you a future gift of healthy and beautiful progeny.
  14. That's the "advanced" tutorial. The "basic" tutorial goes to somewhere like Amsterdam.
  15. Fabo

    Wingflex Question

    Please provide the fuel slip and loadsheet.