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  1. FWIW... you will need to do that (create an account at the link in [Kyles] signature) on a different computer or possibly a device like a smartphone
  2. You can have both. Although you won't want to.
  3. Would that be the "third quad" you'd mentioned a while back? Either way I'm pretty sure the 787 is on PMDGs table, probably not the very next one though. And I'm very surprised noone is crying about the MAX now that deliveries are actually starting (but maybe I just need to go take a look in the NGX forum)
  4. That should work well enough for me, Keven. You've done a solid bit of work there.
  5. That doesn't work - my understanding is it has to be activated by a key command
  6. Hi, I'm very happy with ChasePlane, except for one thing - mouse look speed. one issue is a slight delay before the view starts moving, which didn't happen with other products, but it's not a big issue. The other issue, which is quite bad for me, is that mouse look is just so. damn. slow. Is there some way where I can speed it up truly globally wihtout having to edit each and every camera view?
  7. Yep, that seems like older fuselage2 texture found it's way in. Steve originally made it so the grey part is same height on all fuselage (as blue would be on a BA744 I'm looking at right now), but someone pointed out it's lower in the back as it is flush with the flaps. So he fixed it, but this paint seems to be wrong on it.
  8. Textures can always be changed - to the best of my knowledge, it's not possible to make an actual bitmap texture embedded in MDL file in FSX. You are probably changing the texture in a wrong spot.
  9. Not really. You have to have it certified to do a proper LVOps autoland in CAT III conditions. But you can do an autoland on even a CAT I ILS, if the conditions are normal for CAT I and you watch for the system operations as CAT I is not guaranteed enough precision for autoland (although most systems do have enough)
  10. This. assuming unexpected events resulted in way lower fuel burn than expected, you'd first try to accelerate, if possible to a high cruise speed so as to increase the burn. If that wasn't enough, you'd descend to a suboptimal level, possibly speeding up even more.If that still wasn't enough, you'd plan to be as energy inefficient as possible so as to get close to MLW on final. Holding should be the last option - as long as you are burning money, you should at least get time out of it and arrive early. Dumping would be the last resort.
  11. It's WIP but I have P3D issues right now so no progress...
  12. Fun fact: Topcat DEMO does the 747 so you don't even have to buy it to try it out
  13. No, but there's other reference points described in FCTM
  14. If you look at old preview posts from way before 744 release, there's also some 748 pics
  15. I'm 90% sure this was already leaked, so what gives. The long rumored Woodpigeon project isn't actually about the Westland Woodpigeon. It's about the Bird Sim project, latin Columba Palumbus... the common wood pigeon. There's delays because of the sample aircraft keep shitting everywhere and fail to return back after testflights (we really should have bid on the homing pigeon addon instead)