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  1. This. assuming unexpected events resulted in way lower fuel burn than expected, you'd first try to accelerate, if possible to a high cruise speed so as to increase the burn. If that wasn't enough, you'd descend to a suboptimal level, possibly speeding up even more.If that still wasn't enough, you'd plan to be as energy inefficient as possible so as to get close to MLW on final. Holding should be the last option - as long as you are burning money, you should at least get time out of it and arrive early. Dumping would be the last resort.
  2. It's WIP but I have P3D issues right now so no progress...
  3. Fun fact: Topcat DEMO does the 747 so you don't even have to buy it to try it out
  4. No, but there's other reference points described in FCTM
  5. If you look at old preview posts from way before 744 release, there's also some 748 pics
  6. I'm 90% sure this was already leaked, so what gives. The long rumored Woodpigeon project isn't actually about the Westland Woodpigeon. It's about the Bird Sim project, latin Columba Palumbus... the common wood pigeon. There's delays because of the sample aircraft keep shitting everywhere and fail to return back after testflights (we really should have bid on the homing pigeon addon instead)
  7. No, it wouldn't. 748 will be a 748 with all it entails.
  8. not sure what kind of "updates" you mean, but this is probably false on all counts.
  9. Wow, Steve... I didn't get the change to test the test version you sent to me, but man... this is just... wow.
  10. NGs will, as will other modern Boeings. Originals and back would have a pitch wheel a la DC-6, which would not aim for a set value, I believe. I suppose the commoniality was one of the points of making the VS wheel in this way, not as a rotary knob as in Airbus
  11. Fairly sure it is, given that the NGs are now delivered new with scimitars. Doesn't mean the data is available though to PMDG.
  12. This is why I tried to ask whether we can export PTP with non-visible texture folder. Sadly no reply and it looks like it's not possible. Maybe you could designate one repaint a "base" that is required, and all the other be linked to that one.
  13. My bad then. Sorry for the confusion caused.
  14. I'm just painting a generic 747... I'll probably make up a name. In any case, the more the merrier!