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  1. Amazing suggestions guys, thanks! I'm definitely keeping track of the JF 747 because that's already bought in my mind. Highly considering getting the DC-8 now, it seems perfect for every cargo flight I would ever do + the extra liveries Steve pointed out. It's also currently on sale on SimMarket. I was also not aware it was developed by someone other than Aerosoft's inhouse team. Will look into the VL 727, I dont fly xp 11 a lot so I never looked into flyjsim but I loved seeing cargojet's 727 at my nearby airport back then so maybe that will motivate me 🙂 Once again, thank you all for helping me with this decision!
  2. Wouldn't there be community made liveries regarding cargo? I've had issues with Aerosoft products in the past that's why. No information about the Coolsky DC-9's cargo expansion though?
  3. Heyo, I wanted to fly some cool old school aircraft for my cargo hauls. I came across 3 that caught my eye: CaptainSim L-1011 Aerosoft DC-8 Coolsky DC-9 Not the biggest fan of the DC-8 for some reason, but I was going to purchase the DC-9 until I saw that the cargo expansion for it looks like it's only compatible with FSX. Can anybody confirm that it only works for FSX or is it also compatible with P3D V4? The only reason why I would get it is because of the cargo expansion.
  4. That is correct, on the -400BCF. Sorry if I confused anybody.
  5. PMDG 747-400BCF please. MASKargo (Air Atlanta Icelandic) 747-200 (TF-ARJ) For more pics please search up "TF-ARJ" this is for the -400 hence why it's fictional. If anybody could do this god bless.
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