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  1. Hopefully someone posts the fix here when one is found as I too experience this issue.
  2. Same, It only shows the option to uninstall the product.
  3. I usually get the CTD on taxi out. This happens on default and add-on airports. I have found that if I switch views to external before and during the first 1/3 of the taxi I never get a ctd. I almost always get the CTD if I stay in the internal "Pilots" view. Don't know if this helps but maybe someone else can try it too.
  4. Has their been a fix for the lights yet? I have found if I start my flight in the daylight and fly into the night, when I land I have no landing lights on the ground. Also no nav light "splash" from the ground. Thanks Michael Gaston
  5. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication!! Michael Gaston
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