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  1. majorpaynepoo

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    Hopefully someone posts the fix here when one is found as I too experience this issue.
  2. Same, It only shows the option to uninstall the product.
  3. majorpaynepoo

    Liveries of the 747-8

    Yes, it is available cheers Michael
  4. majorpaynepoo

    CTD upon touchdown

    I usually get the CTD on taxi out. This happens on default and add-on airports. I have found that if I switch views to external before and during the first 1/3 of the taxi I never get a ctd. I almost always get the CTD if I stay in the internal "Pilots" view. Don't know if this helps but maybe someone else can try it too.
  5. I usually dont post. This post is just to test my signature. thanks
  6. majorpaynepoo

    P3D V3: Landing lights not illuminating ground

    Has their been a fix for the lights yet? I have found if I start my flight in the daylight and fly into the night, when I land I have no landing lights on the ground. Also no nav light "splash" from the ground. Thanks Michael Gaston
  7. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication!! Michael Gaston
  8. Fly high Maik, you are no longer limited to be on the ground. Smile upon us as you spread your wings and fly now.
  9. majorpaynepoo

    Anti collision lights issue

    After a complete uninstall of both.. I reinstalled the PMDG products & they worked fine. I then installed REX Texture Direct & installed the textures and the lights were bad. I studied this on my system and it is directly related to REX... However I cannot fix the problem without completely uninstalling the PMDG products, all folders including the folders in the appdata section of my computer involving PMDG. This is a temporary fix until you change the Rex settings. If you change the textures you must go thru the whole process again to get the original PMDG lights back.
  10. majorpaynepoo

    Anti collision lights issue

    Do you have REX Texture Direct? It has all of my PMDG anti collision lights, beacons, & strobes messed up in P3d & I still can't fix them.
  11. majorpaynepoo

    P3D Additional black screen when loading 737

    I can confirm this with p3d 2.4 Michael Gaston
  12. majorpaynepoo


    thank you
  13. majorpaynepoo


    Prepar3d just updated to v2.5 do I have to deactivate my 777 2.4 before updating to 2.5? thanks Michael gaston
  14. majorpaynepoo


    WOAH!!! That is awesome... Thanks