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  1. Marius_S

    Hydraulic pumps

    Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, haven't had much time for flight sim lately. I'm quite sure I followed the procedures as described in the tutorial, but I will try again with the new version and report back.
  2. My FO does not set the ENG HYD PUMPS to high after start. On the after star checklist, he will say the pumps high, but they are left in the off positions and I have to set them manually. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong here? Using button control btw.
  3. Well, I tried DSR with my new system. The performance was better, but I achieved better results and performance by using 4xSSAA instead. I'll stick with those settings until I invest in a better monitor sometimes in the future.
  4. I have now gotten parts installed. So far it looks like 4,4 Ghz is the max I can achieve without cooking the CPU. I do have watercooling, but I might try with another fan to see if that makes an improvement. With 4,4 Ghz, 67 degree was the highest I saw, while 4,5 gave temperatures up to 85 degrees (celsius that is). But the performance improvements are quite good though with the current settings.
  5. Marius_S

    P3D v4.3 pauses every few minutes

    I did actually find a thread from 2017 which I created (I forgot about that one...), where I had the same issue. A reinstall fixed it that time. But, I discovered I forgot to run the sim as administrator. I'll try again and see if that helps.
  6. I have an issue with P3D pausing every few minutes (blue loading circle, sim freezes). I have just done short flight between DD KJFK and Imaginesime KATL with the PMDG 737NGX with a fresh install of 4.3. Following add ons are installed: - Fsuipc 5.132 - AS16 - Orbx global and vector - PMDG 737 - DD KJFK and Imaginesim KATL - GSX - UTlive - SODE I have had this issue previously, but that was caused by a conflict between UK2000 airports and SODE. Some searching suggested Fsuipc autosave could cause this, but that setting is off. Did try to deactivate UTlive, which did not help. Any suggestions? EDIT: Uninstalled UTlive, and that solved the problem. Is there anyone else having issues with UTlive and 4.3?
  7. I haven't used DSR before, but decided to experiment with it to see if could improve the look of the sim. I ran with 4xMSAA and 8xAF in P3D settings, and changed the DSR to 1,50x and 33%. Unfortunately, I did not see too much of an improvement, but the FPS took a hit as expected. The strange thing though is that GPU load (1070 GTX) did not seem change to much. I used the FSL A320 @UK200 EGLL which is one certain take a big hit on performance. With DSR off, the load of the GPU varied between 40 and 70%, while CPU load was at the top (4790k running at 4,2 Ghz) With DSR on, I observed more or less the same reading on GPU load. I thought this would stress the GPU more, or might the GPU handle the settings fine while the CPU is the limiting factor here? I will be upgrading to the 8700k tomorrow, so it will be interesting to try the same scenario again and see how it looks then. EDIT: The native screen resolution is 1920x1080.
  8. Thanks, I´ll have a look at it when I get the parts.
  9. I ended up with the Asus ROG Strix Z370 gaming F. The Asrock one looked good, but I had a hard time finding it in my country. Does anyone have any advice when it comes to overclocking the 8700k? I have the 4790k today overclocked to 4,5 ghz, but I was hoping to go a bit firther with the one, maybe close to 5 if that is possible without goong to far.
  10. Thanks, I’ll look into that. Any suggestions for ram?
  11. I'm interested in upgrading to this CPU, and I'm a bit unsure about what MB to choose. The one option I have looked at is the ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming. It has gotten decent reviews at the site I'm buying from, but there might be better options out there for about the same cost? The MB I currently have is quite limited when it comes to overclocking, so I want one that has less limitations in that area. And finally ram. Would 2666 MHz be sufficient, or do I need to go higher?
  12. Marius_S

    New installation

    I have installed most of my add-ons now, and managed to move those that installed into the documents folder to another drive. So for the moment I only have the xml-files there. So far, so good...
  13. Marius_S

    New installation

    As you said, most of what is located in that folder is just the add-on.xml for different products. However, some products puts all of its contents in that folder, instead of just the add-on.xml. (Right now that folder is close to 20 GB, and I only have a 256 GB drive). So I thought by having that folder on another drive, I could force those product to install there instead. However, if that is not possible, I might have to move them manually afterwards (if possible).
  14. Marius_S

    New installation

    I will do a reinstall of P3D v4 and all the addons in the coming days, and I was wondering if there is a way to change the default path for Prepar3D v4 Files and Add-ons. Now they are located in the documents folder on my computer, but unfortunately I'm running of out space on that disk since a lot of addons also installs into the Prepar3D v4 Add-ons folder. So if there is way to change the location of those two folders so that I could have it on another drive, that would be great.
  15. Marius_S

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    The fix would be to skip A/T for TO, and set thrust manually.