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  1. Ahh, the good old Frasca sims... Did some flights in those during my instrument training some years ago. The school had three sims, two C172 with analog and glass cockpit, and ME one. I think it was based upon a Piper. It was by far the worst sims I’ve ever tried, including MSFS, X-Plane, P3D, and the Dash 8 Level-d sim I currently have the pleasure of visiting a couple times a year. It was great for learning scanning techniques because you were gonna be all of the place if you didn’t constantly scan all the instruments. Look away for a few seconds, and you could very well be in a steep spiral. The level-d sim I currently use (Dash 8 100/300) is close to the real thing in some aspects, but I find it more difficult to fly compared to the real thing. I was a bit worried about landings after finishing my type rating, but found the real plane a lot easier to land (but it’s still a Dash so you never quite know how the landing is gonna be until you hit the tarmac...)
  2. Isn’t that a bit premature? If everything goes as planned with the vacines that are coming, we will hopefully be in a much better place next summer.
  3. There should be an option to choose real settings, with either metric or imperial units. So if you fly from Europe to the US, you would have hpa when you depart and in.hg. when you arrive (and an option change between those settings in the airplane). Would also be nice if the transition altitude could reflect the country you are flying in. We are not using 18 000 ft all over the world. TL would be bit more difficult because at least in Europe, that is dependent upon barometric pressure.
  4. This thread got me thinking that if I in the past have received an invitation for the alpha, I probably missed it (ended up in the spam folder). I just had look and saw an email from them regarding pre-ordering in the spam folder. Is there anyway I can see if I've been invited to the alpha testing, even though the invitation email is long gone?
  5. That was during stress testing. I did see aftewards using P3D spikes up to 100 degrees. After some research I have now turned off hyper threading and that seemed to have reduced the temperature by 10-15 degrees during stress testing. I haven’t tested it with P3D yet.
  6. I've now installed H100i Pro. I first tried on the top of the cabinet, but I was not happy with the performance (about the same temperature I had with the H55i). I then tried putting in the front, and it got a bit better. A simple overclock to 4,8 GhZ using Intel Extreme Utility gave me a max temperature of 87 degrees, but the average at 100% load was slightly below 80 degrees. I'm not an expert at overclocking, but I'll watch a few YouTube videos and see if I'm able to go any higher. Aaron, i don't have good answer for you, but I think most Intel CPUs will start to throttle the CPU at 100 degrees. So i guess you can run your CPU at 99 degrees without destroying the CPU, for a short while. In the long run it might not give the best life expectancy for the CPU. For myself, I try to at least keep below 90 degrees. But I guess somebody else in here have a better answer-
  7. Thanks for your feedback! Another question; where is the best place to put the radiator? With my new cabinet, I can fit it either on the top without any problem, and maybe in the front.
  8. I’m looking at buying a new water cooler. I currently have a Corsair H55i due to space limitations with my previous cabinet. I have now upgraded to a larger cabinet (Fractal Define XL R2), and I should be able to fit a larger cooler now. With my current setup (i8700k), an OC to about 4.5 GHz is the maximum I can achieve without overheating the CPU. I have looked Corsair H100i Pro, but I have not found any comparison between that and my current cooler, so I don’t know the effect of making the upgrade. Does anyone have experience with that cooler, or maybe could recommend something else?
  9. Hmm, the link provided only takes me to the front page of Forbes. Tried searching for the article, but didn't find it. Could it be because I'm from Europe?
  10. Maybe a corrupted download? Try downloading again and see id that helps.
  11. Hmm, too bad about those reviews for the X56. I really like the amount of buttons, plus two throttle axis. As for the Sidewinder Force Feedback, it does look like a nice joystick. The drawback is that it has the same amount of buttons as the one I have, so it doesn't really help me unfortunately. I guess I might go for the T.1600 or save up for the Warthog plus rudder pedals. But thanks for all your replies!
  12. Appreciate all your replies. I've looked a bit more, and came over the Logitech X56. Slightly more expensive than the T.1600, but how does it compare?
  13. I recently installed DCS again and bought the F/A-18. My old joystick, a Microsoft Sidewinder which I've had since FS98, might be in need of a replacement. What I miss, is the the ability to program most of the buttons on the joystick. It will make flying the airplane a bit easier if I don't have to use the keyboard for everything. What I was looking at buying, was the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. It has a steep price, but I figured it might be worth it. But then I saw that the joystick does not have separate rudder axis, which my old joystick does have. This means that I also have to buy rudder pedals, which might be a bit to costly for me at this point. I have looked at the Thrustmaster T.1600M which does seem to offer a lot programmable buttons, but it is in completely different price range, so I was wondering if anyone have any experience with it? Or if someone could suggest another joystick?
  14. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, haven't had much time for flight sim lately. I'm quite sure I followed the procedures as described in the tutorial, but I will try again with the new version and report back.
  15. My FO does not set the ENG HYD PUMPS to high after start. On the after star checklist, he will say the pumps high, but they are left in the off positions and I have to set them manually. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong here? Using button control btw.
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