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  1. You have any pics? Didn't see where this included the actual freighter variant. I think I read a while back that AS will be doing one eventually. If so...It may go into our feeder fleet.
  2. Awesome Steve...any time. Some of us are using your paints. Was just telling some of our crew how bad we really needed this 767 for the VA...Makes me extra mad with CS over all of this BS.
  3. Think I'll add to this...The concerns over engine variants is one thing. What flames me is the complete laziness in effort and/or research in understanding that most of the 767's and 757's in service have mostly been retrofitted with upgraded avionics. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/7968968 and https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Boeing_767-300F_Glass_Cockpit.jpg Instead of the obvious 757 port job that CS thinks they can slide by us all...which is offensive to many of us, how about do the work...research and evolve...get better. Not by just adding what ever you think this ---> "GlaCS" is going to be, and not by telling us all how "hard" the code is. I don't recall ever seeing another developer reply to a question by saying how hard it is to make decent lighting on a panel or what ever...then turn around and ask for $100 plus for the product. CS and Carenado both need to step it up.
  4. Same issue here...During start, fuel switch on as engines spool up and run...caution light comes on and stays on. I don't have FS2Crew.
  5. With P3D v4 out now...and the big re-shuffle of simming and developing going on, I could not help but think of the MD11. Its such a vital aircraft for our VA...sad to see it get left behind.
  6. Agreed, we gotta have this back! I was really digging this effect. If someone from the PMDG code crew could add a switch to this function so that it is optional...that would be cool.
  7. Hey Steve, Can't thank you enough for the UPS paints...This is a big deal!! Our PMDG flyer's here at UPSVAC.com are looking forward and will really enjoy your repaints. Thank you very much!
  8. I just thought this was relevant... http://www.boeing.com/commercial/customers/ups/747-8f-order.page
  9. It can be done...many developers have done it already. I can provide you with a list of many aircraft that support Multiplayer very well. Simconnect.dll seems to be limited in some aspects but most common functions...AP, Throttle, Brakes, Flaps, Spoilers...etc seem to work!
  10. Hi all:I was just wondering if PMDG has taken into consideration the multiplayer function of FSX. It seems that many developers are forgetting or don't realize that there are many people that are flying multiplayer now. I would like to know how functional PMDG's fleet will be with FSX multiplayer...also as the features of each aircraft are listed I would like to see if there will be Multi support or not so that I may make an informed decision on the product I may or may not wish to purchase. Multiplayer has become a key feature that I look for in addon aircraft.PBCool1
  11. Well....My first love is the DC-8, But there are no really good 2D Panels to use with it. When the Ready for PushBack 747-200 was released I really got into flying that. Also I own the first PIC767 & panel. After flying these detailed ships, its gets kinda hard going back to a basic 2D panel. Before I went to FS9 the PIC was my ship for UPSVA. Since it didnt work with FS9 I settled for the 742..now PIC2 will be here shortly...back to the 767! I need to update my badge to reflect the mighty 767!! But does anyone from Level-D have any info on a freighter version?...will there be one..any clue on an estimated possible release time???...We need a freighter!!!....PLEASE!
  12. Not sure if this was asked, But will there be a freighter version of the 767 when released? We need a good UPS paint scheme. THX Level D for the hard work! Im flyin the 747-200...I'll be changing fleet types as soon as available.
  13. Hey all Im not sure if this was asked so i'll just ask again! Will there be a freighter version with the release package? We need a good UPS paint job. Excellent manual, We've all got much reading to do! Thanks Level D.UPSVA is allways looking for pilots. http://upsvac.duieolson.com
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